The list of things to do in Iceland is as long as the road to Egilsstaðakirkjugarðurinn

IcelandIceland is a land famed for its utterly unique landscape, its volcanoes, glaciers, hot springs and towering mountains. There are those who visit to bathe, to hike, or simply for sightseeing; but Iceland has much more on offer than you might imagine.

Iceland has a fascinating history – home to the writers of the Viking sagas, the longest-serving democratic parliament in the world and a vivid folklore tradition – there is a wide variety of ways the tourist can take a closer look. Continue reading

Airloop set to play Iceland Airwaves 2009

AirloopThe Icelandic band Airloop was founded in 2006 by four close friends, Fjalar – the trombone player, Gunnar Thor – who is in charge of beats and more, Svenni – Keyboards and guitars, and Sævar – the trumpet.

Since their first gig back in 2006 at the Iceland Airwaves music festival the band have been taking a long break, writing new material ready to release their first full length CD in early 2010. Continue reading

Yoko Ono’s Imagine Peace Tower lights up the sky above Reykjavik

Imagine Peace TowerThe Imagine Peace Tower is located on the small island of Videy in Kollafjordur Bay near Iceland’s capital city, Reykjavik. The tower is a huge beam of light projected from a white stone monument in the form of a wishing well that has the words ‘Imagine Peace’ carved into it in 24 different languages.

The tower, as well as being a symbol for world peace, is a work of art dedicated to the memory of John Lennon by the world renowned artist, musician, and peace advocate Yoko Ono. Continue reading

Autumn lowers cost of rental cars in Reykjavik

RRaC-eNWCar rental in Iceland is often expensive. But if you look hard enough, there is a company which offers top-end new cars for hire in Iceland at rock bottom prices. Especially now, after the summer season has ended and the local currency remains weak.

Reykjavik Rent a Car fast gained its reputation as the best car hire company for budget conscious travellers in Iceland to choose. The rapidly expanding company runs a comprehensive fleet of high specification nearly new vehicles and hires them out at unbeatable prices. Continue reading

Autumn brings cooler Iceland car hire prices

338_Volvo-XC90With the summer high season now officially over, Reykjavik Rent a Car has already introduced off season pricing, meaning cheap car hire in Iceland on top quality cars.

The general cost to visit Iceland is low this year because of favourable exchange rates; and now the country’s notoriously expensive rental cars are even cheaper with the onset of autumn and the superb value offered by Reykjavik Rent a Car, the friendly, family owned car hire company. Continue reading

Enjoy more culture with Reykjavik center hotels

plaza-1There is nowhere more full of life and culture in Iceland than the centre of Reykjavik and visitors to the city have more freedom and more fun by finding accommodation in the very heart of town. And rarely is that more true than right now.

Center Hotels is a chain of Reykjavik hotels allowing visitors to enjoy the best of Icelandic culture without the hassle of going home early on buses, paying for expensive taxis or driving themselves and not being allowed a beer or two. Continue reading

Colour and cheer: Gay Pride hits Iceland

gayice1It’s that time of year again in Iceland when Reykjavik gets just a little bit more fabulous than it always is. Yes, that’s right; Gay Pride is underway and more dazzling than ever!

Gay Pride in Reykjavik is unlike almost anywhere else – often called ‘the biggest little Pride in the world’, it attracts as many as one-in-three of Iceland’s entire population out onto the streets to support LGBT rights specifically, and equality in society more generally. Continue reading

Exciting Excursions around Iceland with an Off Road Jeep Tour Operator

jeep tour 2High North’s tours will take you to destinations such as the beautiful South Coast of Iceland. Along the South Coast you will be able to see the true beauty of Iceland such as amazing and breathtaking waterfalls as well as glaciers.

You can also take shorter tours such as their Reykjanes Peninsula tour bringing you around the lava fields and hot springs as well as making a stop in the Blue Lagoon. There are many other tours that High North has to offer including Super Jeep off road tours. Continue reading

Reykjavik Center Hotels bring downtown delight

20836-018-edit2-150x150Staying at a hotel in the centre of Reykjavik allows you the chance to stay out late, enjoy the culture and get a good night’s sleep in the heart of the action without worrying about buses or expensive taxi rides.

Reykjavik Center Hotels is a company offering an eclectic assortment of different high quality hotels right in the middle of Reykjavik, Iceland’s lively capital city. Each Center Hotel is proving a popular choice as excellent airline deals and a favourable exchange rate are making Iceland a more affordable destination than ever. Continue reading