New Improved ACT! 2009 released by DMC Software Solutions

One of the UK’s leading Sage Business Partners, DMC Software Solutions, has further improved and strengthened the functionality of ACT! 2009 through design, customisation and development.

The release of ACT! 2009 in August marked 21 years of providing a comprehensive and affordable solution to the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) needs of the SME. The newest version is the product of careful customisation and development based on end user feedback and through its time-saving, new-improved features “offers the best customer experience yet”, assures DMC Software Solutions.

The main feature of the newly enhanced software is the improved Microsoft Outlook integration. At the click of a button users are able to create new contact records and activities within ACT! via Outlook and through the use of Outlook rules automatically attach emails to contact records, increasing the productivity and efficiency of the work force.

DMC Software Solutions has developed ACT! 2009 with the intention of enabling users to automate important administrative tasks including database maintenance and backups reducing the time spent performing menial tasks. The updated version also contains a new powerful interface, which provides flexibility when searching for information, with the inclusion of new search criteria such as “contains”, making it quicker and simpler to operate the database and providing the client with more time to focus on what the business does best.

ACT! 2009 also provides improvements for users outside the office, says DMC Software Solutions. The simplistic remote work functionality and uncomplicated synchronisation processes, allow the user to effortlessly keep their database up to date where and whenever necessary.

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