Are you safe at your working site? Make 10 Hour Training Course

Are you safe at your working site? If you have any problem concerning your safety and health, then do not wait.

OSHA 10 Hour Training Courses is a leading training provider that provides training for the workers to know the basics of safety and health issues associated with the Construction and General Industry. They provide the best ways to reduce the risk at working place. Continue reading

Iceland health tourism takes step closer at Asbru

1186278_weight_scale_Iceland’s innovation centre and community of education and entrepreneurs, Asbru, has taken another step closer to establishing world-class medical facilities for the whole world to enjoy.

The Asbru community, at the old NATO airbase next to Iceland’s Keflavik International Airport, will become home to a brand new international health services centre, according to the new Term Sheet jointly signed by the Keflavik Airport Development Corporation (Kadeco) and Iceland Health. Continue reading

Foreign investors interested in Asbru health village

westfjordsThere has been increased interest in recent weeks of possible health related investments in the Asbru health village next to the Keflavik International Airport in Iceland.

Among investors who have been visiting the site and examining possibilities are Otto Nordhus of Nordhus Medical and Salt Investments which is majority owned by Robert Wessman, former CEO of pharmaceutical company Actavis.  Continue reading

Regaining Your pH Balance

BSTKIT_500x500Acidification of the body’s internal environment is responsible for many illnesses, which is why it is necessary to reduce or eliminate acidification. This is the surest way to regain pH balance and make all the problems that create imbalance disappear.

The treatment plan to counter acidification aims first to reduce the amount of acids the body takes in. This is a crucial step as long as large quantities of acids are entering the body. Diet is adjusted so that alkaline foods and drinks predominate over acid foods. Dietary reform is a simple step; however its effect is considerable. Improved oxidation of acids is obtained by introducing or increasing physical activity (exercise). Eliminating the acids already present in the tissues is accelerated by consuming medicinal plants that increase the flow of urine and those that enhance the production of sweat. Continue reading

Euro tub safety improvement from Teknomek

image0011Teknomek recently announced the launch of its new Euro Tub Safety Handle for pushing and tipping Euro Tubs safely without bending. The Safety Handle fits both 200lt and 300lt sizes and has been designed to clamp a Euro Tub firmly first time, whilst being easy to attach and remove.

Teknomek’s Managing Director Tom Worth commented: “We have been receiving feedback from customers that the standard industry design Euro Tubs can be difficult to handle when full. In particular, the 200lt Euro Tub handles are very low. However, their standard shape is compatible with mechanical lifting machines and therefore needs to remain the same. Teknomek have applied their design expertise to the problem and have produced a cost effective, safe and hygienic solution. Our Safety Handle has been ergonomically designed to allow a firm grip for handling heavy bins, whilst being immediately detachable when no longer needed. We know how important Health & Safety is to our customers and we are very pleased to be able to assist with safe designs.” Continue reading

Sunset launches “Inside Out”, a digital book on pelvic floor problems & exercises

Summary: Sunset Digital Books has just launched an eBook on pelvic floor problems in women. Worldwide, women worldwide, over 40 years of age are potentially damaging their pelvic floor region through inappropriate exercises and use of certain gymnasium equipment. With the correct advice on the right kind of exercise, these women can address their pelvic floor problems and exercise with confidence and control.
Brisbane, Australia. 18 May 2009. Experts Michelle Kenway (physiotherapist) and Professor Judith Goh (Uro-gynecologist) have teamed up to produce Inside Out, a comprehensive guide to pelvic floor problems & exercises that explains safe, effective exercise for good health, fitness and pelvic floor support.
Some exercises that are commonplace in gyms and exercise classes, including sit-ups, are contributing to distressing pelvic floor problems in women at risk—especially women over 40 years of age, after childbirth, in menopause, or following commonly performed surgical procedures such as hysterectomy and vaginal repair. Women in various at-risk groups are encouraged to exercise, but repeated inappropriate exercise and poor technique can cause catastrophic pelvic floor problems such as vaginal prolapse where, literally, their insides fall out. Similarly, incorrect exercise can result in bladder control problems. To rectify these issues, pelvic floor exercise is recommended, but many women are embarrassed by their condition and lose confidence in their ability to perform even the most fundamental exercises to maintain fitness and well-being.
“Some ladies actually present to the gynecologist after joining the gymnasium because they find that they now leak urine with exercise or feel that there is a vaginal prolapse. Many of the exercises and gymnasium machines are designed for those without risk of pelvic floor problems,” Professor Judith Goh said.

As an essential guide for women at risk, Inside Out is an illustrated and professionally produced digital book (eBook) that provides females with:
• essential everyday understanding of a woman’s pelvic floor anatomy
• innovative and comprehensive exercise workouts with expert tips and safety guidelines
• understanding of potentially unsafe, popular classes (yoga/pilates/circuit) and gym exercises
• skills and understanding for effective abdominal and pelvic floor exercise
• stories from women who have overcome pelvic floor problems.

Inside Out: the essential women’s guide to pelvic support is designed to be user-friendly and readily accessible. Priced at US$19.95, the eBook can be purchased online only at:

Following the advice in this eBook, at-risk women can address their pelvic floor problems and exercise with confidence and control. In some cases, the symptoms can even be reversed.

About the authors

Michelle Kenway is a Brisbane-based physiotherapist. Her role as consulting physiotherapist in the Women’s Health Unit, Mater Private Hospital—Redland, and her long-term experience as a private practitioner in women’s health have provided her with a comprehensive understanding of the health and fitness challenges confronting women. Michelle treats women following gynecological surgery at The Mater Redland, conducts weekly exercise sessions for pelvic floor issues, bone health and spinal stability, and is an educational presenter. Professor Judith Goh is a Uro-gynecologist visiting Mater Private Redland, and Professor, School of Medicine Griffith University, Queensland.

About Sunset Digital Books

The Internet’s most innovative online bookstore provides the opportunity for authors and self-publishers to sell their professionally produced books in digital format only (eBook), direct to the public via the Internet. For more than 25 years, Sunset has been providing publishing services to major book publishers and self-publishers.

For further information, including a PDF extract of this digital book, contact:
Richard Hudson
CEO, Sunset Digital Books
“The Internet’s most innovative bookstore”
Pelvic Floor Problems in Women, Pelvic FLoor Exercises, Pelvic Floor Support

The Miraculous Tea of Jasmine

Since Jasmine tea is basically Green or Oolong tea as a base with Jasmine included to enhance the smell and taste of the tea. For this reason the heatlh benefits would be based primarily with the underlying tea used. For more information see the related questions.

Jasmine tea is a kind of miraculous tea.Because it is believed that the health benefits of jasmine tea may surpass those of green tea. Several studies have found jasmine tea lowers cholesterol levels. Other studies found that fruit flies lived 20% longer when jasmine tea was added to their drinking water.

There are many herbal teas available, but jasmine tea is really a good option. By eliminating free radicals it prevents some forms of cancer, which also arrests aging. It also connects with cholesterol and blocks it, decreases level of cholesterol in blood, as well as prevents bad cholesterol, caused by oxidation. The impact of jasmine tea on circulatory system is even more beneficial, since it is believed to prevent brain strokes, heart attacks, thrombosis and arterial sclerosis. It is good for diabetes prevention and reducing high blood pressure.

For it fights viruses and bacteria, preventing thus influenza, cavities and food poisoning, including cholera, dysentery, mouth bacteria damaging teeth and piccoli causing gastric ulcers. A study of Jasmine tea by the Fujian Institute of Traditional Medicine and Pharmacology found that tea heightened certain functions of the white blood cells in mice. Soviet researchers say that tea helps the body excrete harmful radioactive strontium 90 before it settles in the bones. Chinese sources say tea can help absorb strontium 90 even after it has lodged in the bones.

Apart from such jasmine tea health benefits as prevention of cancer and heart diseases, recent studies show that drinking jasmine tea may fight fat. People who consumed tea with green tea extract during the period of three months lost more fat as compared to those who consumed regular oolong tea. According to researchers, substances found in jasmine tea, known as catechins, trigger weight loss by decreasing body fat and stimulating body to burn calories.

Jasmine tea is really a kind of miraculous tea. Drinking jasmine tea has proved to be an effective means of lowering cholesterol and burning calories, as well as reducing body fat.

Other jasmine tea health benefits include the ability to reduce the risk of blood clot, prevent allergy and flue, reduce high blood pressure and blood sugar, keep fluid balance, boost the immune system and provide oral care and fluoride that helps protect cavities and prevent tooth decay.

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Zui Chun Hao Jasmine tea garden is located at the high mountain which is more than 40kms away from the city. The garden has sufficient light ,great difference in temperature ,condign rainfall and fertile ground. It’s fit to grow tea and the tea here has good quality and contains many efficient elements. Our jasmine tea has gained good reputation from our customers and our products are on sales to European countries, Japan, North Amercian regions, Australia and some other countries and regions.

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Actavis and ASKA to create new generic pharmaceutical firm in Japan

Actavis Group and Japan’s ASKA Pharmaceutical formally signed contracts recently establishing a new joint company called Actavis ASKA K.K. The new business will be headquartered in Tokyo.

The joint company intends to enter the Japanese generic pharmaceutical market right away in April 2009. ASKA will hold a 55 percent stake in the venture and Actavis will hold 45 percent.

“We are convinced this is the best way to enter the Japanese market,” says Actavis CEO Sigurdur Oli Olafsson. “We bring the power of a global generic pharmaceutical company to the table, while ASKA is an experienced local partner. We are very much looking forward to a long and successful partnership. The government’s policy to increase the share of generics during the next few years is key to our decision to enter at this time.”

Contributing to society by developing and providing innovative pharmaceutical products, ASKA Pharmaceutical is a research and development (R&D) orientated company located in Tokyo. ASKA concentrates its management resources on specific therapeutic areas.

Actavis is one of the world’s biggest generic pharmaceutical companies. Established in 1956, the group has more than 10,000 employees operating in over 40 countries around the globe. Actavis’ headquarters are in Iceland.

Actavis Group and ASKA Pharmaceutical formally signed the agreement establishing the new joint company: Actavis ASKA K.K following the signature of a preliminary agreement last November.

For further details, visit

HCI helps to improve Ireland’s hospitals’ hygiene ratings

Health Care Informed (HCI), quality and safety system specialists, has been working with Ireland’s hospitals to develop a Quality Management and Information System (QMIS) with the help of award winning quality management software – Q-Pulse. Recent independent findings have now highlighted the benefits.

The hygiene review reports issued by The Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA), show that the hospitals who work with HCI in utilising Q-Pulse, including, Galway University Hospitals, Letterkenny General Hospital, Sligo General Hospital, The Rotunda Hospital and Children’s University Hospital, Temple Street, were rated a minimum of ‘B’ for the management and control of their policies and procedures (Standard CM 4.4) – an exceptionally good rating in this category, and for many demonstrating a marked improvement in this area. Continue reading

University of Edinburgh chooses Gael to support Quality Management System at new imaging centre

The University of Edinburgh has chosen Gael Ltd to support the Quality Management System (QMS) at a new Clinical Research Imaging Centre (CRIC), to help them prepare for a license from the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

Established as a partnership between the University of Edinburgh’s Queen’s Medical Research Institute (QMRI) and the University Hospitals Division of Lothian NHS Board, the new centre will hold state-of-the art equipment to give patients access to one of the world’s most advanced diagnostic facilities, increasing access and capacity to more clinical research projects.

As Document Control and Audit Management are key requirements to comply with industry regulations, the award winning compliance management software from Gael – Q-Pulse, will not only improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the centre’s internal document management system, but also help establish a framework to maintain and improve how quality activities are managed, enabling CRIC to obtain and maintain an MHRA license. Continue reading