Serviced catteries now in Horsham and Crawley

Hammer pond kennels, a leading cattery and kennel service provider now introduces the serviced catteries in Horsham. When it is not possible to take your cats along with you on your vacation, hammer pond kennels offers the perfect accommodations for the cats here.

They have the completely safe and secure homes, where the cats and still enjoy the home like benefits when the owner is away. At their catteries in Horsham a healthy environment is maintained. Even if some cats have some customized needs those can be fulfilled on demand as well. And besides that proper care is taken for the health and nutrition of pets. Continue reading

Mackays Self Catering Scotland Adds New Properties for 2012

2012 will be a great year to visit Scotland for a self catering holiday and to make it even better Mackays have added even more properties to their already extensive portfolio of properties.

Mackays now boasts over 400 properties across Scotland which they have personally inspected and given each of them their seal of approval. Mackays have been ‘Rated Excellent” in 2011 by Trip Advisor so customers can book with Self catering cottages with confidence. Continue reading

Yoga teachings from expert Yoga instructors

The Sam Rao Yoga Teacher Training School is a fully accredited Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher Training School for both the YA200Hrs and the YA500Hrs qualifications.

Principal teacher and director of school is Hatha Yogi, Sam Rao, who has over 10 years of teaching experience. “Our batch of 15 students are progressing really well with plenty of practical teaching practice” said Sam Rao. The 19th and 20th of November was the third weekend of our Yoga Teacher Training Courses that took place at Easthampstead park Conference Centre, Wokingham. Continue reading

Nationwide Mobility introduces new safe and convenient walk in shower and walk in baths

Nationwide Mobility has secured the bathing safety and convenience of its clients with cutting edge mobility bath designs. The mobility bath designs consist of a range of walk in shower and walk in baths designs meant to address the safety and convenience of bathing for various client needs. The walk in shower and walk in baths are employ new bathroom technology to ensure that the bathing experience is much safer, convenient and effective.

The walk in baths and walk in shower have a standard easy access water tight door that is meant to make it easier to get in and out of the bathtub or shower. This design has particularly addressed the needs of the disabled and elderly as the process of getting in and out of the bathtub is usually hazardous with the possibility of slipping. For the physically challenged, such walk in baths has enabled them to enjoy the privacy of taking care of themselves by going through the bathing process without any help. Continue reading providing accessories for vineyard plantations has come up with a range of quality accessories useful in vineyards. As most winegrowers know, planting and tending a vineyard is a laborious and difficult process. For best results, planters should use high quality equipment as they directly influence the crop and this in turn affects the business.

Poles are one of the most important equipment. They support vines. The best poles are made of galvanized steel. The reason most winegrowers choose galvanized poles is their durability. These accessories for vineyards last for years. Durability is very important because the vine plants take years to grow and less durable poles for vineyards corrode or break easily. Continue reading

Maldives Honeymoon Package – couple enjoys together after the nuptial ceremony

The first holidays that a couple enjoys together after the nuptial ceremony is their honeymoon days with Maldives Honeymoon Package.

And while one looks for the best honeymoon destination which guarantees them not only a tropic getaway comprising of exploring nature’s beauty surrounded by beautiful blue ocean, but also much needed relaxation, seclusion and harmony after the commotion ensued by a modern wedding; a name that pops up in one’s mind promising all this and much more is Maldives. Continue reading

Winter car rental in Iceland with Blue Car Rental

Summer and tourism high season in Iceland is coming to an end now in September and winter season is right around the corner. Blue Car Rental in Iceland had a busy and enjoyable summer season and look back over it with a joy as costumers arrived and departed with smiles on their faces, memories of a great vacation and memory cards filled with pictures of the amazing landscapes and sights to be seen in Iceland.

The 4×4 cars Huyndai Tucson, Suzuki Jimny and Toyota Landcruiser were the most popular choices at Blue Car Rental and for a good reason. They give access to Icelandic highlands an unhabitable world with surreal landscape which can only be accessed with a 4×4 car. Continue reading

Yoga mat towel – a quality yoga product

Your own personal mat towels are something you just can’t be without when practising in the studio. It’s essential especially when you happen to borrow a studio mat. It makes it that much more comfortable.

As part of Fushi’s lifestyle offering, they have introduced yoga products. Yoga is becoming an extremely popular in the West and has thousands of fans all over the world who avidly practise this ancient discipline that originates from India. The benefits of the wonderful practise of yoga include both mental and physical wellbeing along with better health. Continue reading

Rome Meets the World music event

Rome Meets the World is a music festival held every summer in the green spaces of Rome’s Villa Ada. Some 50 international musicians perform while food and arts and crafts stands add flavour and colour to this multi-ethnic festival.

From African ethnic music to latin-tinged art rock, this festival will bring to Rome the sounds of the world from both emerging artists and well-known performers, like Suzanne Vega or Cesaria Evora. Continue reading

Viajes de lujo en Noruega y Finlandia con Luxury Adventures

viaje_noruegaSi son un pequeño grupo de amigos, compañeros de trabajo, familia o pareja buscando aventura, les podemos ofrecer todo tipo de viajes de lujo desde un día hasta itinerario de varios días en Escandinavia.  El itinerario puede incluir alojamiento de lujo, cenas gourmet, lugares de fiesta, visitar guiadas y tranporte como aviones, helicópteros, coches de lujo, barcos privados y yates.

Nuestro conocimiento de los Países Nórdicos nos permite ayudarle a montar unas vacaciones en Escandinavia.  Con ayuda de nuestros expertos le darémos unas vacaciones inolvidables, enseñandole lo mejor de cada region. Continue reading