Inspired By Iceland campaign creates unique online event

At roughly 1400 GMT yesterday, the residents of Iceland, Trade Council of Iceland, Tourist Board of Iceland and various other travel companies, such as Icelandair, logged on for an hour in support of the new Inspired By Iceland online campaign.

Inspired By Iceland is intended to help boost Iceland tourism in time for the summer months since the disruptions caused by the Eyjafjallajokull volcano. Visitor numbers to Iceland have dropped remarkably, due to the misunderstood image that travelers have of the current situation in Iceland. The event today was to help make people aware that the safety, the infrastructure and the beauty of the country is still intact.

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Eleventh Iceland Airwaves music festival hits downtown Reykjavik

iceland-airwaves-iiiIceland Airwaves is without a doubt the biggest music festival of the year in Iceland, taking place in the heart of the capital city and encapsulating all the amazing culture and musical talent the city has to offer.

Iceland Airwaves began back in 1999 with the first show being held in an aircraft hangar at the local Reykjavik airport. The music festival originally started as a talent showcase intended for foreign record company executives – but since then has grown and blossomed, interweaving itself into Reykjavik’s cultural life whilst also earning itself a permanent place on Iceland’s yearly calendar. Continue reading

Iceland events calendar reaches climax

3854436136_703efa5fd5The list of big summer events in Reykjavik has come to a head with last Saturday’s Culture Night – but summer events are only a small part of the Icelandic capital’s year-round roster.

Reykjavik’s yearly Culture Night happened on Saturday with events taking place all over the city all day and all night. Iceland has a packed schedule of interesting cultural and sporting events throughout the year, and Culture Night is the biggest of them all. Continue reading

Autumn presents golden opportunity to visit Iceland

autumn-1Is autumn the most beautiful season? Or does its promise of looming winter make it the most depressing? Visit Iceland this autumn, and you’ll soon see that its unrivalled beauty can convert even the harshest cynic. And besides, winter’s not that bad anyway, right?!

It is the time of year when nature is at her most colourful and when a bit of sensible clothing means you can get out and about without getting too cold and without the throngs of summer tourists. In autumn the red and gold leaves are interspersed with mushrooms and an abundance of tasty berries used by locals to sweeten up daily life for centuries. Continue reading

Reykjavik Gay Pride rocked Iceland

gay-enewswireReykjavik’s eleventh Gay Pride event is now a mere memory, and there are a whole twelve months to wait until it happens all over again. But although Pride is over, Iceland does not forget about it.

Around 80,000 people converged on central Reykjavik on Saturday to enjoy the eleventh annual Reykjavik Gay Pride parade and the following outdoor concert with Pall Oskar, probably Iceland’s biggest pop star. Continue reading

Culture Night in Reykjavik more than just a soiree

hallgrmskirkja_2Every year in late August, the Icelandic capital celebrates its annual Reykjavik Culture Night (Menningarnott) – a name that hardly gives the all-day-and-all-night party the credit it deserves.

Culture Night always takes place on a Saturday and those looking to visit Iceland will be interested to know it falls on the 22 August this year. Culture Night is officially a celebration of the anniversary of the City of Reykjavik and has evolved into a massive cultural event with more to do than can ever be done (excuse the irrelevant Lion King quote). Continue reading

Colour and cheer: Gay Pride hits Iceland

gayice1It’s that time of year again in Iceland when Reykjavik gets just a little bit more fabulous than it always is. Yes, that’s right; Gay Pride is underway and more dazzling than ever!

Gay Pride in Reykjavik is unlike almost anywhere else – often called ‘the biggest little Pride in the world’, it attracts as many as one-in-three of Iceland’s entire population out onto the streets to support LGBT rights specifically, and equality in society more generally. Continue reading

Adventure Iceland with High North tours

GEA1Tourism to Iceland is booming and visitors find themselves with more spending power than ever due to the current exchange rates, strongly favouring those on holiday in Iceland. As a result, a whole new range of exciting activities are now practical options for most Iceland visitors.

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Iceland adventure tours are better in super jeeps

JökulsárlónHolidays in Iceland really demand at least one trip out into the wild and otherworldly Icelandic countryside; and with the current low exchange rate of the Icelandic krona, more people than ever are able to take unforgettable personalised Iceland tours from High North.

High North is an Icelandic tour company offering unique trips in super jeeps, complete with friendly, experienced guides who can organise almost any sort of tour for almost sort of group. Continue reading