Green energy research developing geothermal energy

geothermal energy blue lagoonAsbru has found a new partner in investment in regards to geothermal research which can help improve and develop green energy research. The Canadian geothermal company, Magma Energy Corporation has announced that they will invest in the Asbru partner companies of HS Orka and Geysir Green Energy based in Iceland.

Asbru is the new name of the former NATO military base next to the airport in Keflavik. After the NATO evacuation in 2006, the base was re-designed as a community of students and businesses. Asbru offers new aviation and clean energy related academic programs at Keilir University. Keilir is also one of the largest campuses in Iceland. Asbru also has other projects such as a health village, a green energy research center and Iceland’s first international data center. Continue reading

Internet marketing experts essential for business success

nordic e marketing internet marketingMany people tend to forget the importance of internet marketing and search engine optimization. At the same time, a company needs to have exquisite skills to market a product, organization, or business. Nordic eMarketing specializes in just that and produces exceptional results to clients and customers all over the world.

Nordic eMarketing is a Scandinavian, UK and US based internet marketing and online public relations company that provides services to organizations around the world. Continue reading

Интернет маркетинг и SEO для успешного расширения рынка

nem logo russiaЕсли ваша компания решила расширить территорию бизнеса и выйти на международный рынок, то реклама и маркетинг здесь просто необходимы. Вам стоит так же рассмотреть Интернет маркетинг и сам Интернет как рынок распространения услуг и товаров.

Одной из важных проблем для зарубежных партнеров, инвесторов и аналитиков является именно недостаток информации и непрозрачность российских компаний. Интернет маркетинг представляет один из наиболее малобюджетных видов маркетинга, который легко поможет просчитать коэффициент эффективности маркетинговой кампании и не потребует серьезных структурных изменений и нововведений. Continue reading

Transatlantic Cargo Flights Hauled Smoothly at Iceland’s Keflavik International Airport

keflavik airportLocated 50km from Reykjavik and acting as a bridge between Europe and America, Keflavik International Airport, provides a vital transport link for both passengers and freight. It offers a highly comfortable facility that can be reached by road from the capital city of Reykjavik in a time of 40 minutes. It has four runways of more than 3,000 metres capable of handling both modern long-haul aircraft and maximum sized cargo airplanes like the Antonov An-124. Due to Iceland’s geographical location astride North-Atlantic air routes, the airport is open 24 hours a day. The airport offers a rather large cargo area to attract huge cargo airplanes for landing or for stopover before flying to the east or to the west.

Iceland is only about 5 hours from the east coast of USA and 3 hours from middle of Europe. One of KEF’s strengths is the ease of making flight connections; travelers are really satisfied and happy when it comes to changing flights at the airport because it only takes just a few minutes to leave an airplane and board another. Continue reading

Constance Briscoe visits Childcare Diploma Graduates at WAES

waes logo1Constance Briscoe, author of Ugly, Beyond Ugly and one of the first black women to sit as a judge in the UK, visited the graduating class of the Level 3 Diploma in Pre-School Practice at Westminster Adult Education Service (WAES) on Thursday 9th July 2009.

Briscoe attended the event after graduating student Elizabeth-Ann Murphy and her tutor Angela Gordon-Wright made contact with her via her website Continue reading

Big hopes for investments in Big emerging nations

russian dollsPran Tiku, founder and principal of Peak Financial Management Inc., whose firm has approximately $250 million in total assets under management and 200 clients with assets that range from about $1 million to $55 million, believes that emerging markets of Brazil, Russia, India, China, Mexico and South Korea, known as BRIC countries will grow out of the current recession, much more so than developed markets.

Tiku has a strong view that investing in these countries is currently a very good option. He highlights numbers for the last several months that show emerging markets are flying up: China’s 48 percent up, India’s 87 percent, Russia has increased 108 percent and Brazil 60 percent. Continue reading

Relocating in Kent can be easier than you think

Locate in KentBringing your business to the town of Kent and the area of Medway can be done with ease with the company Locate in Kent. Whether you’re already in the UK or based overseas, Locate in Kent can assist and help. The doorstep to London provides all the services you need to run a successful business and is the ideal location for families. Whether starting a business, looking for a headquarters in Europe, you have come to the right place.

A journey to a new destination usually seems to be the hardest part and can sometimes be a daunting task. You have found the right company that will make this daunting task into an easy going and rather exciting task. Locate in Kent is a company that will provide you with amazing relocation services for your business. Oh, and by the way, they provide free of charge services too!
Continue reading

Teknomek Announces New Chairs

chairsTeknomek today announced the launch of a new range of seating options as part of their continually evolving product range. These ergonomic seats are specifically designed for cleanroom, laboratory and other high care environments where hygiene is of the utmost importance

This new range of stainless steel polyolefin seats are available as chairs with backrest, semi stand up seats and stools and can be ordered with or without a stainless steel footrest. Constructed from hard, white transparent polyolefin makes them ideal for sterile environments as they benefit from being hose-pipe washable, autoclavable and corrosion-resistant. Continue reading

Iceland adventure tours are better in super jeeps

JökulsárlónHolidays in Iceland really demand at least one trip out into the wild and otherworldly Icelandic countryside; and with the current low exchange rate of the Icelandic krona, more people than ever are able to take unforgettable personalised Iceland tours from High North.

High North is an Icelandic tour company offering unique trips in super jeeps, complete with friendly, experienced guides who can organise almost any sort of tour for almost sort of group. Continue reading

SecurStore offers revolutionary SharePoint backup and recovery solution

protectionContent management is becoming part of enterprises’ infrastructure and consequently is being delivered by large vendors of enterprise infrastructure. Frequently new applications suffer from an insufficient backup solution. More and more companies and enterprises are using Microsoft Office SharePoint 2007 integrated suite of server capabilities helping them to improve organisational effectiveness by providing comprehensive content management and enterprise search, accelerating shared business processes and facilitating information-sharing across boundaries for better business insight.

With traditional tape based backup solution SharePoint can only be recovered in case of disaster by restoring the database as a whole, often meaning that critical data can only be recovered outside of the defined Recovery Time Objective (RTO). With the online, automatic SecurStore Backup and Recovery solution, files can be recovered at an item level, allowing companies and enterprises to prioritise what to recover when in case of a disaster. Based on this, IT directors can plan their disaster recovery procedures more easily and make sure that that their systems run with minimum downtime. With Microsoft SharePoint becoming more and more popular, it is becoming something of a backbone to many companies, leaving them vulnerable in case of a disaster. Continue reading