Later retirement diminishes risk of dementia

A very large study of self-employed people revealed that those who retired later had a lower risk of being diagnosed with dementia. The study also discovered that the risk of being diagnosed with dementia went down for each year of working longer.

The study seems to confirm earlier research that suggests lifelong mental stimulation and challenge may protect against Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. The data also revealed strong evidence of a significant decline in the risk of developing dementia linked with older age at retirement, in line with the ‘use it or lose it’ hypothesis. Continue reading

Noruega, o principal destino dos investimentos europeus de perfuração offshore

tujobs.comSegundo a pesquisa da Business Intelligence Provider GBI Research, a Noruega irá ser o principal destino de petróleo e gás offshore num futuro próximo.

O recente relatório, intitulado Noruega um Driving Force da Região Europeia em termos de reservas offshore e projetos de desenvolvimento, a despesa de perfuração offshore irá aumentar continuamente a uma taxa de crescimento médio anual (TCMA) de 6,9​​%, passando de aproximadamente $ 10 bilhões em 2012 para US $ 12,8 bilhões em 2016. Continue reading

LivetecsHosting announces the arrival of crystal report 2010 hosting

a quality and reliable hosting provider in advanced Windows and ASP.NET technology – proudly announces the availability of the latest Crystal Report 2010 Sarasota, FL June 27th, – a quality and reliable hosting provider in advanced Windows and ASP.NET technology – proudly announces the availability of the latest Crystal Report 2010 (v13) hosting in our entire servers environment. 
Crystal Reports is a business intelligence application used to design and generate reports from a wide range of data sources. Several other applications, such as Microsoft Visual Studio, bundle an OEM version of Crystal Reports as a general purpose reporting tool. Crystal Reports became the de facto standard report writer when Microsoft released it with Visual Basic.  Continue reading

The Complete Social Media Optimization Service By SubmitEdge Produces Stunning Results

Today, social media marketing is becoming the mainstream website promotion strategy and it is not without reason that all the brands are spending a sizeable percentage of the marketing budget on social media optimization.

There are many social media marketing platforms and many brands especially the small and the medium sized businesses find it challenging to focus on all the top social media platforms and to achieve the desired results. Many small business owners also shy away from social media optimization either due to the fear that it will cost a lot of money or because of the lack of social media knowledge. The SMO service offered by SubmitEdge comes as a great solace to thousands of customers across the globe because the company offers all in one social media optimization service. Continue reading

Revolutionary child care solutions launched at Friends Montessori

With the raising standards in childcare, friends Montessori is offering ground breaking nursery options for parents.

Their nurseries are intended to offer high quality professional care premium nursery Aldershot. They always try to bridge the gap at the top end of child care market for parents who need a hassle free child care provision. They offer professionally trained, qualified and trustworthy staff. They provide a one stop nursery solution for your kids. Continue reading

Social Worker Website Renovations Further Serve Career Hopefuls

After launching on the internet just under 18 months ago, Becoming a Social Worker 101 ( has quickly made a name for itself amongst young adults exploring careers in social work. To further establish its usefulness and credibility in the profession, recent website renovations are making it even easier for visitors to learn about social work and how to be a part of this growing profession.

The process of going from an interested student to successful professional in the social work industry can be confusing, but Becoming A Social Worker 101 was designed to make the journey as smooth as possible. To help with this, the website – which started as a simple chronological listing of articles – created the following useful categories in order to get visitors to the desired information faster: Professional Overview, Education & Training, Types of Social Workers, and Career Information. Further, the website continually refreshes the site content so a visitor knows right away where the occupation is trending and what areas of the profession have the best career potential. Continue reading’s Treatment Guide Offers the Key to Help Managing Lymphedema has released and ebook that helps those suffering from lymphedema discover how to heal the lymphatic system and reduce swelling caused by lymphedema.

Lymphedema, also known as lymphatic obstruction, is a condition of localized fluid retention and tissue swelling caused by a compromised lymphatic system. Symptoms of lymphedema can include severe fatigue, extreme swelling of limbs and localized fluid accumulations. Lymphedema can be inherited (primary lymphedema) or caused by an injury to the lymphatic system (secondary lymphedema). Primary lymphedema generally occurs due to poorly developed or missing lymph nodes and secondary lymphedema often occurs in both man and women after surgery, especially cancer surgeries. Continue reading

Reactions to Union Budget 2012-A.Vellayan, Chairman, Murugappa Group

Overall, the Union Budget 2012 presented by Mr Pranab Mukherjee appears to be a modest budget which recognizes the need for consolidating the financial status of the country today, and for providing economic stability. There are some points which will affect a few key sectors in a positive manner and hence are worth welcoming in this budget, while there are some more which will present challenges and hence will need to be observed in greater detail.

It is a welcome gesture to see the agriculture sector getting its continued focus, with the total plan outlay increasing 18% from last year to Rs 20,208 crores. There are also some moves in the fertiliser sector which are worth welcoming, like the fillip to increase self-sufficiency in urea production in the next 5 years within India itself, and also the encouragement to use single super phosphate. Micro- irrigation also has got a boost this time around, with the greater commitment of funds in that area. There is also a clearly warm gesture to put more money into the farmers’ hands, by having increased the agriculture credit from Rs 4.75 lakh crores to Rs 5.75 lakh crores. Continue reading

Federal Ministry of Petroleum Resources – Petroleum Revenue Special Task Force

Abuja, Nigeria 07. February 2012 — Consistent with the policies and promises of President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan’s Administration, and underpinned by the yearnings of the people of Nigeria for transparency in the Petroleum Industry, the Honourable Minister of Petroleum Resources has set up a Petroleum Revenue Special Task Force designed to enhance probity and accountability in operations of the Petroleum Industry. The Petroleum Revenue Special Task Force, whose membership is listed below, is charged with the following terms of reference:

Terms of Reference
1. To work with consultants and experts to determine and verify all petroleum upstream and downstream revenues (taxes, royalties, etc.) due and payable to the Federal Government of Nigeria; Continue reading

The profound significance of Home made Energy

Although Home made Energy is not a recent concept yet it is increasing gaining popularity owing to the depletion in the energy reserve. This concept of producing energy from sources of nature was formulated decades back but was not much into practice. Now that people have realized that if they do not look for alternative source of energy they would face drastic consequences. Hence, this kind of energy is being popularized so that energy can be harnessed easily from sources of nature such as sun, wind etc.

If you want to get a glimpse you can easily get that in any remote areas where such practice is very common these days. Almost every village is provided with facilities of solar energy. You can easily see solar panels being planted on roof tops which serve as a storage house of sun’s light. This light is then transformed into energy and is used to light bulbs and for various other purposes. Continue reading