Marketing Iceland and the West Nordics to the global travel industry

norway mountainsAnyone with a professional interest in tourism to Iceland, Greenland or the Faroe Islands should make time to visit the Vestnorden Travel Mart in Copenhagen on 16 and 17 September this year.

The Vestnorden Travel Mart is a co-operation between the tourism authorities in the Faroe Islands, Greenland and Iceland. The three countries take it in turns to host the event and this year is Greenland’s turn. Taking place in the convenience of central Copenhagen, exhibitors and buyers alike are all able to reach the venue with relative ease, meaning the event promises to be a great success. Continue reading

ACI ranks Keflavik International Airport first class

keflavik terminal guysThe Airports Council International surveys the quality and passenger services of 127 different major international airports. There are some 30 different aspects of customer service which are included in the survey. In the latest quarterly report, Keflavik International Airport in Iceland maintains its first class standing, providing exceptional passenger services. Keflavik was named as Europe’s second best gateway in the most recent survey.

Keflavik airport is located in Iceland, an island nation in the northern part of the Atlantic Ocean. Its central location between North America and Europe provides a very convenient stopover for transatlantic flights as well as private aircraft and fuel stops. Continue reading

Autumn presents golden opportunity to visit Iceland

autumn-1Is autumn the most beautiful season? Or does its promise of looming winter make it the most depressing? Visit Iceland this autumn, and you’ll soon see that its unrivalled beauty can convert even the harshest cynic. And besides, winter’s not that bad anyway, right?!

It is the time of year when nature is at her most colourful and when a bit of sensible clothing means you can get out and about without getting too cold and without the throngs of summer tourists. In autumn the red and gold leaves are interspersed with mushrooms and an abundance of tasty berries used by locals to sweeten up daily life for centuries. Continue reading

Enjoy more culture with Reykjavik center hotels

plaza-1There is nowhere more full of life and culture in Iceland than the centre of Reykjavik and visitors to the city have more freedom and more fun by finding accommodation in the very heart of town. And rarely is that more true than right now.

Center Hotels is a chain of Reykjavik hotels allowing visitors to enjoy the best of Icelandic culture without the hassle of going home early on buses, paying for expensive taxis or driving themselves and not being allowed a beer or two. Continue reading

Reykjavik Gay Pride rocked Iceland

gay-enewswireReykjavik’s eleventh Gay Pride event is now a mere memory, and there are a whole twelve months to wait until it happens all over again. But although Pride is over, Iceland does not forget about it.

Around 80,000 people converged on central Reykjavik on Saturday to enjoy the eleventh annual Reykjavik Gay Pride parade and the following outdoor concert with Pall Oskar, probably Iceland’s biggest pop star. Continue reading

Culture Night in Reykjavik more than just a soiree

hallgrmskirkja_2Every year in late August, the Icelandic capital celebrates its annual Reykjavik Culture Night (Menningarnott) – a name that hardly gives the all-day-and-all-night party the credit it deserves.

Culture Night always takes place on a Saturday and those looking to visit Iceland will be interested to know it falls on the 22 August this year. Culture Night is officially a celebration of the anniversary of the City of Reykjavik and has evolved into a massive cultural event with more to do than can ever be done (excuse the irrelevant Lion King quote). Continue reading

London Met student wins fashion design prize for glove

British-Glove-Association-aA London Metropolitan University student has scooped first prize in the British Glove Association’s Glove Design Competition. Eva Pospisilova is studying the accredited Foundation Degree in Fashion and Textiles at City and Islington College.

The London Met student won her prize in the ‘Design a glove for a pop star, past or present’ competition. Eva designed her glove for Madonna and incorporated a diamond motif on a printed fabric sleeve. Her prize will be GBP 300, three days’ work experience at the Textile Conservation Department at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and an invitation to an awards ceremony at The Drapers Hall. Continue reading

Colour and cheer: Gay Pride hits Iceland

gayice1It’s that time of year again in Iceland when Reykjavik gets just a little bit more fabulous than it always is. Yes, that’s right; Gay Pride is underway and more dazzling than ever!

Gay Pride in Reykjavik is unlike almost anywhere else – often called ‘the biggest little Pride in the world’, it attracts as many as one-in-three of Iceland’s entire population out onto the streets to support LGBT rights specifically, and equality in society more generally. Continue reading

Internet Marketing tips and more at the 4th UK International Search Summit

internet search summitSearch experts from around the world will be coming together in London on 19 November 2009 to discuss the latest developments in internet marketing. The International Search Summit will be held in the British Library in London. This summit is the fourth UK based International Search Summit to take place. There is even a discount price for a limited time.

The price will be only GBP 250 until 31 August. The full price is GBP 495, which means the discounted price is at 50% until 31 August to attend this very informative internet marketing conference. Continue reading

Adventure Iceland with High North tours

GEA1Tourism to Iceland is booming and visitors find themselves with more spending power than ever due to the current exchange rates, strongly favouring those on holiday in Iceland. As a result, a whole new range of exciting activities are now practical options for most Iceland visitors.

People on Iceland vacations are discovering all sorts of new options, including super jeep safari tours from High North – the most adventurous and flexible provider of tours and daytrips in Iceland.

High North’s experienced team of Iceland tour guides know all the best places to go, and tailor each and every trip according to weather, season and the customer’s personal wishes, meaning no two outings are ever the same. Continue reading