Lets Talk Credit – A New Radio Talk Show By Credit Experts

21st June, Reading, PA – Joelle Stephens, Executive Director of SCI Credit Solutions, launches a new radio talk show “Lets Talk Credit” to help address credit problems and issues with effective solutions coming through the show.

SCI Credit Solutions is a specialist company that specializes in credit repair, loan modification with debt settlement services. The company is located in Reading, PA and aims to provide its customers with effective solutions to their credit problems and help them get assistance from experts who have been in this field for years. The company is dedicated to help people deal with their bad credit problems and other credit related issues. Continue reading

Religion And Economics Are A Learned Trait

By Daniel Escurel Occeno

When I was in college, I overheard Catholic guys tell people that I was Jesus; and Mormons asked, why is He, Jesus?

The Catholics were not referring to a religious event; they meant that I was still a virgin because of how I conducted myself around women during dates, parties, dances, and social gatherings. Continue reading

freight services

banner-32Pronto Express a professional Freight and Courier Company offering quality and reliable Freight and Courier services to clients over years has revamped their corporate website. The new website highlights different Courier and Freight Services that the company offers. The website has been revamped keeping in mind the inputs we have gathered from our customers over the years. We have incorporated interactive features and functionalities in the website to make the browsing easy and user friendly.

Being an experienced Freight Company we understand that the clients are looking for fast and accurate Courier Services and we guarantee that to our customers. We have incorporated a dynamic User Section which allows the users to check their Courier package location at any given point, the user can check their accounting with the company and also open an account online with just a mouse click. As a customer centric Company we want to provide our customers with the best Freight Solutions and we will strive to do so until we are sure that our customers have what they expect out of us. Continue reading

Huge Of Visitor Visit Every Year In California

NPA_BAYL-exter-1California— Best Knowledge of California By Online, you get huge attractive travel in any seasons in there. California known for its Beaches, Hot destinations, shopping, luxury and cut stay and various Of best historical places. Huge of helpful Internet websites help and make a best travel for any new visitors, How?

Get Lots of Information about California’s destinations, Most likes best Beaches or longest beaches in the world exited here. Various of Articles sites to help us to give lots of travel information related or your destinations such as California and what they looking for about any place to gain to any internet websites, but just of knowledge, how can get you or search it. If you search about the California then huge of destinations you found highlight most probably on sites. Also you gain lots of accurate time for visit information, as well Maps, GPS system and lots of. Continue reading

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Icelandair commences flights to Stavanger in Norway

birkir-og-borgarstjoriIcelandair, the airline connecting Europe and North America through Iceland, began its new Stavanger to Reykjavik route today. This means Stavanger now has good value and easy connections to seven top cities in the USA and Canada – as well as to Iceland itself.

Today, Icelandair began its new twice-weekly flights to Stavanger from Reykjavik. To celebrate the event, the Mayor of Stavanger, Leif Johan Sevland and the Director of Stavanger Airport, Leif Lorintzen welcomed Birkir Holm Gudnason, Icelandair CEO, and other passengers at a reception ceremony in Stavanger.

Icelandair operates a daily service to the Norwegian capital, Oslo, and has dome for many years. The airline also started flights to Bergen on the west coast of Norway two years ago. This summer there will be daily flights from Oslo, four times a week from Bergen and two times a week from Stavanger.

“The Icelandair business idea is to use the geographical location of Iceland between North America and Northern Europe for profitable airline operations,” Icelandair CEO Birkir Holm Gudnason says, pointing out the potential of the increased services to Norway.

“These west Norwegian communities, Bergen and Stavanger, each have a similar population to Iceland, they have strong economies and highly developed tourism, especially in the cruise business. There are also strong historical and social ties between Iceland and this area, and a large number of Icelanders live there. This fits our model and strategy. We are confident that we can build up a very convenient service with sales in all our markets – in North America, in Iceland and in Norway. Icelandair can now offer quite superior connections to and from the region and North America,” he continued.

Icelandair is Iceland’s biggest airline and offers passengers flights between 18 European cities and Iceland – with quick and convenient connections on to North America. The airline even offers travellers the chance to stay in Iceland for a few days at no extra cost.

Icelandair’s newly redesigned planes offer a high tech and comfortable twist to the North Atlantic’s best value airline.

More details about flights to Stavanger and all other Icelandair destinations are available at www.icelandair.com

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Actavis reintroduces Oxycodone in the US

Little Falls facility resumes production with FDA approval of critical pain solution

Reykjavik, Iceland, 17 April 2009 — Actavis Group, the international generic pharmaceuticals company, today announced the reintroduction by its subsidiary in the United States of Oxycodone 15 mg and 30 mg tablet products to pharmacies and customers. Oxycodone is the first product to be manufactured at Actavis’ Little Falls, NJ facility following a recently completed FDA inspection.

In December 2008, Actavis Inc. in the US announced that it reached agreement on a Consent Decree of Permanent Injunction with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regarding the company’s Actavis Totowa LLC subsidiary. This Decree only impacted operations at Actavis Totowa’s three facilities in the US: two in Totowa, NJ and one in Little Falls, NJ.

Actavis agreed to not distribute any products from the Actavis Totowa facilities until it certified completion of certain enumerated requirements that demonstrate compliance with FDA’s current good manufacturing practice (cGMP) and has passed follow-up FDA inspections of the facilities. Continue reading

VISAPRO Launches Visa FastCheck – a FREE Service for Employers to Check US Visa Eligibility of Their Candidates

Integral to its ongoing efforts to provide fast, easy and economical visa processing for its clients, VisaPro Immigration Services LLC, USA, announces the successful launch of Visa FastCheck, a free, online, comprehensive tool that enables employers to check the US Visa Eligibility of their candidates and explore the visa options available to their employees. With the launch of Visa FastCheck, VisaPro has significantly extended the scope and range of the services it delivers to corporate clients.
Foreign employers who send employees to the US to manage key activities of an existing business or to set up a new business face the dual challenges of determining the correct visa category for the employee and then analyzing whether the employee meets all relevant eligibility criteria for that visa.
Visa FastCheck delivers unlimited visa assessment to employers who use the Visa FastCheck service. Prospective employers can easily and quickly check the visa eligibility of their employees, explore the visa options available to them, determine the best visa category, seek an expert’s advice and access online visa processing during normal business hours, right from the comfort of their home or office.
One of the qualifying factors of Visa FastCheck is the speed with which employers can analyze the US visa eligibility and determine the best visa for their candidates and employees. It is now possible for employers to check the eligibility of their candidates and employees for H1B, H2B, L-1, B-1 and other work visas. Employers can run and manage unlimited visa assessments online. And, moreover, the assessment process is completely FREE!
With Visa FastCheck, employers can –
• Quickly and easily check the US visa eligibility of their employees and candidates.
• Explore the visa options available to their employees.
• Check the visa eligibility for multiple employees.
• Run and manage unlimited visa assessments.
• Save time and money.
“With the launch of our Visa FastCheck service, employers can quickly check the US visa eligibility for their candidates and explore the visa options available to them.” says Mr. Venkat Ramineni, the Chief Executive Officer of VisaPro LLC. He adds, “It would, in fact, save them considerable time while helping them determine the best visa category for their employees.”
The free, online, comprehensive Visa FastCheck tool has contributed significantly to the value of VisaPro’s Services. It is VisaPro’s process of continuous improvement and innovation that distinguishes it from other online services and traditional law firms. Employers wishing to experience the latest Visa FastCheck tool may log on to http://www.visapro.com/visa-fastcheck

About VisaPro
VisaPro, LLC is among the leading immigration law firms in the U.S. VisaPro has highly experienced lawyers practicing in all areas of immigration law, with a special emphasis on non-immigrant and immigrant visas.

VisaPro serves corporate, non-profit, professional and individual clients throughout the US and around the world from its headquarters in Washington, DC. VisaPro has enjoyed a history of steady growth, superb service and solid ethics.



Media Contact:

Pam Lanka,
1050 17th Street NW
Suite 1000
Washington, DC 20036
United States

Tel: 1-202-787-1944
Email: press@visapro.com

Income after retirement

Can you imagine how wonderful it would be if a career agent or broker could actually earn long term residual income from all their hard work and effort in the industry? What about the agents and associate brokers who have dedicated many years of their lives, who would like to retire, but find they can’t? And if they do, what happens to their client base…is it sold? Is it given away…maybe even forgotten? What about retirement income or residual income over the long term?

Statistics reveal that 85% of all real estate agents turn over every three years. Yikes, the numbers are staggering. For brokerages, can you imagine what kind of additional gross transactional income you could bring into an office by harnessing these lost transactions and client bases?

Please allow us to introduce you to a new and cutting edge Exit Strategy we have designed at My Green Parachute which benefits both active and inactive Real estate Agents everywhere. This MGP program was developed for inactive agents, retiring brokers and career agents thinking about slowing down in Real Estate. It was also developed as a way for active professional real estate agents to increase business with top notch referrals. This progressive program benefits both the active and inactive agents like never before.

This program is devised by Carolyn Kindley-Single who realized that there may be a way for everyone involved to benefit from a program that captured real estate transactions at the source. So after almost three years of researching state real estate commission requirements, real estate laws, solid operational procedures, and cutting edge technology, MyGreenParachute.com is that Exit Strategy and it is launching throughout the country now. Estate agents can also join their on-line community, by logging on to www.JoinMGP.com, which is their blog site. It is an excellent platform for discussions and exchange of ideas.

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Green Parachute, LLC
1150 Hungry Neck Blvd
Suite C 335
Mount Pleasant, SC 29464 USA
P: 888-461-7773
F: 866-597-1195