Restaurants in downtown Reykjavik catering for festival crowd

La PrimaveraThe numerous restaurants and bars in the downtown Reykjavik area are all preparing themselves for a busy and eventful week with the annual Iceland Airwaves music festival beginning today and proving to be bigger than ever. From hotels and hostels, to restaurants and bars, everyone is getting ready to host the thousands of music enthusiasts that flood the streets every year.

Reykjavik over the years has never failed to deliver; supplying the thousands of festival goers with astonishingly beautiful cuisine since it first began back in 1999 Continue reading

Airloop set to play Iceland Airwaves 2009

AirloopThe Icelandic band Airloop was founded in 2006 by four close friends, Fjalar – the trombone player, Gunnar Thor – who is in charge of beats and more, Svenni – Keyboards and guitars, and Sævar – the trumpet.

Since their first gig back in 2006 at the Iceland Airwaves music festival the band have been taking a long break, writing new material ready to release their first full length CD in early 2010. Continue reading

Eleventh Iceland Airwaves music festival hits downtown Reykjavik

iceland-airwaves-iiiIceland Airwaves is without a doubt the biggest music festival of the year in Iceland, taking place in the heart of the capital city and encapsulating all the amazing culture and musical talent the city has to offer.

Iceland Airwaves began back in 1999 with the first show being held in an aircraft hangar at the local Reykjavik airport. The music festival originally started as a talent showcase intended for foreign record company executives – but since then has grown and blossomed, interweaving itself into Reykjavik’s cultural life whilst also earning itself a permanent place on Iceland’s yearly calendar. Continue reading