Wireless Solutions for Establishments across the US Provided by Proximity Wireless

 Wireless solutions have drastically changed the world; especially the way we work. Internet connectivity through wi-fi has become an important parameter when choosing commercial establishments like hotels and mall. Companies like Proximity Wireless are in the forefront of this technology.

With clients like the United States Citizenship & Immigration Services, Alltel Communications, Proctor and Gamble, Nestle, Rolls Royce, GE, Electrolux and many more, the Company has grown almost 1200% since 2003. Their product portfolio includes work with cellular and PCS technology, public safety, land mobile and trunked radio systems, besides metropolitan area data networks. Continue reading

ISG technology’s developers won NASA Space Apps Challenge People’s Choice Award

Members of ISG technology’s Software Development team, Pavel Kolev, Atanas Keranov and Kiril Nikolov are part of the team that won the People’s Choice Award for NASA’s Space Apps Challenge.

The competition was the biggest developers’ event to date with more than 9,000 hackers, designers and explorers from 83 cities from around the world. A total of 770 solutions were submitted and only 134 were chosen for the final round. Continue reading

Advanced Phone Systems with Unificomms – Cisco Unified Communications Solutions

Unifi Comms are a small IT solutions company who offer a personal approach to designing and installing business communication solutions.

For more than a decade, they have been helping small and medium sized businesses to improve their communication infrastructure and in that time they have gotten a feel for the best products on the market. That is why they only offer the best voice, video, and data solutions on the market. Continue reading

Rumors about Sony Playstation 4 and the Release Date

Even as Playstation 3 refuses to surprise us, there’s been a lot of buzz around the release of its latest version Sony Playstation4. But when’s the release date? Undoubtedly the most searched question on Google has no definite answers. But the common consensus is late 2012. Of course, Sony is not ready to confirm or deny these rumors. Manufacturers have recently released a press statement denying all rumors on the internet.

Whatever is the date, it’s got to be soon or Wii 2 is sure to steal the thunder from Sony. Latest reports from Nintendo have confirmed rumors that Project Café, the playable model of the new Wii 2 will make its appearance around June at the E3 show that takes place from June 7 to 9. Continue reading

Beveiliging voor bedrijven: machine-to-machine-oplossingen ofwel M2M-oplossingen met Vodafone

Beveiliging voor bedrijven: machine-to-machine-oplossingen ofwel M2M-oplossingen met VodafoneBedrijfsbeveiliging is een dynamische industrie waarin non-stop technologische ontwikkelingen plaatsvinden. Vodafone heeft oplossingen ontwikkeld voor Machine-to-machine-beveiliging (M2M) om te voorzien in de grote vraag naar bedrijfsbeveiliging tegen diefstal, brand en andere veiligheidsrisico’s. Continue reading

Portable CATV Signal Analyzer Operates over Wide Frequency Range

GAO Tek Inc. (www.GAOTek.com) recommends its portable CATV signal analyzer specially designed and manufactured for CATV system installation and testing.

This rugged and handheld CATV signal analyzer, model A0N00002, features high speed measurement, auto scan testing and auto-off time setup. It measures CATV TILT and trunk cable voltage accurately. It tests DVB-C digital signal characteristics including average peak power, MER, BER, C/N and EVM and also provides constellation diagrams. Continue reading

Nieuwe whitepaper: draadloze beveiliging biedt talloze mogelijkheden

Nieuwe whitepaper: draadloze beveiliging biedt talloze mogelijkhedenVolgens een nieuwe whitepaper van Vodafone M2M biedt draadloze beveiliging talloze mogelijkheden voor de beveiligingsindustrie, waaronder verlaagde kosten, vereenvoudigde installatie en een verbeterd beveiligingsbereik.

Vodafone M2M is ervan overtuigd beveiligingskosten te kunnen verlagen en tegelijkertijd het beveiligingsbereik binnen en buiten de omtrekbeveiliging te kunnen verhogen. Vodafones uitgebreide ondersteuning voor wereldwijde implementatie en ondersteuning omvat: real-time transactie- en policymanagement; apparatuurbeheer; monitoring; configuratie & inrichting/activering; een aangepast kostenplaatje voor connectiviteit en gebruik, kwaliteit en een service level agreement. Continue reading

Vodafone-whitepaper over de invloed van machine-to-machine op beveiligingstechnologie

Vodafone-whitepaper over de invloed van machine-to-machine op beveiligingstechnologieVodafone heeft recentelijk een whitepaper voor de beveiligingsmarkt uitgegeven, waarin de invloed van M2M op de volgende drie beveiligingstoepassingen wordt behandeld: alarmsystemen, CCTV en goederenvolgsystemen.

De technologische ontwikkelingen op het gebied van bedrijfsbeveiliging volgen elkaar in rap tempo op, waardoor er nieuwe mogelijkheden ontstaan om bedrijven en hun eigendommen te beveiligen tegen diefstal, brand en andere risico’s – CCTV voor toezicht en alarminstallaties voor omtrekbeveiliging vormen een uitzondering hierop. Deze toepassingen zijn niet veranderd. Continue reading

Technical Foam Services Develops Innovative New Scaffold Foam

Technical Foam Services Ltd, a leading independent engineer-based manufacturer and foam producer, announces the creation of a new scaffold foam.

Technical Foam Services Ltd and their strategic construction partner have been working in unison to develop the Closed Cell PE Scaffold Foam, which uses high density polyethylene foam to offer protection against work equipment damage to decorated surfaces. The scaffold foam also uses a unique water jet cut foam diameter to offer serious impact protection around a site’s equipment, such as scaffold towers, steps, ladders and work benches and platforms; therefore, the foam can prevent damage to painted and plastered surfaces and any protruding fixtures or fittings. Continue reading

Análise da Força de Trabalho ajuda a identificar talentos e melhorar o desempenho empresarial

724324979Rio de Janeiro, Brasil (21/ 02/2013) – De acordo com a SuccessFactors, uma empresa SAP, o aumento da falta de algumas competências fundamentais, levanta muitas perguntas sobre a força de trabalho: Onde estão as lacunas que podem impactar o desempenho dos negócios? Onde será a escassez de talentos no futuro? Podem estas competências serem desenvolvidas em sua forca de trabalho atual? Se não, quanto vai custar para as encontrar ou substituir se estas sairem da empresa?

A SuccessFactors sugere que as empresas podem melhorar o seu desempenho e reduzir o risco da escassez de competências simplesmente tendo em consideração o seu ativo mais precioso – os seus funcionários. Continue reading