PlaneSense fractional aircraft ownership company’s Lorri Badolato named to NH Aviation Board

aircraftPlaneSense, Inc., the manager of the largest civilian fleet of Pilatus PC-12 aircraft in the world, is pleased to announce that Attorney Lorri E. Badolato has been appointed by Governor Maggie Hassan to the New Hampshire Aviation Users Advisory Board. Attorney Badolato is Deputy General Counsel to PlaneSense and its fractional aircraft ownership program, and has served in that role since 2007.She will serve on the Aviation Board representing corporate aviation, as well as airlines, airport management, municipal governing agencies and others defined in state law. Continue reading

Zadara Storage Adds Enterprise Storage-as-a-Service at Dimension Data Europe

technologyLONDON, UK – 14 October, 2014 – Zadara™ Storage the provider of enterprise-class storage-as-a-service (STaaS), today announced the establishment of two new POPs (points of presence) in cooperation with Dimension Data, the ICT services and solutions provider. The two new centres will be in London, UK and in Amsterdam, Netherlands and will immediately enable new customers to take advantage of on-demand, opex SAN and NAS storage with the economics of cloud. Continue reading

Isola’s RF-Substrate Conversion Program Gains Momentum in Partnership With InnoSenT and KSG

CHANDLER, Ariz., Aug. 19, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Isola Group S.à r.l., a market leader in copper-clad laminates and dielectric prepreg materials used to fabricate advanced multilayer printed circuit boards (PCBs), today announced a major qualification win in partnership with KSG Leiterplatten GmbH and InnoSenT GmbH. The joint conversion project among the three companies successfully tailored the dielectric properties of Isola’s high-performance I-Tera® MT laminate material to match the properties of an incumbent product. Continue reading

Statoil in Norwegen investiert in neue Technologien

TUjobs logoStatoil investierte jüngst schwer in Fracking-Explorationsverfahren, um die Effizienz aus Sicht der Umwelt und der Finanzen gleichzeitig zu steigern.

In den letzten Jahren hat Hydraulic Fracturing die Rohstoffindustrie revolutioniert. Die Technologie revitalisierte die US-amerikanischen Energieperspektiven und versprach wirtschaftlichen Wohlstand in Regionen auf der ganzen Welt. Continue reading

Future Electronics Offers Updated Sensors Guide and Full Range of Sensors In Stock

Future Electronics, a global leading distributor of electronic components, has announced the launch of its new and updated Sensors Guide, along with a full range of various sensors from industry leading suppliers, which are in stock and ready to ship with immediate availability.

The Guide offers comprehensive product overviews on MEMS, gyroscopes, digital pressure sensors, silicon microphones, and audio sensors, and also provides parametric tables for the most innovative products from Future Electronics’ supplier partners, including Intersil, Bosch, Freescale, STMicroelectronics, Wolfson and more. Continue reading

Let us turn your Brand to Spotlightmedia

Spotlight Media is led by a team of talented professionals who are inspired by creativity. They are the distinguished feature as well as the strong point of Spotlight Media. Each one of them possesses unique skills and exposure in their particular field which enables Spotlight Media to give a unique touch to the client’s solutions & services and deliver only the best.

The studio was founded in 2004 by Archana Som Dev in Chennai, India, to give vent to her passion for creativity. It began on a low key, but within six years it has taken on new dimensions and everyone associated with Spotlight Media has become ambitious about this venture. Continue reading

Jungle Torch unveils Keyword Density Tool and Full Google Analytics Integration

In an industry first, Jungle Torch ( has released its keyword density tool giving users the ability to analyze the content on every webpage within their site.

The most recent algorithmic changes by Google place a great deal of emphasis on original content, but the density and distribution of key words remains critical. Jungle Torch provides users with the exact number of keywords that should be placed on each page. This prevents accidental “keyword stuffing” by users ensuring that each page will get the best possible organic search engine placement by Google. Continue reading

Portable CATV/QAM Analyzer with Channel and Spectrum Scanning

GAO Comm ( has released its handheld CATV/ QAM analyzer specially designed for both digital and analog TV analysis. This analyzer provides digital signal analysis functions for channel power, MER, BER and constellation diagrams for 16/32/64/128/256QAM/QPSK modulation types.

The versatile handheld CATV/ QAM analyzer, model A0N00014, features fast spectrum analysis, alternative auto/limit testing and channel and spectrum scanning. It offers multiple functions such as CM statistic function, Ping function and bandwidth testing function. It runs under Linux operating system, has a built-in Web browser and exchanges data via a USB or LAN port. It is powered by a 14.8 V 2.1 Ah rechargeable battery providing more than 5 hours continuous operation. Continue reading Assures Effective Business Online through Secured high quality Cloud IT service

The entrepreneurs looking for reliable IT backup for their online businesses seem to have a credible assistance – Virtual Drive, the leading IT company has announced to help the online entrepreneurs with effective business through its high quality secure cloud services. The company has declared to cater to any size of office, server and IT environment.

Virtual Drive claims to be the first to come up with completely secured cloud IT solutions. The company is a seasoned name in IT zone operating since 1999. Their systems include email servers, remote file server, FTP servers, web servers & data-backup systems. Continue reading

V.44 Data Compression Software Features New String-Matching Algorithm

GAO Research Inc. ( recommends its V.44 data compression software based on the existing V.42bis standard. This V.44 data compression software is a lossless data compression procedure for use with V-series data circuit-terminating equipment (DCEs) as well as packet networks. 

This V.44 data compression software consists of both an encoder and decoder. Encoding uses a dictionary consisting of a root-array with all characters, a node tree, and a history. Input is matched against previously input strings. If a string is matched, it is transferred as a codeword and an attempt is made to create a longer string in the dictionary. The decoder recreates the original string from the binary-tree dictionary.  Continue reading