Copenhagen’s Tivoli lights up in Christmas spirit

Christmas in TivoliThe Christmas in Tivoli event lights up the Tivoli Gardens every year with miles upon miles of fairy lights that stretch all around the park. Over one thousand eight hundred light chains weave throughout the willows that are situated around The Tivoli Lake, a further five thousand meters branch around the magnificent Christmas Tree that towers in the centre of the garden, captivating the crowds that flock there every year to experience all the amazing festivities that the Danish amusement park has to offer.

In the magical Tivoli Gardens from November through December every year the Christmas in Tivoli festivities take place Continue reading

Copenhagen’s biggest culture event celebrates 17th consecutive year

culture.nightEvery year, around mid-October, Copenhagen’s biggest annual culture festival, The Night of Culture (Kulturnatten), takes place in the heart of the city, where over 200 cultural institutions open their doors, offering an array of great experiences for all to enjoy. Continue reading

Nordic countries taking the lead in renewable energy for transport

driving-sustElectricity and biofuels are quickly changing the way people power their cars while also having a positive effect on people’s finances and the environment. The leadership role of the Nordic countries of Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland and Finland in this field are highlighted at the upcoming Driving Sustainability conference in Reykjavík in September.

In Norway, over three thousand electric cars are on the road. Government policy dictates that charging their batteries is free of charge, zero emissions EVs get free parking, can drive on bus lanes in the city, get free rides on state run ferries (there are a lot of them in Norway) and there is no VAT on electric cars in Norway, so they’re reasonably priced. ‘Think’ is the leading producer of competitive electric city cars in the world. In addition, Norway produces the tiny Buddy EV electric car. Continue reading

Denmark's ELRO Deploys ECI Telecom's Carrier Ethernet Platform

ECI Telecom, a global provider of networking infrastructure solutions, today announced that Danish utilities company ELRO Amba has selected its SR9700 Series of Carrier Ethernet Switch Routers (CESR) to be deployed as part of its nationwide WiMAX(tm) network.

“ECI’s vast experience in transport networking was a key element in our selection. We believe that ECI’s recently announced Carrier Ethernet solution will provide us with the performance we are looking for,” said Søren Møller CTO Broadband of Elro. “ECI’s CESR platform will allow us to build a fully optimized network, enabling flexible bandwidth utilization, service customization, multiple connectivity, and high levels of QoS and availability, which are all critical elements in today’s market.”

ECI’s SR9700 Series of Carrier Ethernet Switch Routers enables operators to transform their metro infrastructure to efficiently support the latest Ethernet and IP services, and was specifically designed to meet the requirements of metropolitan core networks where density, performance and quality-of-service are critical. These platforms enable service providers to deploy an end-to-end, efficient, and resilient carrier-class network.

“By announcing one of its new customers for its recently introduced platform, ECI Telecom validates its decision to enter this $2 billion+ a year Carrier Ethernet Switching and Routing market,” said Stan Hubbard, Senior Analyst, Heavy Reading. “With a few additional unannounced wins, ECI shows strong momentum to follow its success in the optical and broadband market with the 9000 Carrier Ethernet Family.”

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