Vancouver Chiropractic Practice Treats Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The Vancouver chiropractic practice Forgey SportsMed & Rehab Clinic is treating a variety of physical injuries, including carpal tunnel syndrome.

This condition develops when synovium, or the tissues that surround the flexor tendons in the wrist, swell and put pressure on the median nerve. This swelling narrows the confined space of the carpal tunnel, and over time, crowds the nerve. Continue reading

Essex Personal Trainer Organizes Fat Burning Group Classes

Essex Personal Trainer Shulagh Jacobs, is hosting a Fat Burning Intensive training class for small groups of not more than four ladies. Fitness enthusiasts can expect a rigorous training programme intelligently and specifically tailored to burn the maximum amount of fat, and boost the metabolic functions of the body.

More than just a small group physical training, the Fat Burning Intensive can accommodate all ages and fitness levels. It is distinctively structured to produce significant results without exhausting the body to the limit, as boot camps, aerobic training, and conventional cardio and abs toning workouts usually do. Continue reading

One of Top Kirkland Dentists Offers Treatment for Sleep Apnea

Dr. Thomas Seal is offering treatment for sleep apnea to aid individuals who regularly encounter breathing disturbances during nighttime slumber.

As one of the most trusted dentists in Kirkland, Dr. Seal utilizes his extensive experience and knowledge on treating sleep apnea to improve the overall well being and health of patients. Continue reading

Crutchcaps Assures No Crutch Pain with Therapeutic Crutch Cushions

Crutches are said to come with painful experience. Crutch users with a stressful crutch experience seem to have the ideal relief- has assured no crutch pain with their best therapeutic cushions for crutches.

Crutch Caps is an initiative by Brandon Smith whose wife had a traumatic experience with crutches. Brandon’s mom in law made her daughter some crutch pads which was greatly appreciated and finally influenced Brandon to set up This online store is now offering crutch cushions for aluminum, bariatric and wooden crutch options. Continue reading

The Perfect Medicine to Clear Fever-

Just a few simple steps can help you to avoid the case of fever arising in the body. This disease is a very common one, but at the same time must not be taken lightly. It particularly occurs in those who do not have a good and strong immune system.

As a result, such people are more prone to it. In a very similar manner, what happens is that this ailment is most widespread during the times of the rainy season. Cough and cold are some of the most basic symptoms of this disorder. Continue reading

Downtown Calgary’s Core Dental Now Offers Cutting-Edge MTM® Aligners for Orthodontic Treatment

When patients are exploring “clear braces” for orthodontic treatment, they will often assume that Invisalign® is their only real option. Now, Downtown Calgary Dentist, Dr. Kim Orth, is offering a cutting-edge, cost-effective alternative: MTM® Aligners.

“MTM® Aligners have changed the face of modern, ‘clear braces’ orthodontic treatment,” explains Dr. Orth. “Effective and virtually undetectable, this system comfortably and gradually shifts teeth into their proper alignment.” MTM Aligners, which stands for “Minor Tooth Movement,” work to correct slight misalignments, such as gaps or crowding. Continue reading

Boca Raton Chiropractor Dr. David Lipman Offers Functional Medicine

Physical Evidence Chiropractic, home of a highly experienced chiropractor in Boca Raton, Dr. David Lipman, is providing functional medicine at his practice. Together with a team of professionals, he helps patients suffering from chronic diseases and presents his own method of treating each condition.

According to Dr. Lipman, functional medicine is the future of healthcare. Functional medicine is not merely looking at a set of symptoms and using drugs to treat those symptoms. Instead, it addresses the underlying causes of disease through a system-oriented approach that creates an interaction between the physician and patient, which results in the most effective way of treating acute and chronic diseases. Continue reading

Goldenberg Orthodontics offers Excellent Orthodontic Braces for Both Young and Old

Goldenberg Orthodontics offer new orthodontic braces that can be helpful for different age groups. With the successful implementation of orthodontic technology in their customized hidden braces, Goldenberg Orthodontics is hoping to provide helpful treatment for people who are suffering dental abnormalities.

As the company is working with some of the best orthodontists, the experts at Goldenberg Orthodontics offer outstanding oral care to their patient. Continue reading

SA Health Insurance Site Adds Article Section to Educate Users

A South African health insurance website adds an article section to inform people about different hospital plans and medical aid schemes. makes it even easier for people to make decisions about health care and save money in the long run.

The newly-introduced article section is designed to help ensure that South African individuals and families know about the choices available to them and don’t immediately go for the cheapest hospital plans. Continue reading