Eyes Optometry – Now is the Time to Schedule an Optometrist Appointment

Many people take the health of their eyes for granted. For one reason or the next, they believe that their eye health is always going to be there for them. While this may be true for some, it is not the case across the board. Many people need to pay close attention to this area of their health.

When it comes to Eyes Optometry, there is a lot that the average person does not know. They may think their eyes are in good health and everything is okay, but at some point they find that nothing could be further from the truth. This is a rude awakening, as nobody wants to find that this is the case. Continue reading

Trade Squad Offers an On-Call Handyman for Coventry Homes & Businesses

Trade Squad is offering an on-call handyman for Coventry homes and businesses. To address emergencies at any time of day, a member of the Handy Squad is readily available for dispatch within the city and its surrounding areas.

The ultimate goal of the Handy Squad is to prevent further damage in an emergency situation. As such, the team ensures that each handyman is punctual in attending to the needs of customers. To ensure an efficient service and to meet the desired outcome, they make it a point to gather relevant information about the preferences of the customer prior to starting the job. Continue reading

Covenant Church Furniture Offers Complete Pew Refinishing Service

Covenant Church Furniture is offering complete pew finishing services. Their wide range of services allow their clients to look forward to superior upgrades on their existing church pews or furniture.

Covenant Church Furniture uses advanced techniques to restore old pieces to their excellent condition. They strip, refinish and reupholster pew seats and backs. They also add removable or attached cushions as needed. Additionally, they replace or refurbish kneelers and pews to ensure that they remain visually appealing. Continue reading

Wrongful Death Lawyers Sponsor Black Gold Boom Documentary

The Spence Law Firm, which counts an experienced North Dakota wrongful death lawyer among their distinguished members, is sponsoring the interactive documentary Black Gold Boom: How Oil Changed North Dakota. They invite their clients and other interested parties to watch the documentary at any time.

A joint effort of independent producer Todd Melby, Prairie Public, Zeega, and the Association of Independents in Radio, Inc., Black Gold Boom features video clips and stories of how North Dakota’s oil and energy boom has affected residents in the state. Among the stories include “Bacon Ends of the Ladies Petroleum Club”, “View from the Air” by photographer Ben Garvin, and “Fight Night in Crude Country”. Continue reading

Evolution Legal Concierge Launches Major New Fixed Fee Legal Services with Rebrand

Evolution Legal Concierge, specialist providers of legal services covering an extensive range of cases, has launched its new website following their rebrand, with a set of new services.

Prior to Evolution Legal Concierge’s rebrand, their team operated solely as an offline-only claims management company; they have 14 years’ experience in the industry, and have achieved over 40,000 successful personal injury leads in the last five years. Now, they offer fixed-fee legal services with a simple contact process, with an aim to remove the usual complications associated with seeking legal services. Continue reading

Card Town Unveils Innovative New Colour-In Dinosaurs Range

Card Town, an online personalised greeting card retailer, has launched a new range of colour-in dinosaur-themed birthday cards, the first of its kind in the UK.

The new range features a wide selection of designs for boys and girls aged between one and 10 years old, with various sizes available. To personalise their card, customers can add the recipient’s name to the cover and write their own birthday message inside; this ensures every card is unique, printed exclusively for each customer. Each card in the dinosaurs range features an exciting colour-in picture inside, an innovative addition unique to Card Town. Continue reading

Interior design changes every year, but what is in this year?

This year is no exception. In 2013, the mood has really changed. Cold, bland tones and finishes are out and warm russets and browns are in.

Home accessories, made of metal, finish off the warmer look of modern interiors. Especially popular are accessories made from brass, which blend in particularly well with the warm, earthy colours that are far more common in 2013. This has brought a wave of traffic to websites like www.worldofbrass.co.uk, who sell brass accessories and home furnishings. Continue reading

World Packaging Offers Selection of High-Quality Stretch Wrap Film

World Packaging Inc. is offering their selection ofhigh-quality stretch wrap film products. Reliable and effective, the film is especiallywell-suited for warehouse distribution work, particularly in holding and securing stacks of boxes on a pallet.

In any manufacturing facility, a high level of production requires the use of pallets during the warehouse storage and distribution phases to keep materials organized. With the use of durable stretch wrap film, cartons canbe tightly secured on a pallet as well as sufficiently protected from dust, moisture, tampering, and theft. Continue reading

Most Web Application Developers Base Themselves in London

Demand for web application development is improving, as more companies understand the benefit of developing apps for their customers to use.

When it comes to web application development London is the place to find the best service. The fact that the city is home to the majority of the UK’s businesses, means that there is a lot of demand for web application development there. This fact has led many of the firms that specialise in this field to base themselves there. Continue reading