GuitarBots – A new way to learn to play guitar

Ovelin ltd. announced today the release of their second title GuitarBots, an innovative guitar learning game played online with any real guitar – acoustic or electric.  GuitarBots takes the concept of gamified guitar learning introduced in the company’s previous title WildChords to a whole new level, offering challenges both for the beginner and more advanced guitarists.

GuitarBots takes the player on an intergalactic quest of guitar  mastery. To save an oncoming space concert, the player has to learn basic guitar skills. In order to advance in the game, the player has to unlock new songs and practice areas by playing songs correctly with a band. This game-like progression makes it fun and motivating to develop real guitar skills. Continue reading

Online Marketing and Gaming Culture: Expert video at Knexus Digital

Knexus Digital, the essential digital marketing resource, has released an online video explaining how to engage and target the right audience via in-game marketing! With live case studies, expert insights and interactive material wrapped into less than 60 minutes, marketers can find out about in-game strategies to significantly bolster their marketing performance.

Join Knexus Digital Virtual Worlds expert, Marco Piu (from Red Moon Studios) and discover:

– How Online games form a market place
– How different types of online games (MMO, browser games, casual games, gambling/casinos) are used by marketers
– Who are you targeting: gamers’ profiles?
– What you need to know: In-game marketing strategies?
– How to target gamers properly: Sponsoring or/and Co-Branding?
– Our industry expert’s insights & examples of most recent practice

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