Bu Tinah N7W Campaign goes on road & takes to the air in UAE

BU TINAH CAMPAIGN TAKES TO THE AIR AND THE ROAD Buses throughout the UAE feature huge calls to vote for Bu Tinah Island; Travelers at Abu Dhabi airport also encouraged to participate in global race

Zurich/Switzerland, July 30, 2010—Residents of and visitors to the United Arab Emirates are being encouraged to discover the fascinating Bu Tinah marine biosphere reserve, home to rare wildlife such as dugongs, sea turtles and dolphins. At the Abu Dhabi airport, travelers can cast their vote for the Official New7Wonders of Nature Finalist between checking in and boarding thanks to eye-catching voting booths set up around Terminal One. People on the road will be sure to stare at the colorful Bu Tinah-decorated buses driving around Abu Dhabi and other cities in the Emirates. Continue reading