Find the best performers in the war for talent with workforce analytics

Auckland, New Zealand – (03/10/2012) – Workforce analytics and learning technologies can help to identify the best performers in the war for talent, states SuccessFactors, an SAP company. This use of analytics aids with the effective targeting of employee development and identifying the most skilled individuals to promote to plug the gaps from the talent shortage.

Research has been conducted by SuccessFactors into employee perspectives on the skills shortage and how this is affecting business performance. Results show that with a skills shortage looming – you need to close the door. As a result of weak economies, unpredictable markets, rapid technological development, and an ageing workforce, all your best people could to leaving. Continue reading

Introducing DataMarket Energy: Your portal to the power of open energy data

DataMarket unveils its new energy data service,, at the Energy Datapalooza being held today at the White House in Washington, DC.

The event, to be hosted by the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, White House Council on Environmental Quality, the U.S. Department of Energy, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, showcases innovative products, services and apps aimed at unlocking the value of open energy data to help meet the country’s energy challenges. DataMarket Energy provides subscribers with a single intuitive interface for finding and understanding data across a wide range of US and global public-domain energy data. DataMarket CEO Hjalmar Gislason will demonstrate the service at the event, scheduled to begin at 8:30am EDT and which will be streamed live on The DataMarket presentation will subsequently be archived Continue reading

IT service platform all at one place

As the world is moving on information age IT support seems to be critical for any business to survive. Today almost 99% of business runs with the help of IT services and support. With the help of IT support London business can achieve scalability, flexibility, as well as stream lined management of complex organization.

Effect of IT service London can be seen on the performances of companies. From small business to huge multinational companies requires IT support as it has become an imperative tool to run any business model. Continue reading

HTC Wallpaper enlivens Mobile Phone Screen

The Admin of the wallpaper based site HTC Wallpaper declared that they would continue to make endeavor to provide quality wallpapers for HTC phone holders.

“Majority of the people make use of wallpapers in their HTC mobile phones in order to enliven their screens. The wallpapers for their HTC mobile phones, people download from our website since we offer a wide selection of wallpapers for this brand of mobile phone. Moreover, we offer only excellent quality and real wallpapers absolutely free, which ensures our customers always turn to us when in need for wallpapers,” said the website Admin. Continue reading

HOA Software

Condo Manger believes in serving its clients at its best. We want to bring awareness among the potential or existing clients the need of community budget and agreements.

Our software keeping in mind the requirement of clients like maintaining statements of accounts and other repair and maintenance expenses as per daily schedules, so that none of any important transaction is missed out by any human error. We have numerous clients and to maintain their frequency on papers sometimes becomes hard. Continue reading

100BASE-FX Fiber PCI Network Interface Card

GAO Fiber Optics is offering its 100BASE-FX fiber PCI network interface card which is designed to operate at 100 Mbps and provides a network throughout of up to 200 Mbps in full-duplex mode. The card is suitable for use in applications where the access to information point distance is over 100 m.

This 100BASE-FX fiber PCI network interface card, model C0320004, features plug and play design, full duplex or half-duplex operation and high level VLAN filtering function. It complies with the IEEE 802.3u 100Base-FX standard.

It replaces the network structure which is an External Ethernet Media Converter via RJ45 interface and provides users with a reliable Fiber to the home (FTTH) and fiber to the desktop solution. Continue reading

Enterprise Management Associates Names Knoa as “One of the True Innovators” in User Experience Management

Knoa® Software, the leading provider of user experience and performance management software, today announced that a white paper from research and consulting firm Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) has labeled Knoa as “one of the true innovators” in User Experience Management (UEM) with a core focus on end-user productivity as it relates to business goals.

In “User Experience Management and Business Impact – A Cornerstone for IT Transformation,” EMA explores the various roles and attitudes that surround UEM and customer experience management deployments and adoption, as well as the leading technologies and instrumentation requirements across small, medium and larger enterprises. Continue reading

SMO within its applicable way!

Social media optimization services will always be how to make upgrades for web sites although the web site consists of not given applicable information. There are several type of social media optimization facilities where they could make pertinent outcomes for the users.

The facilities include SMO packages micro blogging, video uploading, social networking, blog services & image sharing. We could expect the effects from a more fine method of approach by offering merely the very first services. Continue reading

SuccessFactors Hong Kong: identify business talent with workforce analytics

Hong Kong – 14th August 2012 – As the shortage in some key business skills grows, there are many questions being asked about the workforce: Where are the gaps that could impact business performance? Where will the talent shortages be in the future? Could those skills be developed from within your existing workforce? If not, how much will it cost to find them or replace them if they leave?

Research conducted by the SuccessFactors, an SAP company, revealed that 83% of employees do not feel their skills are being fully used and 58% of employees are prepared to leave if they are not developed by their employeri. They recognise they have the capacity to be developed but their employers are potentially unaware. As a result, all those valuable skills and experience could simply walk out the door and probably straight to a competitor.   Continue reading

Workforce planning and staff development help create skilled workforce

Bandung, Indonesia – According to SuccessFactors, strategic workforce planning is becoming a must for companies looking to identify the skills needed in their future workforce. 

Due to a growing shortage of skilled labour, workforce planning and staff development are becoming increasingly important.  Knowing the skills you have and the skills you need will help to create an effective employee development strategy. Continue reading