Eleventh Iceland Airwaves music festival hits downtown Reykjavik

iceland-airwaves-iiiIceland Airwaves is without a doubt the biggest music festival of the year in Iceland, taking place in the heart of the capital city and encapsulating all the amazing culture and musical talent the city has to offer.

Iceland Airwaves began back in 1999 with the first show being held in an aircraft hangar at the local Reykjavik airport. The music festival originally started as a talent showcase intended for foreign record company executives – but since then has grown and blossomed, interweaving itself into Reykjavik’s cultural life whilst also earning itself a permanent place on Iceland’s yearly calendar. Continue reading

Rahman collaborating with UK’s Middlesex University to blend Asian-Western music

Oscar winner musician A. R. Rahman (Slumdog Millionaire) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Middlesex University of United Kingdom (UK), focusing on blending Asian and Western music styles.

With this MOU between A.R. Rahman’s KM Music Conservatory in Chennai (India) and Middlesex University, both the organizations agreed to explore the possibilities for collaboration in music and education and it aims at educational collaboration between India and UK. Both the institutions are reportedly looking at offering a collaborative three year music program. Rahman has also been awarded an Honorary Doctorate Degree by this University. Continue reading

Everybody Has To Start Again Sometime!

logo1Label: Kusha Deep Music
Artist: Dar.Ra
New Single: Start Again

After the success of the first single release from the Soul Hours Album called ‘Fly Tonight’ Kusha Deep Records are following it up with another sonic treat titled ‘Start Again’
Its a tale about fighting the inner demons that hold us back from the heights we all want to climb. It was written while Dar.Ra was out on Tour in Australia and New Zealand back in 03 and then re:recorded for the Soul Hours sessions.
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Reformed and ready to rock!

9hsv0xIn the 70s and 80s The Warm Jets played alongside notorious and illustrious artists and bands such as The Sex Pistols, Ian Dury, The Members and many other famous artists. The Jets music will soon be available in a new album History of Rock N Roll Part 2. Above are these preview sample tracks from the album.

The band mysteriously disappeared on a trip through the Himalayas via Katmandu, Goa, Finland’s Forrests and Lakes and Siberia. Their diverse style of music derived from half of the early Cockney Rebel which was augmented by the enigmatic theatrically charged songs and lyrics of Paul Ballance. Paul Jeffreys the bass player sadly was a victim of the Lockerbie terrorist air bomb, dying in mid air with his new wife bound for New York. Continue reading

Beggar Joe, the ‘Street Soul Guys’ from Manchester,

In a mini chateau, hidden away deep in the southern French countryside, five modest musicians and a producer had just arrived in a cramped camper van, after travelling from their hometown of Manchester.

Beggar Joe, who take their name from a Bob Dylan lyric, armed themselves with the appropriate instruments, basic recording equipment, a selection of rugged soulful tunes, and over the following six weeks, set about recording their majestic self-titled debut album. Continue reading

Artist:Dar.Ra Album Release Title:The Soul Hours

Album Release
Title:The Soul Hours
Label Kusha Deep Records

UK based Singer/Songwriter and Music Producer, started out signed to Chrysalis/EMI back in the nineties and achieved his first success with Taste of Paradise. The band had a couple of hits; one of which titled Reach Out, became an Ibizian dance classic as well as hitting the UK top 40. After hitting a number one spot with a tune called New Dawn in which he supplied the vocals, released under name of Bliss, Dar.ra got the offer to tour out in Australia. The tour lasted 2 years, as Dar.Ra got seduced by the lifestyle, however he didn’t lay on a beach but spent it working in a box like studio with no windows and only came out at night.

As a result, he produced a fair bit of work for labels such as BMG and Festival Records scoring another top 40 with a band called Ultra Love Machine. Before returning to the UK, he produced an experimental album titled ‘Breathe’ featuring a host of Australian artists including Daevid Allen from the legendary Soft Machine and Gong.

Dar.Ra came back to the UK in 2003, setting up the Kusha Deep label in order to create a strong base from which his projects could thrive. The first release was called Majestic Retrospective covering the dance decade 1992-2002 which shows his versatility as a writer and producer.

The Soul Hours album is his latest release, 12 solid tracks drawing on earlier influences from legendary British rock acts like the Small Faces, The Who and Soul Aces like Otis Reading and Marvin Gaye. Writing, producing and performing the vocal duties on the album is Dar.Ra’s tour de force and shows again what is possible on a micro budget and a desire to make something real.

The songs range from edgy rock tracks like Fearless which deals with the subject of going to War, questions patriotism in songs like Red White And Blue and tracks like The Pressure deals with the subject of being caught in the rat race. Other more radio friendly tracks like Fly 2 Night and Safe In Ur Arms have already become hits on some of the independent radio stations around the UK, being played on BBC Radio East to over a million people when Dar.Ra did a live session for Sue Marchant recently. The follow up single to Fly 2 Nite from the album, a track called ‘Start Again’ is a powerful rock/soul ballad which should help to break the album to a bigger audience when its released this summer. Continue reading

Lights, camera…Aardvark

aardvarkAardvark Records music video licensing deal with the Independent Coffee Network (PENRYN, CORNWALL and LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA 18 MAY 2009)

Aardvark Records and World Wide Arts’ Independent Coffee Network have announced a licensing deal which sees the British record label supply the US-based music video entertainment provider with its promotional music videos. The video licensing deal will see popular videos from acts like Yahel, Zetan Spore and Little Spitfire broadcast in independent American coffee houses from coast to coast.

WWA provides independent coffee store owners with an HD flat screen television that delivers fresh and engaging content with music via broadband. The content also includes appropriate short messages from brand marketers to promote their products and services. The Independent Coffee Network mission is to serve thousands of indie coffee stores as one, creating a powerful independent group of stores.

“This platform is a better fit with Aardvark’s ethos than a previous licensing deal we tried to strike with Starbucks,” said Aardvark Director Alex di Savoia. He continued with: “World Wide Arts and the Independent Coffee Network represent fair trade, which is something we endorse and are known for as a record label. We admire their indie spirit and this innovative approach in providing our artists’ music videos in a new context.” Continue reading

Nate Campany & The Serenade – The Only Bridge I Need

Brooklyn’s café rambler and celebrated songwriter releases debut EP

“Nate is a force to be reckoned with. He manages to successfully balance his artistic credibility in
the indie world while unapologetically being a lover and creator of pop records.” – Billy Mann

“Smooth silky vibes over a country-pop vibe, with the result being, not just listenable, but rather adorable” –Subba Cultcha

Pop bohemian, civil-war fanatic and Charles Dickens obsessive, Brooklyn-based alt-country-pop-folk singer/songwriter Nate Campany has woven homespun tales of broken hearts, lost love and missed opportunities together with beautiful melodies, unaffected textures and accomplished arrangements in his debut EP. The Only Bridge I Need combines prairie winds and urban sprawl rolled up in an Americana-pop package, bound together by his rag-tag band of musical brothers, The Serenade. Release date is June 1st 2009.

The Only Bridge I Need is a rare beast which combines Americana roots with undeniably pop leanings. Beautifully realised by The Serenade, the sound is defined by Nate’s rich voice, which belies his 26 years, and takes you on a journey through territories both real and imagined. If the Mason Dixon Line* was the division between pop and traditional American music, Nate Campany would be that line. As a well-known and notable face on New York’s guitar-culture scene, Nate regularly plays sold-out shows in dimly lit corners of the Big Apple.

Nate’s musical obsession began with a piano his parents salvaged from an abandoned school and a guitar he bought on credit. Now a professional songwriter by trade (he’s penned hits for artists as diverse as The Backstreet Boys, Grammy-nominated Brandon Heath, Multi-million-selling The Click Five and Holland’s platinum artist Ilse Delange), this is Nate Campany’s awaited debut offering.

“I wanted to write songs for my voice, for the way that I felt about certain things,” says Nate. “It’s easier to write whatever you want when someone else is singing it, but these songs, these are me. This is my life.”

Inspired by history and pop songs, Nate embarked on “The Estella Sessions” – the recordings for Nate’s forthcoming album – and from these sessions came the tracks for The Only Bridge I Need. In an age of virtual instruments and music technology, Nate decided to get back to basics and record the old-fashioned way – 12 musicians, in a room, all playing at once.

“I recorded live because of the way it feels to catch a performance all at once. Sometimes when you layer and layer, you lose the moment, but live, everyone is standing next to each other, listening and playing. It’s nice to think, we did that, that’s us, and we can look back one day and remember that day and how it felt”.

Making The Only Bridge I Need has been a labour of love for Nate. Devising an ingenious way to raise funds for the record, he set up the website www.helpnate.com. Here, he encouraged friends, family, fans and strangers to donate to the cause:

“Have you ever been to one of those 99-cent stores, going up and down the aisles, not really needing anything but trying to find something to buy because it only costs 99 cents?” writes Nate on the website. “My name is Nate, and you can consider me your neon green plastic hand-shaped backscratcher”.

Offering a thank you on the record to all who contributed, the donations poured in, allowing his songs to come to life.

Nate will be embarking on a month-long solo acoustic tour of the UK in May to support the release of The Only Bridge I Need. Some dates will be supporting the highly acclaimed Kim Richey, Thomas Dybdahl and Great Lake Swimmers. Nate is available for interviews upon request. The album ‘Estella’ will be released in late 2009.

Nate Campany’s solo acoustic tour continues at the following dates:

7th May – HAY-ON-WYE – The Baskerville Hall Hotel (supporting Kim Richey)
9th May – FARNCOMBE – Farncombe Music Club, St. John’s Church (supporting Kim Richey)
11th May – LONDON – Pure Groove, Clerkenwell (In-store performance, 1.15pm)
11th May – MAIDSTONE, KENT – Maverick at Zebra
13th May – LONDON – The Borderline (supporting Thomas Dybdahl)
14th May – IPSWICH – PJ McGinty’s Blue Room
17th May – LONDON – The Cross Kings
20th May – NEWCASTLE – Jumpin Hot at the Cluny (with Great Lake Swimmers)
21st May BRISTOL – The Prom
22nd May KELVEDON, ESSEX – The Institute
29th May LONDON – 333 Motherbar, Old Street
30th May BATH – Porter Cellar (Bath Arts Festival, supporting Kim Richey)
Further dates TBA. (Stage times 8.15 approx for each show)

For all media enquiries and please contact A Star PR +44 (0) 20 7836 1122
ben.allen@astarpr.com tom.green@astarpr.com sara.boughton@astarpr.com

www.natecampany.com www.lojinx.com

Notes to the Editor:

*The Mason–Dixon Line (or “Mason and Dixon’s Line”) was surveyed between 1763 and 1767 by Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon in the resolution of a border dispute between British colonies in Colonial America. It forms a demarcation line between four U.S. states, forming part of the borders of Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, and West Virginia (then part of Virginia).

Revolutionary Technology Company Teams Up With Up-and-Coming Artist To Create a World’s First!

Unicorn Kid is …. ‘An inspiring and astonishing artist who’s quickly turning folks into fans at an astonishing and deserving rate.’ – Huw Stephens, BBC Radio 1

Popmorphic is… “ground breaking technology, it blew me away” Jeremy Courtenay- Stamp, head of IP and Commercial, Macfarlanes LLP, London

Revolutionary technology company Popmorphic have teamed up with the equally innovative Unicorn Kid to create the world’s first interactive music video that is also a game.

The video /game has been created using Popmorphic’s pioneering and unique patented polymorphic technology -a revolutionary new way of making and viewing music videos.

Which means?

In a nutshell, Popmorhic puts you in control of the viewing process, allowing you to see the same video in a different way each and every time you watch. By moving the equaliser style sliders the morphic player puts audiences in control of content.

A bit about Popmorphic….

Popmorphic is the world’s first morphic player which enables fans to view their favorite acts in a totally different way, thanks to their pioneering polymorphic technology. Their designated media player allows the same video to be viewed in more than a trillion different ways!

This is just the beginning of a new movement in filming and content creation which will completely change the way we enjoy visual entertainment. The Glasgow-based company have setup the world’s first polymorphic film studios in a state of the art 25 camera matrix. In another world first, Popmorphic have developed a mobile polymorphic camera unit, meaning filming can take place at any venue across the world. Continue reading

Chiara’s Pink “Good morning” to Russia

chiara-in-pinkThe leading breakfast show in Russia is Channel One’s “Good morning” aired daily between 05:00 and 09:00. Maltaeurosong.com has reported that the special guest for this Friday’s show will be our very own Chiara.

Crew from Channel One (Russia) interviewed Chiara in the V.D.N.KH. Park in the outskirts of Moscow. The interview will be aired four times this Friday 8th May, every hour kicking off at around 5:45am. The interview was held in English, however Russian subtitles will be screened.

Chiara, sported a pair of brand new pink C&R leather gloves for the interview. She signed cds for fans who gathered in the park during the interview.

“Moscow is a beautiful city indeed. I always thought it was a cold city with constant showers, hail and snow. However, I’m surprised that the weather is not so cold. I am eager to do some excursions around the city as I’ve heard positive comments about the historical cites and the impressive buildings and monuments”, Chiara said during the interview.

Asked about her third Eurovision attempt she said, “I’m bringing a song which I truly believe in. I am glad that the Maltese gave me this third opportunity to be here, so I will do my best to be the first Maltese singer to bring the contest home.”

Russia has spent $42 million to host the event, the most ever in the contest’s 53-ear history. An army of 20,000 law enforcement officials have been deployed to ensure the safety of the 5,000 foreigners attending the event. Officials also said the sale and use of alcohol will be banned in the Olimpiisky Sports Complex and that security will bar visibly intoxicated fans from the event. Booze will also be banned from the Red Square, where fans will be able to watch the concert on a giant screen, The Moscow Times reported.