Reykjavik ready for Internet marketing conference

A host of international and Icelandic speakers will be addressing the Reykjavik Internet Marketing Conference and Expo (RIMC 2008) to be held on February 8th in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Reykjavik (eNewsWire) 8 January 2008 – The 2008 RIMC Conference & Expo on Internet marketing will be held in Reykjavik, Iceland in collaboration with Nordic eMarketing and Morgunbladid.

International and Icelandic experts in online media and marketing will be speaking at the conference, with Icelandic Minister of Commerce Björgvin Sigurdarson delivering the keynote speech.

This year’s RIMC will be held on the tenth anniversary of the founding of – the online edition of the Icelandic national paper, Morgunbladid. Olafur Nielsen, expert from Morgunbladid’s Internet department, will explain how the online publication has reaped the benefits of using the web analytics software, IndexTools.

Other conference speakers include Mel Carson, the head of AdCenter Microsoft, who will speak on how best to use Pay Per Click, and Dennis Mortensen, COO of IndexTools, who will discuss web analytics and its important role in measuring website success.

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Google's Mario Queiroz keynote speaker at the SMX London today announced that Mario Queiroz, Google Vice President, Products, Europe, Middle East and Africa, will be a keynote speaker at the Search Marketing Expo (SMX) London 2007 event.

The premier event for search engine marketers, takes place at The Hilton London Metropole Hotel, London, 15/16 November 2007.

Mario Queiroz will cover how Google makes products such as YouTube, mobile search, AdWords, AdSense, Google Maps and more work for Europe and beyond.

Matthew Finlay, Managing Director, Rising Media said: “We are pleased to announce Mario as a keynote speaker at this year’s event. SMX London is set to be the major search conference for Europe with huge growth in the European online marketing industry. Mario’s expertise in social media will provide delegates with the information they need to target this key audience.”

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The Future of Music tested in Iceland

An international conference on the future of music and the latest developments in digital marketing will be held in Reykjavik, Iceland on 17th October 2007.

Reykjavik (eNewsPR) 24 September 2007 – Icelandic Music Export, in collaboration with Nordic eMarketing and the Trade Council of Iceland, are to hold a conference on new marketing initiatives and the future of music on the Internet entitled ‘Who is in Control?’.

With the advent of the Internet and 3G technology, the music industry is increasingly facing major challenges in trying to find ways to adapt and survive in the new world of music.

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Scandinavia to host Internet marketing shows

Stockholm will host the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit and the Search Marketing Expo (SMX) at the Sheraton Hotel from 29 October to 1 November 2007.

Stockholm (eNewsWire) 3 October 2007 – Two international online marketing conferences and expos are scheduled to take place in Stockholm, Sweden this autumn.

Both conferences will focus on optimising the value of Internet marketing: the Search Marketing Expo (SMX) on targeting the right people for a website and the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit on ensuring website visitors can fulfil their objectives.

The SMX conference will explore successful techniques for driving more customers to websites. The event will be chaired by international search marketing expert Chris Sherman and organised by Internet marketing specialists Third Door Media and Rising Media. The two day conference takes place on 31st October and 1st November 2007.

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Templar Downie promotes national treasures

The latest Tube station improvement work is taking place at Green Park and the hoardings devised by Templar Downie include some national treasures.

A campaign by London Underground and Templar Downie to promote local heroes at tube stations during renovation works is continuing.

The blank canvasses of station hoardings, there to screen the renovation works, have been transformed into vibrant promotional vehicles for Tube Lines.

The “Local Heroes” campaign devised by Templar Downie now extends to Green Park, where the focus is on such national treasures as Sir Isaac Newton, Wellington and Queen Victoria.

As well as stunning cartoons of the heroes, with potted histories and their connection with the locality, the hoardings update passengers on the renovation works currently underway and keep them posted on works scheduled to take place in the near future.

The response to the Templar Downie campaign, both among the travelling public and within Tube Lines itself, has exceeded all expectations. If your journey takes in a Northern, Piccadilly or Jubilee line station, watch out for the next instalment.

Templar Downie campaign for South West Trains

A passenger information campaign following train upgrades at South West Trains means that ´Now you can´.

Keeping passengers up to speed with service improvements is a priority at South West Trains. And with refurbished suburban trains due to go into service in late November 2004, the company wanted to highlight the significant amenity improvements and encourage faster boarding, as well as underscore the serious engineering upgrade.

Templar Downie developed the “Now you can…” campaign using light-hearted imagery to focus on the key enhancements. The improvements ranged from easier passenger access to wider aisles, more flexible space inside and a smoother running, more reliable service.

This wasn’t a hard-sell campaign, but part of South West Trains’ mission to communicate honestly and straightforwardly with its customers.

Templar Downie’s poster campaign made use of panels in the carriages themselves and thereby achieved maximum exposure at minimum cost. This medium also ensured that the message was targeted only at those actually using the refurbished trains, an important factor, as the trains will be rolled out over a period of three to four years.

Templar Downie behind T-Mobile campaigns

High-visibility, branded marketing is the hallmark of T-Mobile’s customer campaigns which also extends to its internal communications.

When T-Mobile wanted to promote its training programmes to staff, the campaign had to reflect the key brand quality of ‘simplicity’. Crucially it also had to incorporate both the ‘digit’ system and photographic imagery consistent with the brand’s visual concept.

Templar Downie’s “Upwardly mobile” campaign successfully conveyed the compelling message that T-Mobile employees could take control of their careers through the company’s Learning and Development Centre.

Via a poster campaign and accompanying booklet, the message was aimed at all UK employees. The design highlighted the experiences of individuals who had successfully taken advantage of the opportunities within the company, and left readers with the message that the door was open.

The result? Significantly raised awareness of the company’s training opportunities and a subtle reinforcement of T-Mobile’s brand values.

Templar Downie and the ‘Ten Steps to Greatness’

The upcoming Raphael exhibition at the National Gallery in London required an interactive viral campaign.

As a prelude to the new exhibition ‘Raphael: From Urbino to Rome’, the National Gallery wanted to give friends and patrons a taste of what was coming through an interactive viral campaign.

Templar Downie devised the “Ten Steps to Greatness” campaign based on the artist’s charmed life – born on a holy day, named after an archangel, friends in high
places and so on.

Alongside each step, Templar Downie included a personal self-discovery quiz so that everyone could find out if they were born to be great too!

Featuring one of Raphael’s paintings with each of the ten steps, the campaign was both informative and fun. It succeeded in engaging prospective visitors’ interest in the forthcoming exhibition, now expected to be one of the highest profile events in the 2004 arts calendar.

Templar Downie devises ‘Thanks for Bearing with Us’

Templar Downie is overseeing a major communications campaign for South West Trains which ran from January to May 2004. The campaign flags up major improvements in the pipeline, and apologises for any inconvenience their implementation might cause in the short term.

South Central has plans to replace 75 percent of its outdated rolling stock with new trains by December 2004. At the same time, the company is refurbishing the depots it
inherited from Connex. It is the first time these have been improved in over fifty years.

The operator recognises that this ambitious plan will not be without consequences and is aware of the importance of keeping its customers informed. By doing so with humour, they hope to keep customer frustration to a minimum.

Big Bear was hard to ignore. Posters and banners carrying the droll character appeared at most of the 161 stations served by the operator. A regional newspapers
campaign, with press advertising also by Templar Downie, carried the message to a wider audience.

More in-depth information was communicated through a series of booklets and exhibitions. Temporary displays were created for the concourse at Victoria and London Bridge and a semi-permanent exhibition was developed
for Brighton. Smaller nomadic exhibitions were shared by some of the 161 stations on South Central’s routes.

To keep the twelve-week campaign fresh, Templar Downie devised seven themes that were introduced at regular intervals. The first of these focused on punctuality,
while others dealt with issues such as maintenance and cleanliness. New posters, banners and booklets supported each theme.

Commenting on the communications campaign, Richard Carlisle of Templar Downie says, “Without doubt, South Central is planning major improvements to the network
but there is the danger that customers will only see the downside: the disruption and delays. This forthright campaign warned of the problems before they arose and spelled out the ultimate benefits. It was a plea for patience and understanding which we were confident the public would appreciate.”

Templar Downie helps Tube scoop two awards

The London Underground has received two awards for excellence in staff motivation following a communications campaign by Templar Downie.

A campaign by Templar Downie and London Underground to motivate staff to provide excellent customer service has walked off with two coveted prizes at this year’s Motivation Awards.

The campaign played a critical role in delivering record levels of customer satisfaction, according to independent research. It also succeeded in raising staff morale and increasing motivation levels amongst the 6,000 London Underground
station staff.

Richard Carlisle, Chairman of Templar Downie, commented, “Employee communications is too often neglected and treated as a secondary area of marketing
activity. In fact it is just as important as marketing to consumers. We were amazed by London Underground’s commitment. Working with an enlightened and courageous client makes all the difference to a programme such as this.”

Joel Harrison, Event Co-ordinator at The Motivation Awards, commented, “The judges were impressed with the way this campaign dealt with what was an extremely important issue in such an effective way. It was highly targeted to the audience and communicated with them in a non-patronising way.”

Richard Smith, Head of Marketing, Customer Environment and Revenue at Transport for London, said, “This programme has been a breath of fresh air. Previously we were preaching to our staff about how they ought to behave. The winning campaign has allowed us to speak to them like human beings. It has been more successful than anyone anticipated.”

The Motivation Awards is aimed at recognising excellence in all areas of staff motivation and performance improvement, and is in its third year. Other winners at the Motivation Awards 2004 include Britannia, Jaguar, BSkyB, The AA, Bank of Scotland and Toyota.