UK Immigration Lawyers Launches Their New Webpage

Immigration Lawyers In London, the family law firm, announces the launch of their new website for offering expert advice to their clients in Immigration and Nationality law. This law firm with a team of specialist professionals possesses vast expertise in dealing immigration matters and is one among the most successful immigration law firms in London.

“Immigration to a country is not that easy as you think so, and it can be extremely stressful if not with the guidance of an expert lawyer. Unless properly planned, immigration could turn to be a worst experience in your life. Hiring the services of an experienced lawyer can make the process easier and less time consuming”, says the spokesperson of the website, when speaking about the need for hiring the services of London immigration lawyers. Continue reading

New Oil Peak for Norway in 2022

tujobs.comAccording to Jaran Rystad, CEO of Rystad Energy, Norway will reach a new peak around 2022. Norway was the number one exploration country in 2011, and it promises to reach a production of 4 million barrels oe. per day in 2022, achieving a new peak and record in the oil and gas production history.

Jaran Rystad, CEO of Rystad Energy, also stated that “… fifty percent of the production by then will come from new fields, requiring significant investments in new infrastructure. Existing fields will still need the same levels in total spend as today for drilling, modifications and maintenance.” Continue reading

Resin Paving for a more Durable and Aesthetically appealing driveway

The outdoor portion of your home is just as much a part of your property as the house itself. Too many homeowners neglect the areas that include the patio, front lawn and driveway. Remember that these are the areas that are most visible to passing neighbors and can really give your home a nice appearance from those who are looking from the outside in.

Any form of renovation done for the exterior should always begin with the floors. It is not unusual for the concrete flooring on the driveway or patio to exhibit signs of cracking or splitting. Rather than just settling for conventional repairs, a great alternative is to have the floors redone with resin bond paving. Continue reading

Residents applaud police after arrest of Boston bombing suspect

A 19-year-old suspected of carrying out the Boston Marathon bombings with his older brother was captured by police after a day-long manhunt on Friday that closed down the city and turned a working-class suburb into a virtual military zone.

The capture sent waves of relief and jubilation through Boston and the suburb of Watertown, where armored vehicles roamed the streets and helicopters flew overhead through the day. Residents and police officers cheered and clapped when the suspect, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, was taken alive after a gunfight.
Bleeding and in serious condition, he was admitted to a Boston hospital, a Massachusetts State Police spokesman said. Continue reading

West Palm Beach Drug Rehab Center Offers Personalized Treatment

The Recovery Associates of the Palm Beaches, which operates a noted West Palm Beach drug rehab center, is offering personalized treatment for each of their clients. 

With decades of combined professional experience, the company specializes in providing individualized interventions for adults and adolescents suffering from a broad spectrum of addictions. Continue reading

The Advantages of Wind And Solar Panels

Some people believe that Wind And Solar Panels have nothing to offer. Others, however, know that this is not true. Those who realize the advantages at both home and the office can make a major difference in the world today as well as the environment in the future.

Of course, those who are interested in wind and solar panels need to realize the benefits before making a decision on what to do next. It is important to consider both the pros and cons before installing alternative energy sources, as this will ensure long term success and happiness with the end result. Continue reading

Divorce or separation, don’t run to lawyer’s, run to the National Family Mediation Service

With the 1st of April rapidly approaching, most legal aid is about to end. Lord Neuberger commented to the BBC,
“I think we need to be careful not always to run to the lawyer when we think we’ve got a problem.”

Lawyers come with expensive legal fees until now paid for by legal aid, but soon to become the problem of the respondents. A cheaper alternative to solicitors is the Family Mediation Service, where the fees are a fraction of the cost which the parties share equally. Continue reading to take part in Innovation Norway’s pavilion at OTC 2013 to take part in Innovation Norway's pavilion at OTC 2013, the online oil recruitment website for jobs in Norway, will be taking part in the Norwegian pavilion hosted by Innovation Norway at OTC 2013 (Offshore Technology Conference).

OTC 2013, a four-day annual event attracts around 80,000 attendees from 110+ countries, is considered the world’s foremost event for the development of offshore resources in the fields of drilling, exploration, production, and environmental protection. Continue reading

Turkish Property Prices Still Strong

The value of property in many parts of the world has decreased, but Turkish property is setting another trend.

Investing in property is still popular amongst all kinds of investors. Private investors, property developers and many pension funds are still investing in property. They are doing so because most other investment vehicles no longer deliver. Market related investments, commodity investment and currency trading all no longer reliably provide good returns. Continue reading

La empresa Statoil Norway incrementa los empleos en la industria petrolera

tujobs.comStatoil Norway, empresa líder del sector de la energía para la producción de petróleo y gas, cerró las negociaciones para un conjunto con el sector petrolero Británico. Según Statoil, la producción empezará en 2017, con una producción promedia de 55,000 barriles al día.

Helge Lund, director ejecutivo de Statoil, aprovechó la oportunidad para mencionar la declaración del gobierno del R.U.: “Statoil y sus socios aprecian la cooperación del Gobierno del Reino Unido y la aprobación del plan de desarrollo de este proyecto histórico”.

Continue reading