Millions of pounds each year is wasted due to avoidable delays, reports site accommodation hire specialists, Konstructa Hire

Konstructa site accommodation

On time delivery of site accommodation could save the construction industry £50 million every year, according to site accommodation hire company Konstructa Hire. Delays to building projects are all too common, as Konstructa Hire has discovered through reports from their clients, 50% of whom require last-minute site cabins, following problems with other suppliers.

Many building projects are unnecessarily delayed because of site accommodation being delivered late or not meeting required standards or specifications.

This is the experience of the construction clients who turn to Konstructa Hire to supply them with temporary site accommodation over the duration of a building project.

It is estimated that 50% of contracts secured by Konstructa Hire are urgent deliveries to fix problems caused by other temporary accommodation hire companies.

The most common problem is lateness, with one day’s delay to the start of a building project being typical, the clients of Konstructa Hire report.

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Website for impact

ImpactSmooth launch the website for impact4, a training and business development consultancy company.

When Nicola Caukill founded impact4, she was determined to be able to describe in just one sentence what impact4 is all about: ‘Turning Potential into Performance’.

Everything impact4 does as a training and consultancy company reflects this passion for clients’ business and the values that they hold dear to make it possible.

So when choosing a partner organisaton to breathe life into the brand and make the website move from a concept to a living reality, impact4 chose Smooth – dedicated to Branding for Life.

Nicola Caukill commented on the partnership: ‘Chris Underwood of Smooth and his team have proven yet again to be client focused, innovative and prepared to go the extra mile. In other words, ensuring impact4 communicate their passion in turning potential into great performance.’

See it for yourself at

Reputation of Konstructa Hire rescues a site development with their site accommodation hire

KonstructaAfter just a year since its launch, Konstructa Hire Ltd has already developed a reputation for delivering high-quality and reliable construction site accommodation within 48 hours.

Although they were almost left literally outside in the cold by their original site accommodation hire company, the staff at the Longcross Group, a leader in the UK’s building services industry, is now able to relax into their new construction site accommodation. The buildings were delivered to the company’s site at Tesco Bracknell, by quality site accommodation provider Konstructa Hire.

The project run by the Longcross Group is the demolition and rebuild of the Bracknell Tesco site, on behalf Tesco, who is now the UK’s largest retailer. Because of the project’s scale it meant that 150 staff working for Longcross were in urgent need of comfortable site accommodation for the site development.

John Cunningham, Site Manager at Longcross Group, commented ‘Despite coming highly recommended from a subsidiary Longcross division, we were completely, but pleasantly, surprised at the speed and quality of the units Konstructa Hire supplied.

We were badly let down by our original supplier, but because Konstructa Hire has a reputation for consistently delivering high quality solutions in the most demanding timescales, they were the obvious choice for a replacement supplier. Delivering fully fitted out units in just three days, they literally saved the day.’

Konstructa Hire was able to provide ten sturdy, anti-vandal buildings, which comfortably provided complete site facilities, such as a reception, offices, meeting rooms, toilets and storage facilities.

Full details of Konstructa Hire site accommodation and case studies of completed projects can be found on their website

The Konstructa Hire pre-fabricated site buildings are made entirely of steel to provide the versatility and stability that is needed for a building site environment, and which also offer high levels of security and safety on the construction site.

Konstructa Hire were given only three days notice of Longcross’s needs, and were able to deliver and install all of the buildings before the deadline.

Because of their efficiency and quality in delivering the site accommodation hire, it meant that Longcross’s construction was not delayed needlessly. The units that were delivered were double stacked to create two-storey buildings which were equipped by the Konstructa Hire team with all the office and canteen furniture required.

John continued, ‘The units were of a very high standard and many of them were brand new. They provide a comfortable and clean working environment.

‘Konstructa Hire exceeded all of our quality and service requirements, even continuing to ensure our needs were met after the installation with a helpful project management service. We will certainly go straight to Konstructa Hire in future!’

Konstructa Hire is part of the Shepherd Group, and has over 45 years worth of construction experience, as well as excellent quality standards, particularly the Konstructa Hire commitment to customer service.

There is a team of highly experienced specialists who are accessible whenever needed to offer advice and guidance about the services and facilities, which guarantees customers an unrivalled and professional service.

Since the company was launched from its West-London Regional Hire in Dunstable, the business has continued to grow and develop, as it opens up many other regional network Hire Centres, including the new base for Yorkshire and the North East in Sherburn-in-Elmet.

To learn how Konstructa Hire can offer construction products and services that you need for your business call 0845 355 3444 or visit

DeSlice – The Ultimate Provider of Design Slicing Services

Welcome to DeSlice and discover the outstanding design slicing services for your websites.

DeSlice is engaged in providing professional slicing services which include XHTML/CSS coding from PSD, PNG etc files into valid markup or CMS like TYPO3, Joomla, WordPress, ExpressionEngine, Drupal, osCommerce and many others. All that is required from you as a client is to provide the image of the layout of the client website; DeSlice will promptly deliver the XHTML, and CSS files equivalent to the original design image.

The work ethics of DeSlice is so empowered that web designers/developers are least hesitant to delegate some of their work out of their busy work schedule related to the technical aspect of coding, while focusing on their basic expertise of designing web pages and websites (and all that sustaining a profit).

DeSlice is also the favorite service provider for coding to all the new web designers who want to make a mark with their web-designing jobs; as DeSlice provide the best standards of coding, enhancing the look of your website design. However, DeSlice believes that quality work can only be provided with good co-ordination between the client and the service provider. Therefore, DeSlice ensures that all the job descriptions and the preference of a client is clarified before an order is place for coding.

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Chairman of World Association of Compliance (WAC) Takes Part at Financial Crimes Forum in Bahrain

hany-abou-el-fotouh.jpgThe 2nd Annual Fraud & Financial Crimes Forum, which concluded this week in Bahrain, has presented a vital opportunity for anti-fraud and anti-money laundering professionals from all financial institutions. Hany Abou-El-Fotouh, The Honorary Chairman of World Association of Compliance (WAC) has delivered a presentation at the forum and chaired a stream on e-crimes

Addressing the delegates, Abou-El-Fotouh said: sound corporate governance framework at financial institutions is very important to safeguard the institution against fraud. It ensures that oversight responsibilities exercised at each layer ensures proper internal controls, transparency and integrity. The layers include shareholders (represented in the Annual General Assembly), Board of Directors, Audit Committee and other board committees, independent auditors, CEO & top management and support business units.

He further added: the application of the four principals of corporate governance i.e. accountability, fairness, transparency and fairness; should help the institution to reduce the likelihood of fraud and other financial crimes.

He underscored the importance of training. In particular, internal auditors must receive specialized training on fraud detection and prevention. However, other employees in the institution should receive adequate training relevant to their job. Coupled with training, is targeted fraud awareness programs.

Abou-El-Fotouh stressed that financial institutions should develop sound custom-made risk-focused compliance ad anti-fraud programs, which involve the development and adoption of procedures, systems and controls to address the risk of financial crimes including money laundering. Additionally, they should understand the latest technological solutions in combating fraud and financial crimes

Finally, Abou-El-Fotouh called on financial institutions to improve customer data protection and assess their operations accordingly.

About World Association of Compliance (WAC)

World Association of Compliance (WAC) is a non-profit organization registered in New Jersy. It focuses on regulatory and compliance issues worldwide


Hany Abou-El-Fotouh, CAMS
FVP Corporate Governance & Compliance Group Head
ABC Bank – Egypt
Tel- 2011-2665600

Konstructa Hire provides site accommodation for 300 workers in major construction project

Barr Construction, one of the leaders in UK construction, required amenities for over 300 of their workers for the duration of a store demolition and rebuild project in Cardiff.

They were completing the project on behalf of the UK’s largest retailer, Tesco, with whom Barr Construction has a multi-million pound agreement to fulfil high profile new store builds and extensions across the country.

Site accommodation provided by Konstructa Hire

Barr Construction needed to hire site accommodation that would meet the standards of the brand’s reputation, as well as providing safety on the construction site and the best facilities for its workers.

Barry Bryce, Retail Unit Manager at Barr Construction, said, ‘We hadn’t sourced temporary accommodation in the Cardiff area before, so we contacted Konstructa Hire to find out what they could offer. The quality of site accommodation available from the company was very good and met the strict requirements we set for our Tesco projects. The buildings also met our financial stipulations and could be delivered within short lead times.’

Full details of the site accommodation and other services from Konstructa Hire can be found at

Konstructa Hire supplied twelve robust, anti-vandal construction site buildings, which were also able to provide comprehensive site amenities. These facilities included a reception, offices, meeting rooms, toilets and a canteen. The all-steel buildings that were provided offered the durability needed for a construction site, as well as extensive levels of security.

Within the three weeks notice that had been given to Konstructa Hire, they were able to deliver and install all of the buildings, even before the agreed deadline.

This enabled the construction to go ahead of the planned schedule. The anti-vandal site buildings were double stacked to create six two-storey buildings that were completely fitted-out by the team at Konstructa Hire and included office and canteen furniture.

Barry continued, ‘All of the units arrived in excellent condition, and many of them were brand new. Everyone on site has been very happy with the quality of the site accommodation, which looks clean and professional.

‘Because Konstructa Hire also supplied all the furniture we needed, we just had one point of contact for all of our temporary site accommodation needs. On this first project with Konstructa Hire, the company met all of our quality and service requirements, and we will certainly use them again in future.’

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InterCasino Raises Stakes Against ASA

InterCasino is aware of the comments made in the Gambling Compliance Survey 2007 in relation to its recent advertising campaign. Contrary to what has been widely reported in the press, concerns have been raised in relation to the campaign but no formal adjudication has yet been made by the ASA.

InterCasino does not agree with the concerns raised by CAP and the ASA in relation to its ads and will be defending its campaign as part of the formal adjudication process. In doing so it has the full support of Clearcast who cleared the ads before transmission. (Clearcast has taken over responsibility from the BACC for the pre transmission examination of television advertisements.)

There have been no complaints from the public in relation to the advertisements. Again, contrary to reporting, InterCasino continues to broadcast the adverts and has not been asked to formally withdraw them pending the conclusion of the formal adjudication process. The advertisements have proved successful in appealing to customers in the 25 to 40 year old target audience.

About was founded in 1996, and is both the oldest, most awarded and largest online casino within the world.

The site is also constantly voted as the Best Online Casino in the UK, and hosts more than 200 online casino games and has paid over $3billion in customer’s winnings since its inception.

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365 hf. has turnaround in operating results

EBITDA for the year 2007 amounted to ISK 1,162 million but was negative in 2006 by ISK 12 million for regular operations. Sales for the year 2007 amounted to ISK 12,381 million, an increase of 12% between years.

A turnaround of ISK 1.364 million between years when comparing the profit/loss before taxes of continuing operations.

Net loss of ISK 2.283 million including the write down of the shares in Wyndeham Press Group amounting to ISK 2.095 million.

The main operational entities of 365 hf. are 365 media ehf., Sena ehf. and EFG ehf.

Main results for year:
Sales during the year amounted to ISK 12,381 million and increased by ISK 1,283 million or 11.6% from the year 2006

Pro forma sales increased by 10.5% from the previous year

Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) amounted to ISK 1,162 million but was negative by ISK 12 million for the year 2006 for regular operations

EBITDA ratio was 9.4% but was calculated at 0% for regular operations in the previous year

Net finance cost amounted to ISK 646 million, including a foreign exchange gain to the amount of ISK 184 million

Net loss after taxes amounted to ISK 2,283 million

Equity amounted to ISK 4,545 million and the equity ratio was 31%

Current ratio was 0.87, whereas last year it was 0.62

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Top IceNews stories of the week

IceNews specialises in publishing online news from Scandinavia and Northern Europe. With headquarters in Iceland, IceNews posts daily news items on a range of subjects at

A selection of the top news stories from the first week of 2008:

New law provokes rush for female directors in Norway

A change in the law in Norway means that 40% of board directors of public companies need to be female from 1st January. Many companies have held last-minute meetings to choose female directors under the threat of being shut down.

Pompeii of the North project wins award

A project to excavate an Icelandic town partly buried by a volcanic explosion has been awarded with Icelandair’s 2007 Award for Innovation. The Westman Island Pompeii diggings will be open for the public later this year and will show how life was before the fateful day in 1973.

Icelandic president Olafur Ragnar Grimsson goes for fourth term

The President of Iceland, Olafur Ragnar Grimsson, has announced his intention to stand for a fourth term in office. If he is re-elected, Mr Grimsson would be the third Icelandic president to stay in office for four terms, a total of sixteen years.

Finland to head the OSCE

The Finnish Foreign Minister, Ilkka Kanerva, this week became chairman of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe. Finland will retain the chairmanship for one year and will tackle disputes such as the Kosovo and the Conventional Armed Forces treaty in Europe.

Explosive Iceland welcomes 2008 with record fireworks

For a population of only 300,000, Iceland each year lets off a record number of fireworks per capita on New Year’s Eve. This year the import of fireworks topped 1,275 tonnes – an increase of 50% in 3 years.

For more news from Scandinavia and Northern European visit