GuitarBots – A new way to learn to play guitar

Ovelin ltd. announced today the release of their second title GuitarBots, an innovative guitar learning game played online with any real guitar – acoustic or electric.  GuitarBots takes the concept of gamified guitar learning introduced in the company’s previous title WildChords to a whole new level, offering challenges both for the beginner and more advanced guitarists.

GuitarBots takes the player on an intergalactic quest of guitar  mastery. To save an oncoming space concert, the player has to learn basic guitar skills. In order to advance in the game, the player has to unlock new songs and practice areas by playing songs correctly with a band. This game-like progression makes it fun and motivating to develop real guitar skills. Continue reading

Set sail on a real pirate adventure!

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to escape from the toils of work or school and set off on a worldly adventure with the buccaneering swagger of Captain Jack Sparrow? Well now that dream can become a reality thanks to the MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) Pirate Storm!

Playable for free online at, this incredibly popular browser game, which already has almost half a million players, allows players to bring out their inner pirate as they fight their way across the oceans, unlocking new customisable elements for their ships with every level as they explore the vast game world in search of treasure and glory. Continue reading

Invention Of Computers

Computers – one of the incredible innovations of mankind as well as technology, has really brought a revolution in today’s working of the world. Earlier, the conventional methods that were used in everything, be it office work or projects for children, are now just a piece of talk!

All credit to the computers that have evolved the working pattern of the individuals across the globe. Now, leaving behind the conventional methods, a new, fact, quick, reliable method that helps in speedy work has been adopted by people that majorly involve computers as a medium! Thus, the use of computers has become inevitable in today’s world. Continue reading

Buying Used Computer And Laptop Made Easy With Innovatepc

Refurbished Laptops and used computers are gaining tremendous popularity these days. Almost everybody wants to carry one laptop or wants to install a computer for some or the other purpose.

May it be for employment purpose, education purpose, entertainment purpose or gifting purpose people do buy anyhow for any means. Now the question is do everyone can afford such expensive things? Continue reading

SA Health Insurance Site Adds Article Section to Educate Users

A South African health insurance website adds an article section to inform people about different hospital plans and medical aid schemes. makes it even easier for people to make decisions about health care and save money in the long run.

The newly-introduced article section is designed to help ensure that South African individuals and families know about the choices available to them and don’t immediately go for the cheapest hospital plans. Continue reading

Rugged Handheld HF RFID Reader with Multiple Interfaces

GAO RFID Asset Tracking has announced the release of its rugged handheld HF RFID reader which is a great choice for field work. It is commonly used in the applications such as warehouse management, manufacturing lines and anywhere assets need to be tracked.

This compact handheld HF RFID reader, model 243003, contains four different configurations including the basic model, one including optional WiFi, a GSM/GPRS enabled model and one with both WLAN and GSM. Continue reading

Help Children Learn Reading Through effective ClickN KIDS Program

Children of all ages enjoy learning new things that can help them accelerate their minds. Learning how to read is definitely something that should be done as early as possible.The ClicknKids website is designed to offer children a plan that works best with their level of learning.

The main thing that responsible parents want is to ensure that their children are challenged enough and make positive improvements. Let ClicknKids extend a warm welcome to new students using the platform to learn how to read in a fun but effective manner. Continue reading

Datamax-O’Neil Introduces the NETira™ Software Suite

Datamax-O’Neil, a global provider of industrial grade label and receipt printing solutions, announces the availability of NETira, a new suite of software applications designed to optimize the performance of Datamax-O’Neil printers.

The new software applications, which are available at no cost, allow users to configure printers, design custom labels or monitor and manage an entire network of printers with the touch of a few buttons. The first three applications offered under the NETira brand include: NETira Configuration Tool (CT); NETira Label Designer (LD); and NETira Remote Management (RM). Continue reading