Nordic countries taking the lead in renewable energy for transport

driving-sustElectricity and biofuels are quickly changing the way people power their cars while also having a positive effect on people’s finances and the environment. The leadership role of the Nordic countries of Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland and Finland in this field are highlighted at the upcoming Driving Sustainability conference in Reykjavík in September.

In Norway, over three thousand electric cars are on the road. Government policy dictates that charging their batteries is free of charge, zero emissions EVs get free parking, can drive on bus lanes in the city, get free rides on state run ferries (there are a lot of them in Norway) and there is no VAT on electric cars in Norway, so they’re reasonably priced. ‘Think’ is the leading producer of competitive electric city cars in the world. In addition, Norway produces the tiny Buddy EV electric car. Continue reading

Marorka brings marine energy saving know-how to Nordic Climate Solutions

marorka-energy-management-01Marorka is one of the world’s leading companies working to lower the global impact of shipping on the environment while saving the industry money with better efficiency. Marorka is one of several innovative Icelandic companies taking part in the Nordic Climate Solutions 2009 conference in Copenhagen this September.

 Marorka is an Iceland-based technology company with strong representation elsewhere in Europe and Canada. The company creates cutting edge energy management systems  for the international shipping industry to help save money by using less fuel and emitting less harmful greenhouse gases. Continue reading