Marorka brings marine energy saving know-how to Nordic Climate Solutions

marorka-energy-management-01Marorka is one of the world’s leading companies working to lower the global impact of shipping on the environment while saving the industry money with better efficiency. Marorka is one of several innovative Icelandic companies taking part in the Nordic Climate Solutions 2009 conference in Copenhagen this September.

 Marorka is an Iceland-based technology company with strong representation elsewhere in Europe and Canada. The company creates cutting edge energy management systems  for the international shipping industry to help save money by using less fuel and emitting less harmful greenhouse gases. Continue reading

Landsvirkjun at Nordic Climate Solutions 2009

landsvirkjun-logoLandsvirkjun, the largest electricity producer in Iceland, will participate in and exhibit at the Nordic Climate Solutions conference and trade show on the 8 and 9 September at the Bella Center in Denmark.

Landsvirkjun is a leader in the production of electricity from emission-free renewables in Iceland. The power generation is entirely based on production from hydropower and geothermal energy. Landsvirkjun has over 40 years experience in the design, construction and operation of power systems built on hydropower and geothermal energy. Continue reading

Autumn brings cooler Iceland car hire prices

338_Volvo-XC90With the summer high season now officially over, Reykjavik Rent a Car has already introduced off season pricing, meaning cheap car hire in Iceland on top quality cars.

The general cost to visit Iceland is low this year because of favourable exchange rates; and now the country’s notoriously expensive rental cars are even cheaper with the onset of autumn and the superb value offered by Reykjavik Rent a Car, the friendly, family owned car hire company. Continue reading

Icelandic Institute for meteorological research to provide custom weather forecasting for Search & Rescue

belgingur1In the North-Atlantic, an accurate weather forecast is one of the critical inputs to decision support during the planning and execution of Search & Rescue missions. ICE-SAR, the Icelandic association of rescue teams, has used the operational weather services developed at the Institute for Meteorological Research (IMR) extensively since 2004, when IMR started to provide high resolution weather forecasts on its website, It was therefore natural that ICE-SAR turned to IMR for developing an on-demand weather forecasting system meeting the specific needs of search and rescue personnel.

With a grant from NORA, the Nordic Atlantic cooperation association, the development is now well under way. The system will provide the SAR command centre with targeted forecasts for the search region in very high resolution within minutes of placing an order. In addition, actual weather information for the area can be browsed for up to 30 days prior to the incident. This way the rescue teams will be assured the most accurate weather forecast during operations, as well as information on weather conditions that the persons missing or in danger have experienced up to the time when the rescue mission is initiated. Continue reading

Relaxation and excitement at Keflavik International Airport

images1Keflavik International Airport is Iceland’s main airport and provides a vital transport link for both passengers and freight. Recent upgrades mean services are better than ever with travellers’ tax refund vouchers now valid for shopping. Natural splendour, culture, exotic activities and great food is the preferred choice of modern international travellers. Iceland offers all this plus shopping at really low prices with a fabulous exchange rate this season.

Keflavik International Airport is simultaneously a relaxing and exciting environment: travellers can sit down and enjoy the airport’s comfortable ambiance or they can seize the day by taking advantage of all the great shops. Many big brands are available to travellers. Brands like Burberry, Calvin Klein, Gucci, Bvulgari, Boss, Diesel, Breidling, Tagheur and Raymond Weil are cheaper duty free at Keflavik than in many other airports and big cities; and up to 50 percent cheaper than Reykjavik. Continue reading

Transport renewable energy conference in Iceland

driving car sustainabilityDriving sustainability is the name of a cutting edge international sustainable development conference focusing on transport issues to take place on the 14 and 15 September in Reykjavik, Iceland.

On 14 and 15 September this year, prominent experts, policy makers and visionaries from around the world are set to assemble and discuss subjects including electric mobility, the future of biofuels and energy efficiency in land and sea transport, along with the latest trends in urban planning, energy infrastructure and policy. Continue reading

Center Hotels in Downtown Reykjavik are the place to stay in Iceland

hotel plazaAn Iceland vacation is best enjoyed by having centralised accommodation in the heart of the capital. Icelandic culture, shops, nightlife, and eateries are all found in the downtown Reykjavik area. Center Hotels provide quality rooms, travel services, and are all within easy walking distances from the major attractions.

There are many attractions in the city centre of Reykjavik. The heart of Iceland‘s capital city is centralised around the downtown area. Downtown Reykjavik is easily to explore by foot and Laugavegur, the main shopping street and surrounding district, offers stores and shops for all kinds of travellers. There are electronics and music stores, book shops, toy shops, and plenty of clothing stores. The Blue Lagoon shop is located right across the street from Reykjavik Center Hotel Skjaldbreid giving the traveller a more convenient shopping experience for Iceland’s most popular attraction. Continue reading

Iceland events calendar reaches climax

3854436136_703efa5fd5The list of big summer events in Reykjavik has come to a head with last Saturday’s Culture Night – but summer events are only a small part of the Icelandic capital’s year-round roster.

Reykjavik’s yearly Culture Night happened on Saturday with events taking place all over the city all day and all night. Iceland has a packed schedule of interesting cultural and sporting events throughout the year, and Culture Night is the biggest of them all. Continue reading

Icelandic people turn towards more innovation

iceland satIceland’s economy may be struggling, but regular Icelanders are trying to find new ways to fend for themselves and their families. Innovation centres have been formed in many towns and the low value of the Icelandic krona helps exporting companies.

Some years ago, many firms in Iceland had to watch as the country’s largest banks literally sucked talent from them, with stellar salaries dwarfing those in regular companies. Continue reading

Iceland looks to biogas, electric cars for sustainable transport

teslaJapanese automakers Mitsubishi and Toyota along with the Chinese BYD Auto will be presenting their green car solutions in Iceland at the third annual Driving Sustainability international gathering of decision makers in Reykjavik September 14th and 15th.

The price of imported petrol and diesel to power Iceland’s 200,000 cars has nearly doubled since last year due to a dramatic devaluation of the currency following the collapse of the country’s financial system. Continue reading