Professional SEO Company Introduces Affordable SEO Packages Ensuring Top Ranking in Google

Eemes is an experienced and trusted SEO company offering multiple services including professional SEO services at affordable prices to a large number of global clients. Initially started as a Business Directory in 2010, Eemes gained its reputation as a trustworthy and committed service provider and today a number of business organizations from across the globe rely upon them for their search engine optimization and other web services needs. 

The CEO & Owner of the company, Jack Wilson speaks about their professional SEO services that have helped them to win appreciations from their clients. He opines, “SEO is the heart of the online marketing and is a ‘must to have campaign’ for businesses to ensure their growth in a sustainable manner. We provide affordable SEO services and employ white hat methods that are never seen in the bad light by Google or other leading search engines.”  Continue reading

V.44 Data Compression Software Features New String-Matching Algorithm

GAO Research Inc. ( recommends its V.44 data compression software based on the existing V.42bis standard. This V.44 data compression software is a lossless data compression procedure for use with V-series data circuit-terminating equipment (DCEs) as well as packet networks. 

This V.44 data compression software consists of both an encoder and decoder. Encoding uses a dictionary consisting of a root-array with all characters, a node tree, and a history. Input is matched against previously input strings. If a string is matched, it is transferred as a codeword and an attempt is made to create a longer string in the dictionary. The decoder recreates the original string from the binary-tree dictionary.  Continue reading

Searchwords Provides Excellent SEO and Internet Marketing Services

SearchWords is a company that has made it their priority to help small businesses to get into touch with their customers online, to the best of their ability.

Their wide range of different services make it easy for small businesses to mix, match, and tailor the services that they received to match their needs. Every small business has different needs, and being able to utilize these different services make them an excellent company to work with. Some of the different services that are provided by Searchwords to small businesses online, and in their local area include;  Continue reading

Acquisition marketing – the call of the day

Acquisition Marketing is defined as marketing strategy adopted which has a mix of media and the other engagements tools like consumer lead generation and other product offers) so that new customers can be won over. This is done by way of targeting them and reaching them effectively through offline or online customer journeys. Cost per Acquisition media needs to be taken care of while devising plans of business enhancements.

Contact data capture is another way to enhance your business. You could reach out to them with your business details and thus you have a database ready as you move along. Customer acquisition helps its clients to overcome the market place and its complex behaviour.  Continue reading

Empresas del Clúster Petrolero crean 10.000 empleos en Noruega

Empresas del Clúster Petrolero crean 10.000 empleos en NoruegaEsta semana, la Federación Industrial de Noruega reveló informaciones finánciales sobre el “clúster petrolero” en Noruega. Este grupo consiste en empresas las cuales obtuvieron más de 30% de sus ganancias gracias a la exploración de petróleo y de gas, o de servicios relacionados con el petróleo. La federación reveló que el “clúster petrolero” creó 10.000 nuevos empleos, cuando las empresas no petroleras suprimieron 5.000 puestos.

Según la Federación Industrial de Noruega, en las estimaciones del clúster petrolero para 2013 sobre el crecimiento de sus ganancias, las empresas noruegas del clúster petrolero esperan un incremento de 13%, cuando las empresas no petroleras esperan un incremento promedio de sus ganancias alrededor de 3%. Continue reading

Keflavik International Airport announces passenger traffic increase during 2012

Keflavik International Airport announces passenger traffic increase during 2012A record-breaking increase in passenger traffic during 2012 has been announced by Gudny Johannsdottir, Business and Route Development Manager at Isavia, the company operating the airport in Iceland.

In total, Keflavik International Airport (KEF) saw a 9 percent increase in passenger traffic during its busiest months in 2012 than those of 2011. This trend continued to increase in September, and it is predicted for an increase in passenger traffic by the end of 2012 of 12.4 percent– with a total of 2.4 million passengers predicted during the whole of 2012. Continue reading

La gestión de talento y el desarrollo de personal claves en la escasez de talento

Caracas, Venezuela /  Estudio empresarial para entender el impacto de la escasez de talento realizado por la compañía de software empresarial SuccessFactors, una compañía SAP.

Los resultados del informe de SuccessFactors indican que disponer del personal adecuado con la formación adecuada en una empresa ayuda a un mayor rendimiento; no obstante, si la empresa no tiene acceso al personal capacitado, el rendimiento de la compañía se deteriorará inevitablemente. Continue reading

Montero Wolkov Offers Practical and Wide-ranging Assistance for Complex Business Matters

Montero Wolkov, the well-known international business and corporate law firm, is a leading provider of supportive legal assistance for a variety of complex business situations. The firm operates with two offices within South Florida—one in Miami and one in Fort Lauderdale.

Montero Wolkov is the combined partnership of two top Florida lawyers, Julian Montero and Benjamin Wolkov. The firm also consists of another business attorney Miami and two counsels. Continue reading

Business Wisdom Academy’s Founder James D. Roumeliotis Launched His Book – Entrepreneurial Essentials: Unconventional Business Wisdom and Bold Tactics

Business Wisdom Academy’s founder, James D. Roumeliotis, a longstanding sales management strategist, customer service and luxury lifestyle marketing practitioner, and adviser based in Montreal, recently announced that Friesen Press Publishing released his very own book Entrepreneurial Essentials: Unconventional Business Wisdom and Bold Tactics, for sale.

The book was published to extend not only the company’s growth but also to address the rising needs of entrepreneurs to become knowledgeable with regards to entrepreneurial essentials. Continue reading