Increase iron levels may be associated with a decreased risk of Parkinson’s disease

Parkinson’s disease is a progressive nervous system disorder that affects how the person speaks and writes, including how they move. Symptoms develop and may start off with ever-so-slight tremors in one hand. People with it also experience stiffness and find they cannot carry out movements as rapidly as before – this is called bradykinesia.

The muscles of a person become weaker and the individual may assume an unusual posture. These findings indicate that the inability to move iron from the brain into the blood can cause the disease since iron accumulates in the affected regions of the brain in PD.
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Casiplex a diet pill used to lose weight

Today, obesity is the one of the main root of diseases and if not controlled on time it may lead to severe problems like heart related diseases, diabetes, cholesterol, etc. There are a numerous people facing problem due to their obesity. Though there are several products available in the market promising to cut your body fat and give you a slim figure. But, it is not so easy task as you have to choose the best and suitable product that really works on to reduce fat cells from your body.

Capsiplex is one of the widely used diet pills. It helps you to gain slim and attractive body. It is a natural product and the ingredients used in it are extracted from niacin, capsicum, caffeine, and piperine. The key ingredient of it is capsicum extract or hot chili which helps to boosts your metabolism and provides energy to your body. Continue reading

Caffeine a common medicines may be linked to strokes –

Taking medications containing caffeine was tied to a doubled or even tripled risk of having stroke that might seem to contradict recent evidence suggesting coffee and tea exert protective effects. The results may in fact be in line with the research, according to the study authors, pointed out that people who drank the least coffee were most at risk when taking caffeinated drugs.

The products included mostly over the counter cold medicines, pain relievers, and alertness aids containing small amounts of caffeine. It is a vasoconstrictor, causing blood vessels to tighten and increasing the pressure of the blood flow. That effect on blood pressure could explain the possible link to strokes. Continue reading

Pain Free Crutch Life Seems Easy With Therapeutic Crutch Accessories from

For people having a tough time with crutches, Crutch Caps has announced to present therapeutic crutch accessories for a pain free easy crutch life. The company guaranteed the most superior crutch pads in the market designed in stylish fabrics.

Crutch Caps is a foundation by Brandon Smith established with the mission to relief the crutch users from the pain of prolonged crutch usage. “We understand how painful and tough it is when someone is on crutches. We are aimed to make your crutch experience all the more comfortable and fun. Thus we have arrived with premium quality therapeutic cushions for crutches that are the superior most in the industry in terms of comfort, padding & style”, said a spokesperson from Brandon’s team. Continue reading

NewVision Clinics Offers $500 off for Laser Eye Treatment to Deliver More Value to Clients

With a major breakthrough in eye laser surgery, the Melbourne-based clinic is offering a new option to share their vision on delivering excellent eye treatment results.

To help patients find a new way of seeing clearly, NewVision Clinics offers $500 off for laser eye treatment when the patient has an assessment and laser vision correction by 31st October 2013. The discount is based on the total costs.  Continue reading

Bellingham Dentist Offers Laser Dentistry for Gum Disease Treatment

 The Bellingham Dentist now offers laser therapy for the treatment of periodontal disease. With the help of laser dentistry, the oral health of patients with gum disease can be restored without invasive cutting or pain.

This innovative treatment safely removes harmful bacteria and is virtually painless. Patients enjoy shorter treatment times and a shorter recovery. In fact, most patients are able to return to their normal activities immediately after laser gum disease treatment. Continue reading

Novato, CA Dentist Offers Invisalign Clear Orthodontics to Straighten Teeth

The Novato, CA Dentist provides Invisalign clear orthodontics to dental patients in need of orthodontic treatment. Invisalign clear aligners provide a discreet option for patients who want to enhance the appearance of their smile by correcting misaligned teeth.

Invisalign straightens teeth using clear plastic aligners, eliminating the need for metal and wire braces. This allows patients to experience a level of comfort and flexibility not available with traditional braces. Continue reading

Eyes Optometry – Now is the Time to Schedule an Optometrist Appointment

Many people take the health of their eyes for granted. For one reason or the next, they believe that their eye health is always going to be there for them. While this may be true for some, it is not the case across the board. Many people need to pay close attention to this area of their health.

When it comes to Eyes Optometry, there is a lot that the average person does not know. They may think their eyes are in good health and everything is okay, but at some point they find that nothing could be further from the truth. This is a rude awakening, as nobody wants to find that this is the case. Continue reading

Xynergy Health Products Offers Organic Sun Warrior Protein Powder

Xynergy Health Products, the trusted provider of -natural super foods and supplements, is offering a selection of Sun Warrior protein powder for vegans. With meat being the traditional source of protein, the Sunwarrior Company developed the powder so vegans and vegeterians can have a viable, natural, and trusted source of the nutrient.

It is highly recommended for people to consume raw fruit, fish, vegetables, nuts, and seeds to still get the vitamins and minerals that cooking eliminates. In an article in the Daily Mail, however, Ian Marber, co-founder of London’s Food Doctor Nutrition Clinic, shares that this may not always be ideal. Marber states, “A diet made up of raw food and nothing else is unhealthy because we are not getting all the protein and carbohydrates found in other groups of food such as meat and whole grains.” Continue reading

LA Addiction Specialist Says Customized Private Sessions help with an Alcohol Free Life

For those trying hard to come out of alcohol addiction, LA addiction specialist, Dr. Marc Kern has assured of a better life through effective alcohol addiction management. The distinguished clinical psychologist focuses on customized private counseling sessions in his alcohol treatment Los Angeles clinic.

Dr. Kern is practicing with more than 3 decades of professional experience as clinic psychologist & addiction specialist. The doctor has met with high success in treating several patients suffering from alcohol addiction and other self-sabotaging issues such as drugs, gambling, smoking, pornography etc. Continue reading