CME Medical to preview complete non-luer solution at ESRA 2013

CME Medical, the UK’s fastest growing specialist infusion company, will be presenting a unique preview of their new complete non-luer (neuraxial) connectors solution, which can help hospitals to meet new patient safety standards, on their stand (Stand 7) at the 32nd Annual ESRA Congress, in the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre (SECC), Glasgow, (September 4 – 7).

The brand new complete solution will enable hospitals to meet all the requirements under the National Patient Safety Alert (NPSA) on Safer Spinal (intrathecal), epidural and regional devices. The alert specified that from 1 April 2013, all epidural, spinal (intrathecal) and regional anaesthesia infusions and bolus doses should be performed with devices with connectors that will not also connect with intravenous equipment. Continue reading

Legendary Japanese Orthopedic Backpack Randoseru is Available in Russia

Legendary Japanese orthopedic backpack Randoseru is finally available for purchase in Russia.

Leather backpack Randoseru ( is an important element of Japanese teen culture that has become a fixture of schoolchildren in the Land of the Rising Sun in the middle of the twentieth century. However, the story of the appearance of this bag in the Japanese islands dates back several centuries. Continue reading

Benefits of sun salutation –

Sun salutation is an important part of yoga. It is one of the simplest yoga routines, and a splendid way to get started with yoga if you are a total newbie. Like all yoga, Surya Namaskara or sun salutation is a whole-body exercise. A full cycle which includes the 12 aasanas of surya namaskara, tasks and consolidates pretty much every muscle, connecting tissue and bone, in the body.

Traditionally, it has been accomplished in the morning, lining the rising sun. Though the reason for this is that the exercise is carried out in honor of the Sun God, it evokes with the medical advice that exposing your body to gentle sunlight in mornings produces more vitamin D; Vitamin D is essential in building stronger and denser bones. Due to its nature as a muscle-stretching exercise, it is an ideal way to accelerate recovery from earlier exercise sessions. It can be accomplished as a stretching routine after weight-bearing exercises. But this is also a weight-bearing exercise in itself, it should preferably be carried out on its own, or more static stretches should be added after it. Continue reading

Dallas Fastbraces® Dentist Offers Revolutionary New Orthodontics That Reduce Treatment Time

The Dallas Fastbraces® Dentist announces the availability of an innovative new orthodontic treatment. The design of Fastbraces® allows teeth to be straightened in a shorter amount of time than that of conventional braces. The unique design of Fastbraces® orthodontics permits root and crown alignment to be performed simultaneously, significantly reducing treatment times.

“We are really excited to be able to offer this orthodontic option to our patients,” says Dr. Tony Lin, the Dallas Fastbraces® Dentist. “In the past, patients with misaligned teeth had to endure up to two years of treatment because traditional braces move teeth by correcting the alignment of root and crown separately; Fastbraces® does both at the same time. It really is quite amazing because this approach dramatically reduces the length of treatment. In some cases treatment can be completed in just a few months.” Continue reading

St. Paul Dental Implants Office Restores Healthy Smiles with Implant Dentistry

Dental implants placed by the St. Paul Dental Implants Office are biocompatible replacement teeth that provide a solution for dental patients who have missing teeth. They are surgically implanted into the jawbone to mimic the function and appearance of natural teeth. Dental implants allow a trained dentist to replace a single tooth or multiple teeth, providing patients with a permanent solution that restores the appearance and health of their smile.

“Anyone who has ever lost a tooth due to trauma or decay knows what a devastating impact it can have on their confidence and lifestyle.” explains Dr. Mark Malterud. “Dental implants are a very effective solution for replacing missing teeth. Crowns and bridges may be more appropriate in some cases, but the drawback is that they require the removal of healthy tooth structure to anchor them securely to surrounding teeth. Our goal is to help our patients retain as much healthy tooth structure as possible. Dental implants help achieve that goal because they require no alteration of surrounding teeth.” Continue reading

Westfield TMJ Dentist Offers Non-Surgical Options for Treatment of TMJ

Until recently, there were few treatment options for patients with symptoms of TMJ. But the Westfield TMJ Dentist now provides these patients with relief from the painful symptoms of TMJ while also addressing the cause of the symptoms. TMJ is a dysfunction of the temporomandibular joint (jaw joint). The most common symptoms of TMJ are facial and neck pain, headaches, popping noises in the jaw and difficulty closing or opening the mouth.

“Our dental team has extensive experience treating TMJ symptoms,” says Dr. Thomas Streko, Westfield TMJ Dentist. “But the proper treatment of TMJ goes beyond simply addressing the symptoms. In order f or relief to be effective and permanent we have to identify and treat the underlying cause of the problem.” Continue reading

NY Plastic Surgeon Discusses the “No-Touch” Technique for Breast Augmentation

Breast implant surgery recently became a bit better for both doctor and patient, or at least that is the case in Dr. Robert Morin’s hands. The esteemed plastic surgeon has been using the Keller Funnel for almost 3 years and he believes that the results are impressive.

The Keller Funnel is a single use, cone-shaped device that assists in the delivery of pre-filled silicone implants during breast augmentation procedures. Surgeons who use the Funnel can offer patients a “no-touch” technique that has been shown to prevent contamination of the implant. Continue reading

Long Island Plastic Surgeon Offers Breakthrough Treatment to Address Stubborn Fat in the Upper Arms

Even after weight loss and exercise many people are left with excess fat that is hard to get rid of. This fat often collects around the hips, thighs, abdomen and upper arms. Upper arm fat—sometimes referred to as “bat wings” can be especially frustrating.

Epstein Plastic Surgery, located in Stony Brook, Long Island offers a new technology to address the “bat wing” phenomenon. Using a minimally invasive technique called LipoSelection VASER liposuction upper arm fat can be targeted and removed. Continue reading

Diet to prevent peptic ulcer –

Peptic ulcer is the most frequently found ulcer. It is initiated in the stomach or the upper part of the small intestine, called the duodenum. Persons who treat themselves with antacids may do themselves more harm than good. Though they may get initial consolation because the tablet neutralizes the acid, the stomach answers by producing even more acid because the basic cause of the hyperacidity has not been known. Ulcers can be treated by natural methods.

Diet is of utmost important factor in the treatment of ulcer. The diet should be so arranged as to supply sufficient nutrition to provide rest to the disturbed organs to maintain continuous neutralization of the gastric acid, to hinder the production of acid and to reduce mechanical and chemical irritation. Continue reading

Specific foods can help you reduce hypertension –

Foods have actually been taken for many years for the important nutrients they have which help in boosting the health of individuals. These nutrients likewise help in averting the start of many diseases and ailments. Specific nutrients also allow numerous people to decline their risk of getting high blood pressure. Additionally, those that are encountering high blood pressure could use meals to lower their blood pressure degrees.

Hypertension is an extremely dangerous ailment since it can cause heart disease, cardiac arrest, and renal system failure. Due to the fact that it does not have any sort of symptoms, High blood pressure (hypertension) is usually referred to as the silent killer. Continue reading