The profound significance of Home made Energy

Although Home made Energy is not a recent concept yet it is increasing gaining popularity owing to the depletion in the energy reserve. This concept of producing energy from sources of nature was formulated decades back but was not much into practice. Now that people have realized that if they do not look for alternative source of energy they would face drastic consequences. Hence, this kind of energy is being popularized so that energy can be harnessed easily from sources of nature such as sun, wind etc.

If you want to get a glimpse you can easily get that in any remote areas where such practice is very common these days. Almost every village is provided with facilities of solar energy. You can easily see solar panels being planted on roof tops which serve as a storage house of sun’s light. This light is then transformed into energy and is used to light bulbs and for various other purposes. Continue reading

Nigerian oil minister Madueke at helm of positive changes to oil industry

Nigeria is an African nation sitting on a vast oil and gas fortune; but in the past its oil and gas industry has sometimes proven controversial and caused international concern. Now the country’s oil minister, Mrs. Diezani-Alison Madueke is pushing steps to revolutionise the industry to the benefit everyone – not least Nigerians themselves.

Nigeria’s recently-unveiled Gas Master Plan (GMP) initiative focuses on the emerging gas based industries such as fertiliser, petrochemicals and methanol, and will result in foreign direct investment of about USD 10 billion between 2012 and 2014. The full implementation of the GMP agenda will result in about USD 25 billion worth of investments in gas processing, transmission and downstream gas utilisation projects. Continue reading

Wind energy to witness robust growth in China despite construction boom in nuclear power plants

China’s wind energy market has grown rapidly during the last five years and is expected to reach 158 GW by 2016 with a CAGR of 20% over the next five years. Various factors are expected to drive the wind energy market in China. Government backing and generation-based incentives for renewable energy sources, rising electricity demand, and Clean Development Mechanism support from the UN all are expected to boost China’s wind market.

Lucintel, a leading global management consulting and market research firm, has analyzed the Chinese wind energy market and makes its findings available through a comprehensive research report, ‘Growth Opportunities in Chinese Wind Energy Market 2011-2016’. Continue reading

Dolphin Energy talk exclusively at MEPIPES 2011

Dolphin Energy’s Deputy Vice President for UAE Projects, Anwar Zuarub will talk at MEPIPES 2011 about the completed Taweelah Fujairah Pipeline project (TFP) and the construction challenges faced in mountainous terrain and through a shared right of way.

Mr Zuarub will start by offering overview of the TFP and look in brief at the contracting program, the division of the completion milestones and the procurement strategy adopted for the project. In examining the challenges associated with construction and execution of this section of TFP, Mr Zuarub will focus on route optimisation in the mountain section, the shared right of way profile, major road and wadi crossing methodologies for both pipelines and how a coordination schedule between Dolphin and IPIC was implemented. Continue reading

Mentawai tsunami: solar powered transistors and satellite phones could keep safe lives

It is credible to establish an efficient and besides cheap tsunami warning method by using existing structures and involving the coastal populations in its maintenance.

The October 25 tsunami took nearly 500 lives in the Mentawai Archipelago.

There have been rumors on the Internet that the Indonesian tsunami alarm method had not been operative and failed to keep safe the dwellers. This does not look to be correct, even if it is true that above fifty percent of the system are currently not operative. Continue reading

First six months of 2010: Linde continues upward trend and expects operating profit to exceed record year 2008

Munich, 2 August 2010 – Capitalising on the general economic upturn, the technology group The Linde Group has continued the positive trend seen in the first quarter into Q2. In the first half of 2010, the Group achieved significant growth in sales and operating profit. “The upward trend is continuing. In the course of the second quarter, we have increasingly seen a rise in demand worldwide,” said Professor Dr Wolfgang Reitzle, Chief Executive Officer of Linde AG. “Once again we have improved our profitability and we look with confidence to the months ahead.

We reaffirm our objective, which is to reach a higher level of Group sales and Group operating profit in the 2010 financial year than in 2009. We are well on the way to achieving a faster rate of growth in Group operating profit than in Group sales and exceeding the Group operating profit of record year 2008.” Continue reading

Iceland set up technician training program for geothermal power plants

Due to the constant technical training needed to cope with the ongoing progressions of geothermal power plants, a new technician program has been introduced in Iceland. The Geothermal Power Plant Technician course at the Keilir Institute of Technology is set to address the growing need for skilled geothermal power plant technicians as well as health, safety and environmental issues.

The Geothermal Power Plant Technician course at Keilir is split into two separate programs, which are then spread across two years. Continue reading

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Here at our vision is to create a recycling program to stop old or unused mobiles ending up in landfill. We do this by recycling your old mobile phones and offering you money in return. Cash for phone It’s that simple! Continue reading

Wind Power Market: Turbine Components & Subcomponents and Demand in the U.S. and the World Reports Now Available on ReportsandReports

Dallas, TX: ReportsandReports announce to have Wind Power Market: Turbine Components & Subcomponents and Demand in the U.S. and the World Market Research Report in its store.

Companies involved in the manufacturing and distribution of products related to wind energy are anticipating a banner year for 2009 as a new base of customers inherit the wind as their primary source of energy. But some manufacturers with an eye towards expanding market presence in the U.S. are waiting with baited breath. Continue reading

Icelandic bank releases 3rd annual U.S. Geothermal Energy Market Report

Islandsbanki and Sustainable EnergyThe Icelandic bank, Islandsbanki (formerly Glitnir) has issued its third annual U.S. Geothermal Energy Market Report in continuation of its research activities in geothermal energy. The report provides an updated overview on geothermal energy development in the United States, highlighting not only the increasing amount of activity in the sector, but also the elements that have helped spur the development.

In the U.S today there are around 144 geothermal energy projects in development with a combined capacity of up to 6,400 MW, which is an increase of about 60 percent compared to last year. Continue reading