Toronto Auto Wash Deploys GAO RFID Solution

Feb. 18, 2010 – Toronto Auto Wash, a Canadian company that operates car washes in the Greater Toronto Area, is employing radio frequency identification to track and authorize automobiles that are on their car wash plans.

Toronto Auto Wash (TAW) operates four auto wash and gas bar facilities that are strategically located throughout the Greter Toronto Area (GTA). The system has allowed TAW to improve service for its customers, eliminate the loss of revenue due to unpaid car washes and better manage a multi location business. Continue reading


Reaction to a recent article in Over 65 Magazine, a new online magazine aimed at the silver surfer generation, suggests that older people may be struggling to cope with the effects of our rapidly changing society.

The article by freelance writer Martin Sayers examines how the rush towards a more digitised and ”efficient” society was having an effect on older people, but the scale of the reaction has taken Paul Rodman, the editor of Over 65 Magazine, by surprise. Continue reading

Marketers Demand Enterprise-Class Social Software as a Service

Cloud computing and Software as a Service (SaaS) is fast emerging as the preferred approach for ambitious marketers looking to create great digital experiences for their customers and enhanced revenues for their company.

Marketers are realizing some major benefits in moving from traditional software towards SaaS delivery, especially where customer expectations and new technologies are rapidly evolving in the digital channels. The ability to stay agile and move fast, avoiding complex internal IT processes, time consuming implementation processes, expensive capital expenditure and high risk enterprise investments has resulted in the demand for ”Social Software in the Cloud” growing significantly in recent years. Continue reading

Cost-Effective TI DSP Evaluation Interface Board

Toronto, Canada – GAO Embedded ( has added a TI DSP evaluation interface board to its popular product line. It is intended for high performance Digital Motion Control (DMC) systems and is used to evaluate extended keyboard and display panel interfaces of TMS320F2812 chipsets.

Its price has been reduced to US$145.00 for a limited time. The interface board is ideally suited for such applications as digital motor or machine control, packing mechanisms, UPS, VFC (Variable Frequency Control) and electrical control. Continue reading

Mini Power Meter Specialized for Fiber Optic

Toronto, Canada – GAO Instruments ( has released its mini handheld optical power meter intended for absolute power and relative loss measurements of fiber optics. This handheld meter is suitable for use in applications such as telecommunication and CATV maintenance and in fiber optic test labs.

This optical power meter, model A0670006, is small in size and light in weight. It offers such functions such as automatic self calibration, auto-off and low battery warning. The affordable power meter provides a large high resolution LCD screen and displays optical power in mw, dB and dBm. Continue reading

Smile: an exhibition that brings back laughter

Smile’ is a collaborative group show displaying works in various media including acrylic, oil, photography, new media and installation. The exhibition ‘Smile’ aims to act as a cultural antidote to the recent global depression, natural disasters and a general mood of despondency.

Smiling is a universal act, yet there have not been many reasons to do so lately. In the greater scheme of things one often forgets the little moments in life that make us smile and thus happy. Continue reading

Technology drags funerals into the 21st Century

An independent Stroud funeral director who provides href= funeral services throughout Gloucestershire and Wiltshire is urging local crematoria to install online filming and recording facilities in their chapels to enable family members, who cannot attend, the chance to pay their respects.

The system involves a small camera at the back of the chapel, linked to the internet so it streams the proceedings live online. The ‘livetime’ funeral can also be recorded onto a DVD as a permanent record of the event. Continue reading

Las Vegas Personal Injury Attorney Glen Lerner Helps Victims Salvage Their Lives

To any individual who has suffered because of an accident or injury and has been made a victim because of the negligence of another, the road to recovery can be a long and harrowing journey.  Personal injury victims oftentimes fall into despair and depression, unsure of who can help them or where they can turn for answers.

Financial matters become pressing, medical bills pile up, and life as the accident victim knew it is set firmly in the past.  However, Las Vegas-based Glen Lerner & Associates is a personal injury law firm that works every day to help these individuals carry on with their lives. Continue reading

Are you in need of Inspiration or Motivation?

There comes a time in every profession where employers or employees feel motivation or inspiration is fading. Sometimes it can be difficult to think of new and innovative ways to boost your business and staff morale.

The launch of Childcare Expo could be just what businesses within the early years sector need. Continue reading

Brain League completes five years and is set to grow to the next level

Brain League celebrated its fifth Anniversary on 15th November, 2009. After its inception in 2004, the company has set new standards for Intellectual Property (IP) Services in India. Today, Brain League works with more than two hundred companies on different aspects of Intellectual Property such as IP generation, protection, management and commercialization.

Brain League is the first company in India to offer IP Services with a blend of technology, management and law. The company’s services range from assisting companies to build IP culture and hygiene to managing a company’s IP portfolio. Continue reading