UK Marketing Firm Parker Worldwide, Developing Marketing Professionals in a Recession?

It is widely recognized that marketers need to update their skills and knowledge throughout their careers, but from an organizational perspective it is even more important in a downturn to improve or consolidate business performance.

The investment in a marketing team in such times may have an important motivational aspect in staying positive and help retain top talent. Continue reading

Use International Search to beat the recession – it works for Google!

Businesses are being advised to target international markets, especially those already exiting the recession, in order to drive sales and growth.

Figures released by Google this week have shown that Google’s financial performance is being particularly bolstered by markets other than the US and UK – two countries which have not yet shown many signs of economic recovery. Google’s growth in international markets has been five times faster in 2009 than in 2008 and five times faster than in the US this year. The search giant has actually seen a decline of 8% in the UK.

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From Zero To 4 Million Customers In Just 30 Days – Even In a Recession!

Late 2008, after losing his 7 figure video training business in the heat of the recession Sohail Khan made a promise to himself that he would find a formula to get himself back on his feet quickly without the draining overheads of staff, suppliers and office buildings. Sohail spent 8 years building a business that took over 4 million in sales with 20 staff through strategic Joint Ventures – a very underutilised business building strategy.

In May 2009 he spotted an opportunity in a national newspaper from a company who were selling books on how to use your PC to the silver surfer market. He did some research and found that the company had sold over 400,000 copies of books on how to use PC’s and the Internet so, he approached the company and told them that he had a video training course (which didn’t exist at the time) on how to use PC’s and would they be interested in selling that to their customers. Continue reading

“Charles & Kim Petty Share Virtual Real Estate Investment Tips that work in TODAY’s Real Estate Market”

Lithonia, GA, Charles & Kim Petty known as the king and queen in the virtual real estate investing industry share information on virtual turn key wholesaling which could lead to profits of ten thousand dollars or more per month. With many years experience and expertise Charles and Kim Petty share their knowledge with real estate investors looking to cash in on the profits from real estate investing. Charles and Kim offer information on; wholesaling real estate, real estate investments, online real estate investing and how to cash in on the foreclosure boom online

Charles and Kim Petty explains virtual wholesaling. “In today’s real estate market foreclosures and motivated sellers are everywhere. So what is the best money making strategy for you as an investor. That would be wholesaling the properties,” says Charles. What is wholesaling? Wholesaling is finding a bargain property and passing it on to another investor. That investor will either buy or hold the property or they will buy and resell it. The property can be a single family home, a multi family home, land, lots, commercial buildings, apartment buildings, pre-construction homes, condos or even new homes. It is simply finding a bargain property and passing it on to a bargain hunter. That bargain hunter will be an investor who will either purchase the property to resell it or purchase it to hold it for rental income. Profits as a wholesaler should be between five thousand and thirty thousand dollars on each house. In some cases it will be higher and some deals the profit may be a little lower. Continue reading

Is it a case of ‘time please’ for Conventional Offices?

abbey-logo-final-rgbSeven reasons why switched-on SMEs are seeking serviced office shelter during the current economic downturn.

Abbey Business Centres Ltd, the award-winning UK serviced office provider, reports a 37% increase in enquiry numbers over the last 12 months. Julie Calder, Managing Director, explains why she believes savvy businesses are increasingly choosing the serviced office option.

1) Flexibility – 2014 is a long way off…but 5 years is the average length of time businesses commit to in conventional space. Can anyone confidently predict what their business priorities will be in 2014? Smart businesses stay ahead of the game and switch to serviced accommodation so they can mitigate their risk.
Julie Calder says: “A serviced office enables businesses to commit to much shorter time scales, starting from just 3 months. However our average client actually stays for over 3 years. As the gap between average serviced office residence and the duration of conventional leases narrows, businesses are becoming less willing to commit to the more restrictive conventional terms”.

2) Cash Flow – Serviced agreements allow for better budgeting. Unlike conventional space where tenants pay quarterly in advance, serviced office clients ‘Pay as they go ’on a monthly basis and only for services they use.

Julie Calder comments: “Our latest survey of recent move-ins showed that 100% agreed that the actual cost of the office and services matched what was negotiated. We’ve banished the myth that serviced office providers hit businesses with hidden costs after they move-in’. Continue reading

If your Tenant Can’t Pay; Don’t Panic

ylondon_360px_wideTake these steps from Young London (
to make the best of a difficult situation: In the current economic climate, unemployment has become an unexpected reality for many. Hopefully it will never happen to one of your tenants but if it does and they can’t pay the rent, what are your options as a landlord?

Maintain a good relationship with your tenant
If the worse does happen and your tenant loses their job, you need to know about it! If you’re approachable then they’re more likely to let you know what’s happened. At the same time it makes sense to keep an eye on your tenant; make sure the rent is being paid on time and if isn’t, ask why sooner rather than later. If they have been made unemployed then paying their rent may not be high up on their list of priorities when faced with credit card bills and other debts. Make sure they understand early on how important it is to pay the rent.

Look at taking out insurance cover
Insurance cover is available to guarantee your rental income and legal expenses. For a regular monthly premium, these policies can be taken out when signing up a new tenant.

Find out if Local Housing Allowance is an option
Your tenant may be eligible for Local Housing Allowance. Landlords should speak to their local council to see if it’s an applicable option for the tenancy – and ensure they familiarise themselves with the additional responsibilities it may entail. This may seem like a lot of effort but it could mean you keep the tenant until the end of the tenancy agreement. Continue reading

Money saving tips from The Adventure Company

Specialist tour operator, The Adventure Company, is helping savvy travellers save money with its five recession busting tips.

The Adventure Company offers a huge portfolio of trips around the world, including a wide choice of tours designed for families; these cover activity holidays, cultural journeys, wildlife encounters and many more.

For affordable family adventure holidays, solo holidays, hiking trips in Nepal or Morocco, safari holidays, or last minute holidays in Egypt, India, Peru or any of our fabulous destinations that take your fancy, follow our top tips to get the most from your hard-earned cash.

1. Always check the website.
The Adventure Company’s brochure contains guideline prices that are valid at the time of printing, but many of its trips have since been reduced. Always check the website for up-to-date information. The reductions are not limited term ‘late offers’ for certain destinations. The Adventure Company has been negotiating with its ground agents and flight operators to get better prices to bring down the cost in the longer term.

For example, its Tiger Trails and Taj Mahal trip, an 11-day trip around India’s Golden Triangle, has been reduced by as much as £300 per person. The summer departure, July 25th -August 7th, is now available from £1,199 per adult (was £1,579) and from £1,099 per child (was £1,399). A family of four travelling on this trip would save a total of £1,360 on the published brochure price.

2. Take advantage of special offers
Travellers can also benefit from special offers advertised on The Adventure Company website. These are especially good for families as they include ‘second child goes half price’ deals (valid on selected family trips booked before 24th April 2009). Plus we’re also featuring a ‘Save £50’ early booking offer (valid on the four Inca Trail trips if booked before 30th April 2009).

The Adventure Company is also offering a discount of £50 per person on groups of six or more. For groups of 10 or more, one person will travel free. An extended family or friendship groups who have decided to holiday together could take advantage of these offers.

There are also special offers available on The Adventure Company Facebook fan site. Travellers will receive £350 off if two people book the South East Africa Explorer, departing on July 4th 2009.

3. Book flights separately
All of The Adventure Company’s trips are available on a flight-inclusive or land-only basis. They have negotiated rates with named airline partners to all of its destinations, but it recognises that in certain cases (i.e. Europe), budget airlines may prove more cost effective for families looking to make savings.

The new ‘Find and Book’ system was launched in March 2009 and our reservations team can advise customers booking by phone which other airlines service the destination they have chosen for their holiday. This service will also prove useful for customers wanting to fly from a regional UK airport. The Adventure Company will do the research for you! Customers can then either book a land-only adventure holiday and make their own flight arrangements, or The Adventure Company can book the budget airline flights on their behalf for a small administration fee. This takes away the hassle of browsing the Internet for the best flight deals.

The Find and Book system searches options from seven low-cost and charter airlines, which service short-haul destinations including Andorra, Croatia, Bulgaria, Morocco, Madeira and Slovakia.

4. Calculate the price per day value
Although a trip costing over £1,000 may sound expensive, if it is for 14-days or more it is good value. For example the Colours of Rajasthan trip starts from £1,399 per person for a 21-day trip. This works out to be just £66.61 per day and includes flights, accommodation, some meals, transport and activities as per the itinerary. Trekking holidays also prove to be great value as meals are often included and cheaper accommodation is used during the walk, making it easier to budget for other on the ground expenses.

5. Check the inclusions
As standard, all trips include flights (if a flight-inclusive trip is booked) accommodation, transport and activities as per the itinerary. But it is also worth checking how many meals will be included with the trip. For example, the 10-day Serengeti Explorer trip starts from £1,349 per person and includes seven breakfasts, six lunches and seven dinners. Turkey trips are also popular because it is outside the Euro zone and, again, many of the meals are included. For example, the 15-day Trekking in Turkey trip costs from £1,049 per person and includes 14 breakfasts, 11 lunches and 12 dinners. The included meals make it easier for travellers to budget for their holiday before they leave the UK.

For more information and reservations visit or call 0845 608 0889.

For media information contact Kate Popham or Kylie Jenkins at The Saltmarsh Partnership on 020 7928 1600 or email or

Visit The Adventure Company’s online press office for archived press releases and images: