Information and data security standards secured by Risk Management software

risk.managementThe greatest risk for any commercial company or business these days is that of losing customer data. There are major financial costs in addition to regulatory breaches. The customers also start losing faith in a company which proves to be incapable of managing the most critical of assets it possesses. Continue reading

National Land Survey of Iceland continues SecurStore online backup relationship

SecurStore-ePRSecurStore online backup services have received another vote of confidence; this time from the National Land Survey of Iceland, who have chosen to renew their online security partnership with the company.

SecurStore, the online backup and recovery service provider, and the National Land Survey of Iceland (NLSI) have renewed their relationship regarding online backup and recovery services. The objective of NLSI is to provide and share geographical information on Iceland. NLSI operates one of the country’s largest collection of geographical information on Iceland, whether it’s geographical maps, databases, aerial or satellite images, spanning over decades or even hundreds of years using the latest Geographical Information Systems technology (GIS). Continue reading