La capacitación y desarrollo de personal y la gestión del talento claves para el éxito de la empresa

La capacitación y desarrollo de personal y la gestión del talento claves para el éxito de la empresaES México DF, México / Muchas organizaciones están recurriendo a la tecnología y al software empresarial para administrar la capacitación de sus empleados y la gestión del talento. Guardar los datos de formación profesional en hojas de cálculo y expedientes de papel ya no resulta eficaz para enfrentarse a la crisis en RH y poder paliar el déficit de talento.

SuccessFactors, una compañía Saap, demuestra en un reciente informe que el 87% de los empleados consideran que podrían ser más productivos en su trabajo si contasen con una mayor formación y capacitación profesional. Esto significa que las empresas cuentan con sus propios medios para superar el reto. La rapidez del desarrollo tecnológico, sumado a la inestabilidad económica y al envejecimiento de la fuerza laboral han provocado que la guerra por el talento sea hoy una realidad. Continue reading

Estratégia-chave de gestão de talentos para ganhar a guerra por talentos no mundo dos negócios

724324979Brasília, Brasil – Uma boa estratégia de gestão de talentos é essencial no atual mundo do trabalho dado que a guerra por talentos se tem tornado uma realidade. O uso de soluções de gestão de talentos permite às empresas identificar o talento que já existe em sua força de trabalho e recrutar as pessoas certas antes dos seus concorrentes.

De acordo com a SuccessFactors, a escassez de competências já está começando a afetar o desempenho das empresas. Recentemente, a empresa concluiu um programa de pesquisa para entender o impacto da escassez de competências nas empresas e como estas podem adaptar-se para que o seu desempenho não sofra. Continue reading

Red Bull Equipment Offers Used Machinery and Dozers for Sale and Hire

Companies and individuals in need of affordable plant equipment from Komatsu and Caterpillar need not look any further than Red Bull Equipment. The company out of Southampton, England is offering quality used machinery such as graders and dozers for sale.

Red bull Equipment specializes in providing used machinery from Komatsu and Caterpillar. Through an independent maintenance company, Red bull Equipment has their machinery checked and inspected to ensure the machinery they offer is in safe and optimal working order. Continue reading

Oil & gas infrastructure security market expected to be worth $28.44bn in 2013

The oil & gas infrastructure security market is currently experiencing a substantial growth as increasing global demand for oil & gas is necessitating an expansion of energy infrastructure, while many countries are now facing security challenges including civil unrest, terrorism and criminal activities, and a competitive global market.

Together, these factors will create substantial opportunities for companies involved in the oil & gas infrastructure security market as a range of products and services will be needed to protect both existing and future assets.

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GuitarBots – A new way to learn to play guitar

Ovelin ltd. announced today the release of their second title GuitarBots, an innovative guitar learning game played online with any real guitar – acoustic or electric.  GuitarBots takes the concept of gamified guitar learning introduced in the company’s previous title WildChords to a whole new level, offering challenges both for the beginner and more advanced guitarists.

GuitarBots takes the player on an intergalactic quest of guitar  mastery. To save an oncoming space concert, the player has to learn basic guitar skills. In order to advance in the game, the player has to unlock new songs and practice areas by playing songs correctly with a band. This game-like progression makes it fun and motivating to develop real guitar skills. Continue reading

Car rental services in north London by Ideal car hire

Hiring a car always remains a better option compared to public transportation. It allows greater flexibility and convenience. Often car hire services are coupled with a number of add ones like baby chairs, GPS etc.

All these things are going to make travelling even more convenient. Though car rental services my cost a bit more than public transportation, but the convenience that an individual has is unparallel. Continue reading

Honda Pilot and its numerous models features

The Honda Pilot is built in most of the countries like North America, while Japan and Australia, for more than a few years. The 2008 Honda Pilot’s crashworthiness & adult-friendly third row seat work in its favour, but there is isn’t a great deal else concerning this middling crossover SUV that stands out.

Pleasant ride, perfect crash test scores, affably roomy third row seat, smooth V6, clever storage interior features are the pros. And also the cons are going to be the back of the pack brakes, sluggish acceleration, unremarkable fuel economy and also the button heavy centre stack. Continue reading

The Blue Group – A Perfect Waste Recycling Systems In Place

The Blue Group, the leading supplier of waste recycling systems here in the U.K, has come out innovative ideas to make this process easier. They already have over 120 bespoke plants all over U.K till date. Using the best technology available they are able to design and commission leading edge systems.

This plays an important part in maximizing recovery potentials. They supply picking stations, trommels, magnets, link conveyors and a host of other things to make the process smoother. Hence, if there is a desire to maximize the waste recycling process this is a name that one can always look up to. Continue reading

Why go for Solar Panel Installation Sydney?

Want to get rid of carbon-spewing fossil-fuelled power plants? Want to reduce the level of global warming? The ultimate solution for this is solar panel installers Sydney team.

Solar panel installation service is perfect for homes and commercial sectors Sydney-wide. Solar power system saves energy and helps the environment to remain clean and green forever, and enabling the bio-cycle of the nature up-to-date. Continue reading

Get the Best Car Listings Available With Vehicle Site

Getting a car is now easy, new or used cheap cars for sales are available at Vehicle Site. Visit Vehicle Site and choose a car from car sales. Compare prices elsewhere and get the best deal that you can afford.

Cars have become one of the most important parts of our daily living. We need a car for various purpose, we need it because we need to go to work, and we need for easy transportation. Hence getting the right car becomes very important. Continue reading