Icelandic geothermal office opened in California

The Icelandic President, Olafur Ragnar Grimsson, joined officials from the state of California and the city of Los Angeles to open the new headquarters of the Iceland America Energy company. The company is expected to be a leader for geothermal energy development in California using knowledge and expertise developed from over 70 years of harnessing the earth’s natural energy in Iceland.

Cur Robinson is the executive director of a non profit scientific and educational group based in California known as the Geothermal Resources Council. “It’s really kind of unusual when you have this small country that?s coming in and helping the United States develop this resource,” he said. “But they’ve been using geothermal in applied ways for several decades, very successfully. . . they have a fully developed energy economy and we don’t.”

The state of California is working towards using renewable energy for 20 per cent of its total energy needs by 2010 and it has chosen a good mentor for reaching that goal. Iceland uses renewable resources to power almost the entire country. Hydropower accounts for 73.4 per cent of the energy generated in Iceland while geothermal energy accounts for 26.5 per cent.

Iceland America Energy has already landed its first contract and will be supplying power to the city of San Francisco once its geothermal plants are built. The first well will be drilled next week to feed power into a facility which will be built near Truckhaven in Imperial County. The plant is expected to open in 2010.

Fujitsu lämnar bud på svenskt IT-tjänsteföretag

Fujitsu Services visar att de vill expandera ytterligare i Skandinavien med ett bud om övertagande av det svenska IT-tjänsteföretaget Mandator AB.

Stockholm / London (eNewsPR) 14 oktober 2007 – Fujitsu Services, ett av Europas ledande företag inom IT-tjänster, gav ett bud på 508 miljoner SEK ($78 miljoner) för svenska IT- tjänsteföretaget Mandator AB i måndags, 8 oktober.

Priset på 3 SEK kontant för varje aktie motsvarar en premie om 30 procent jämfört med den volymviktade betalkursen för Mandators aktier de senaste 10 handelsdagarna. Styrelsen för Mandator rekommenderar enhälligt aktieägare att acceptera erbjudandet genom uttalandet att förenandet “skulle ge Mandator ytterligare möjligheter for ökade intäkter och vinster genom Fujitsu Services etablerade internationella platform och kompletterande tjänst- och podukterbjudanden”.

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Inspired expands on Asian market though new sales and investments

Inspired continues Asian expansion through new sales and investments

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Building on earlier announcements this year, Inspired Gaming Group plc (Inspired), the leading provider of Open Server-Based Gaming (Open SBGTM), is continuing to transform the landscape of the Asian casino market through the supply of its technology. Inspired has secured a new $1 million deal for the deployment of its Open SBGTM software platform in Asia and is also investing a further $5.5 million in Open SBGTM terminals and other casino gaming terminals into the region.

Inspired has sold an additional 250 server-based gaming licenses and related multi-content terminals, which will lead to a significant deployment of Open SBGTM technology over the next 12 months. The investment and installation of multi-content terminals will also bring long term revenues for the company.

Inspired first expanded into Asia in April of this year with the sale of 50 server-based gaming licenses and related multi-content terminals to SHL. Their success led to additional orders for over 250 multi-content terminals in the following two months. This third order brings the number of Inspired terminals sold to Asia on the Open SBGTM platform to over 500.

Anne de Kerckhove, Managing Director, Inspired Gaming International, commented: “This announcement is further testament to the appeal and demand for our Open SBGTM platform. Inspired is leading the way in the transformation of the Asian casino market through the supply of our technology and this is a significant step in our strategy for international expansion.”

Tim Shepherd, Managing Director SHL, added: “We were very impressed with the performance of the multi-content terminals and Open SBGTM platform and this new agreement will allow us to run fully digital floors in a number of casinos, enabling us to monitor and fix machines remotely, update content at our discretion and change stakes and prizes to produce the best revenues.”

Norman Crowley, co-CEO Inspired Gaming Group, concluded: “Our experience around the world, coupled with the announcement of this strategically important investment, means Inspired is fast becoming a significant player in the Asian casino market.”

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Inspired go environmental friendly

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Inspired Gaming Group plc (Inspired), the leading player in the Open Server-Based Gaming (Open SBGTM) market, today announces plans that will see a large scale overhaul of its vehicle fleet in an effort to be more environmentally friendly. The firm is looking to reduce carbon emissions by between 150-300 tonnes over the next 18 months through a series of initiatives including the introduction of BioPower cars, alternative transport methods, and a staff incentive scheme.

Part of Inspired’s plan to drastically reducing their carbon footprint is a consultation with the Energy Saving Trust (EST). Following recent discussions, EST is now in the process of putting forward recommendations to Inspired on where changes and improvements can be implemented.

Inspired is looking to further review its choice of vehicles on the company fleet. The firm will this week take delivery of two Saab 93 BioPower cars, as well as asking a number of potential suppliers to make their recommendations for suitable vehicles powered by alternative fuels or hybrids. In addition, trials of a number of options, including motorbikes in London and electric-powered cars, are currently being undertaken.

Meanwhile, Inspired has just agreed a staff incentive scheme that allows employees to trade down to vehicles with lower emissions or to drive vehicles powered by alternative fuels or hybrids. This scheme provides the staff at Inspired a cash incentive to take a green car, and also provides an opportunity for the management to contribute some of those savings to charity.

Dave Wilson, CEO Managed Services, Inspired commented: “As part of Inspired’s commitment to reducing emissions in whatever way possible, we are delighted to collaborate with the EST, and take its advice on how we can make our fleet even greener. I look forward to seeing these environmentally beneficial changes implemented in the near future.”

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Inspired deals a three year contract with Moto

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Inspired Gaming Group plc (Inspired), the leading provider of Open Server-Based Gaming (Open SBGTM), today announces it has secured an exclusive three year contract with Moto Hospitality Ltd (Moto) for the supply and service of Category B3 terminals. The contract, won following a competitive tender process, will see the initial provision of 150 new terminals across Moto’s Gaming Centres in Motorway Service Areas in the UK from the 1st September, 2007. All the terminals will comply with the revised Gambling Act.

Jim O’Halleran, Chairman of Inspired Gaming UK, commented: “Inspired has invested significant time into preparing for the introduction of the Gambling Act to make sure we offer the best content and terminals available on the market. This is why we made the perfect choice for Moto. Within our leisure division we have a dedicated multi-site management team that focus specifically on this market area and we look forward to working closely with Moto to help them reap the benefits of both our products and expertise.”

Ashleigh Lewis, Commercial Director at Moto, added: “This was a tough and hard fought tender process but Inspired’s experience in the field, along with a strong commercial proposition, led us to award it the business. We look forward to working together to implement the new agreement in the coming months”.

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Inspired signs a deal with Psiclone Game

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Inspired Gaming Group (Inspired) has signed a contract with leading software developer Psiclone Games for the supply of exclusive gaming content for its large network of FOBTs and AWP terminals. The deal will also see Psiclone providing software support for a number of game assets their staff previously created at the now defunct Eclipse Gaming.

The exclusive content, along with the other products already provided and now supported by Psiclone, further cements Inspired’s position as the leading provider of Open Server-Based Gaming (Open SBGTM). Inspired currently operates a network of over 35,000 connected terminals, all of which are centrally managed over a broadband network, ensuring that the latest and best content is constantly uploaded on to each.

“We are pleased to have a company of Psiclone’s quality and expertise, working with us on an exclusive basis. The deal further enhances our already enviable catalogue of gaming content,” said Norman Crowley, co-CEO of Inspired.

“We are all very enthusiastic at Psiclone about the deal. It shows a real commitment from Inspired and underlines the fact that it sees us as a strong and credible partner.” Sean Bastick, Director of Psiclone, commented.

Mike Fox, Director of Psiclone added “We are very pleased to expand our work with Inspired. What better recommendation could Psiclone Games get, as a new business, than to sign a long-term contract with one of the leaders of the industry.”

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Inspired launches X-Factor game

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Inspired Gaming Group (Inspired) yesterday released two new titles to be featured on its network of itbox terminals in time for summer. The exclusive launch of The X-factor lines up alongside Monopoly Hot Property to further cement Inspired’s position as the leading industry provider of Open Server-Based Gaming (Open SBG).

The X-factor is exclusive to itbox for 6 months, and is expected to be the biggest Skill With Prizes (SWP) game of the summer. Based on the hugely popular Simon Cowell fronted talent show, players have to answer a certain number of questions to achieve the “X-Factor”, before having the option to answer further questions to win cash prizes. The launch of the game coincides with the start of the new series of The X-Factor on ITV. Meanwhile, Monopoly Hot Property, developed by Channel 1 Games, is already performing strongly around the UK.

Both games will be released onto Inspired’s network of 10,000 itboxes, the largest in the SWP market. All of the terminals are centrally managed over broadband to ensure that the latest and best content is constantly uploaded on to each itbox.

“The introduction of these great titles in time for summer only serves to further demonstrate Inspired’s commitment and excellence in developing exciting new and innovative SBG games,” says Norman Crowley, co-CEO, Inspired Gaming Group. “To have X-Factor, the biggest title of the summer, exclusive to itbox highlights our market leading position, and we know it will deliver a new dimension of play and enjoyment for punters, together with extra revenue for customers.”

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Inspired rolls out multi-content terminals in Asia

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Inspired Gaming International (Inspired) today announces a large-scale roll-out of its Open Server-Based Gaming (Open SBG) Multi-Content terminals across Asia. Inspired will be working on this deployment in conjunction with Silver Heritage Limited (SHL), one of the leading operators of terminals to licensed gaming premises in the Asia-Pacific region. The two companies will deploy over 250 terminals across the continent during the next few months, with many to be sited in Holiday Group Casinos, the largest chain of casinos in South East Asia.

Inspired’s Open SBG system allows casino operators to select and schedule from a range of electronic gaming content thus offering a multi-content experience to their customers from any single Inspired terminal. Content includes Inspired’s award winning Multi-Win Roulette, which offers customers options to play on up to four live or automated roulette wheels simultaneously, as well as Poker, Virtual Sports and Blackjack Games.

The innovative content is complimented by a range of different terminal designs, optimised for each casino floor. The E-Bar incorporates the monitor into a sleek bar top, whilst the E-Banquette caters for new casino trends and environments by integrating the hardware into coffee tables.

Powered by Inspired’s Open SBG platform, all of the terminals are centrally managed over a broadband network, providing the ability to download content remotely as well as monitor incomes, fault and play data in real-time.

“We are excited to keep up the momentum in our expansion into Asia through this roll-out,” commented Anne de Kerckhove, Managing Director of Inspired Gaming International. “The terminals, with their award winning technology, offer something unique for Asia that will revolutionise the casino market. The wide range of content on the terminals provides players with a great gaming experience, whilst ensuring high revenues per position for our casino operators.”

Mike Bolsover, Director of Business Development at SHL, added: “To compliment our position as one of the market leaders in the provision of managed gaming solutions for the Asia-Pacific casino market, we only look to forge partnerships with companies who can supply the best products to our customers. With its innovative multi-game terminals, Inspired proved a natural choice of partner for us.”

Norman Crowley, co-CEO of Inspired Gaming Group, concluded: “This is a significant step towards one of our key objectives for the year, international growth. Inspired will benefit from long-term participation agreements for the deployment of these terminals, securing consistent and recurring revenues.”

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Inspired releases 1200 games terminals

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Further endorsing their commitment to the Gala Gaming Platform (GGP) and Open Server-Based Gaming (Open SBG, The Gala Coral Group (GCG) have today announced the roll-out of a further 1200 terminals across the Gala Coral estate.

The latest roll-out, to be fully implemented by the end of July 2007, will consist of 600 Multi-Win Roulette terminals for SBG table gaming and 300 Atronic e-motion cabinets for SBG slots, as well as 300 SBG bingo seats. Built on Inspired Gaming Group’s (IGG) Open SBGplatform, GGP promotes third party integration and the roll-out of Atronic cabinets demonstrates the inherent Open 3rd party integration capabilities within GGP.

GGP is an open server-based gaming platform that allows GCG to download content remotely, monitor incomes and play data in real time over the network. It also allows GCG to source hardware and terminals independently as demonstrated by the acquisition of the above Atronic cabinets.

GCG also has plans to be operating 500 GGP terminals in their Bingo businesses by September 2007, offering both digital bingo and digital slot products.

With 170 Bingo Clubs across the UK, approximately 32 million admissions every year, and a typical weekly payout of £28 million in prize money, Gala Bingo is the industry leader. GCG is also the largest multi-site machine operator in Europe, with 31 Casinos and circa 1600 Betting Shops.

Luke Alvarez, co-CEO Inspired Gaming Group commented: “We are pleased to be part of this latest addition to the GCG estate and it further confirms the success of our award-winning SBG Casino products, from both a technical and financial perspective.”

Peter Hannibal, Electronic Gaming Director, GCG, added: “Since GCG and Inspired first implemented GGP in January 2006, its success is proven, giving us a return on investment in less than twelve months. Technology is the future of our business and 80 to 90p of every pound we take in the future will come from electronic gaming. We will have more and better content through SBG, greater brand leverage, maximum customer choice, an accurate view of our customers and their activities, that will help retention and customer yield. Everyone in the value chain from content providers to customers will benefit.”

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