SecurStore’s favoured backup software proves extremely successful

SecurStoreOver the past 12 months the amount of sites that Asigra’s Hybrid Cloud Backup platform is protecting has doubled, now exceeding over 100,000 sites. In addition, the cloud backup and recovery software vendor reports that a 500-partner milestone has also been reached and the success of this can be accounted for by its solution’s ability to reduce backup complexity.

Asigra Hybrid Cloud Backup and Recovery platform is SecurStore’s preferred choice of software Continue reading

National Land Survey of Iceland continues SecurStore online backup relationship

SecurStore-ePRSecurStore online backup services have received another vote of confidence; this time from the National Land Survey of Iceland, who have chosen to renew their online security partnership with the company.

SecurStore, the online backup and recovery service provider, and the National Land Survey of Iceland (NLSI) have renewed their relationship regarding online backup and recovery services. The objective of NLSI is to provide and share geographical information on Iceland. NLSI operates one of the country’s largest collection of geographical information on Iceland, whether it’s geographical maps, databases, aerial or satellite images, spanning over decades or even hundreds of years using the latest Geographical Information Systems technology (GIS). Continue reading

Online SecurStore backup gets good review

securstore-enewsA leading company in the sales, marketing and distribution of pharmaceuticals, medical and healthcare products expresses its joy with its online SecurStore backup.

Veritas Capital is the parent company of Vistor, a leading marketing company for healthcare and pharmaceutical products; Distica, the largest distributor of healthcare and pharmaceutical products in Iceland; Artasan, a growing OTC pharmaceutical and food supplement provider and Ritara, a provider of electronic medical records. Veritas Capital has been using SecurStore online backup for a number of years for its total operation. Whether it is providing a contracted sales force or designated sales representative, or taking care of imports, logistics and distribution, Veritas Capital, together with its subsidiaries, is the partner of choice for a range of companies in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. Continue reading

SecurStore re-certified by ISO/IEC27001 standards

iso certification All businesses especially in these uncertain times need a solution whereby their data is backed up in a safe environment. In addition to the data backup, the implementation of a solution needs to be just as stringent, as customers data is highly sensitive and therefore warrants protection. SecurStore provides a trusted online backup and recovery solution under the umbrella of the British Standard Institute ISO 27001 standard which fulfills both these issues and therefore ensuring its customer’s data is securely stored.

SecurStore excelled in the British Standards Institution Assessment and was re-certified with the ISO/IEC 27001 global information security standard. The ISO/IEC 27001 is an internationally recognised standard concerning information safety and management. This identifies, manages, and minimises the range of threats to which information is regularly subjected to. This certification applies to all office and operations of SecurStore in the UK, as well as the rest of the world. Continue reading

SecurStore offers revolutionary SharePoint backup and recovery solution

protectionContent management is becoming part of enterprises’ infrastructure and consequently is being delivered by large vendors of enterprise infrastructure. Frequently new applications suffer from an insufficient backup solution. More and more companies and enterprises are using Microsoft Office SharePoint 2007 integrated suite of server capabilities helping them to improve organisational effectiveness by providing comprehensive content management and enterprise search, accelerating shared business processes and facilitating information-sharing across boundaries for better business insight.

With traditional tape based backup solution SharePoint can only be recovered in case of disaster by restoring the database as a whole, often meaning that critical data can only be recovered outside of the defined Recovery Time Objective (RTO). With the online, automatic SecurStore Backup and Recovery solution, files can be recovered at an item level, allowing companies and enterprises to prioritise what to recover when in case of a disaster. Based on this, IT directors can plan their disaster recovery procedures more easily and make sure that that their systems run with minimum downtime. With Microsoft SharePoint becoming more and more popular, it is becoming something of a backbone to many companies, leaving them vulnerable in case of a disaster. Continue reading

SecurStore announces an implementation of the version 9.0

picture1SecurStore the online backup and recovery specialist announces that it will implement version 9.0 of the Asigra online backup and recovery software for its users on July 12, 2009. Among key benefits in the new version are enhanced Sharepoint backup at item level, SQL server backup of transaction logs, ability to continue backup even if a connection to SecurStore is lost during backup activity and an encryption method certified by NIST.

Jon Ingi Thordarson SecurStore’s CTO: “With the new version SecurStore clients will be able to manage their daily backup and recovery more efficiently and with more granularity. Many of the new features will help customers deal with complex and mission critical systems more easily.” Continue reading

Channel Expo a success for SecurStore

online-backup-0509SecurStore exhibited its new secure online backup and recovery service at the Channel Expo in Birmingham for the first time this year. Despite initial nerves, the expo went better than anyone expected and SecurStore gained important exposure for its innovative new product.

At the recent Channel Expo SecurStore exhibited for the first time its SecurStore online backup and recovery solution. The agentless, automatic and easy to use SecurStore solution proved to be a huge success as visitors showed great enthusiasm in getting to know the product better.

Visitors were led through a live demonstration of a backup of e-mail servers using continuous data protection (CDP) and brick level backup allowing restoration and recovery of single entries such as single mails or calendar entries. Furthermore, visitors got to acquaint themselves with backup and recovery of data bases such as SQL and Oracle.

The biggest success, however, were the outstanding backup and recovery capabilities in the virtual environment, allowing backing up and recovery both at ESX level and single virtual machines for both VMware® and HyperV®. This revolutionary virtual backup solution, fuelled by the agentless feature of the SecurStore solution drew great attention resulting in a large number of potential customer signing up for the 30 day free trial that SecurStore offers.

“It was a great feeling for us at the show to get such a wonderful reception as, to be honest, exhibiting for the first time we did not know what to expect. The great variety of visitors and their instant liking to the SecurStore solution proved to us, not for the first time, that the SecurStore backup and recovery solution is more than a match for any backup solution”, says Orn Gunnarsson, the CEO of SecurStore.

The Channel Expo is the biggest channel event in the UK showcasing the latest products, services and technologies, this year focusing on profit, partnership and education.

SecurStore is a specialist supplier of online, automated and managed data backup and recovery. The solution is totally agentless and covers Windows, Linux and Mac environments with wide application and database support. SecurStore delivers flexible, secure encrypted remote backup in a two tier solution where fast recovery, security and professional 24/7 support are all a vital part of the solution. Partnership with SecurStore ensures recurring revenue. SecurStore is certified by BSI against ISO27001 Information Security Standard.

For more details on SecurStore services, including VMware, please visit

SecurStore announces new partnership platform at Channel Expo

securstore-how-it-works021SecurStore announces new partnership model at Channel Expo 2009 which offers peace of mind for channel customers and new income for their business. The Expo takes place at the NEC, Birmingham on 20-21 May 2009; SecurStore will be on stand 536, Hall 9.

At the show, potential channel partners will be able to sign up to SecurStore’s partnership platform offering a state-of-the-art service, direct to channel customers. SecurStore provides a modern, fast, and safe online backup of vital business information with easy access for instant retrieval. Continue reading

Toyota elects secure online data backup services from SecurStore

securstore-how-it-works02Toyota Iceland, the importer of Toyota and Lexus motor vehicles in Iceland has elected for SecurStore backup and recovery managed services to protect their critical business data. Toyota Iceland is the largest importer of motor vehicles in Iceland, having market share in the region of 25% in the last few years.

Julius Eyjolfsson CTO of Toyota Iceland: “In Toyota Iceland environment it is of an utmost importance that the company is able to recover their servers within its defined recovery time objectives in order to avoid unacceptable consequences associated with disaster or disruption in business continuity. SecurStore’s Bare Metal Restore associated with its Local Copy option ensures that we can recover at LAN speed any server with its entire configuration to almost any hardware irrespective of the old hardware. The Backup Lifecycle Management archiving feature (BLM) in the solution also ensures that we can keep snapshots of our critical databases in order to preserve our history and comply with legal requirements at a very affordable price.

SecurStore is a specialist supplier of online, automated and managed data backup and recovery. The solution is totally agentless and covers Windows, Linux and Mac environments with wide application and database support. SecurStore delivers flexible, secure encrypted data backup in a two tier solution where fast recovery, security and professional 24/7 support are all vital part of our solution. Data is compressed and de-duplicated to ensure that the minimum cost is incurred. Continue reading

Uncertainty, sparked by the recession, puts Disaster Recovery and Virtualisation plans on the centre stage

SecurStore, the online, automated and managed data backup and recovery specialists, today warned that companies need to ensure a reliable IT disaster recovery plan is in place when times are tough.

Given the UK economy today, customer service is going to be the all important differentiator throughout 2009. The list of what can go wrong in the working environment is extensive, ensuring that services can still be provided to clients in the event of power failures, natural disasters or sabotage is paramount.

Many companies are living dangerously, operating without a reliable backup and recovery plan is a major risk. Companies that are using 30-year old tape backup technologies are just as insecure warns SecurStore, as tapes notoriously suffer from reliability issues. Continue reading