Hindus & Jews demand public apology from Northern Ireland government for racist attacks

Hindus and Jews have asked Northern Ireland First Minister Rt Hon Peter Robinson and his government to publicly apologize for reported failure to protect the Roma residents who were terrified and forced to flee their homes due to repeated racist violence.

Rajan Zed, acclaimed Hindu statesman; and Rabbi Jonathan B. Freirich, prominent Jewish leader in Nevada and California in USA; in a statement in Nevada today, asked, “What was the relevance of a government when its residents had either to live in constant fear of their lives or to leave for another country to an uncertain life of poverty, hopelessness and medieval conditions.” Continue reading

Lets Talk Credit – A New Radio Talk Show By Credit Experts

21st June, Reading, PA – Joelle Stephens, Executive Director of SCI Credit Solutions, launches a new radio talk show “Lets Talk Credit” to help address credit problems and issues with effective solutions coming through the show.

SCI Credit Solutions is a specialist company that specializes in credit repair, loan modification with debt settlement services. The company is located in Reading, PA and aims to provide its customers with effective solutions to their credit problems and help them get assistance from experts who have been in this field for years. The company is dedicated to help people deal with their bad credit problems and other credit related issues. Continue reading

Hyderabad City Police Launches 'Delete'Campaign To Fight Against Cyber Crime

DeleteHyderabad City Police launches ‘Delete’ campaign aiming to spread awareness to prevent cyber crimes.

Increasingly Internet users are being trapped by cyber criminals causing large financial losses, sometimes victims have been wiped of earnings they have accumulated in their lifetime. Along with the sharp increase in cyber crimes, multiple forms of cyber crimes are causing much heartburn and nuisance to thousands of people in the cyberspace. Continue reading

Religion And Economics Are A Learned Trait

By Daniel Escurel Occeno

When I was in college, I overheard Catholic guys tell people that I was Jesus; and Mormons asked, why is He, Jesus?

The Catholics were not referring to a religious event; they meant that I was still a virgin because of how I conducted myself around women during dates, parties, dances, and social gatherings. Continue reading

Hindus & Jews laud UK’s Warwickshire Police for celebrating Roma culture

Hindus and Jews have hailed Warwickshire Police of United Kingdom for organizing first “Family Day of Gypsy, Roma and Traveller History and Culture”, to be held on June 27.

Rajan Zed, acclaimed Hindu statesman; and Rabbi Jonathan B. Freirich, prominent Jewish leader in Nevada and California in USA; in a statement in Nevada today, said that this might appear to be a small step but it was a big step forward for the British society as Roma-Traveller-Gypsy communities had been living in apartheid like conditions for many centuries in Europe. Continue reading

Give your medical career a new start

If you are in a mood to begin afresh in 2009 and you’re setting goals for what you want to achieve in the novel year, then you’re not unaided. However, if you’re thinking about trying out a career in Healthcare, it’s probably a good idea to join Medical Career training center .

www.nymedtraining.com provides you fast, affordable training that gets you the CAREER you want. New York Medical Career Training Center has been helping people to get the accelerated, cost-effective trainings like Pharmacy technician training, Medical assistant training , nurse assistant training, Medical billing training to start successful careers quickly. In addition to making money, you must be happy to be truly successful. Continue reading

Borrowers at risk from distorted image of PPI – massive 40% of claims over past year for accident & sickness, NOT unemployment

Skewed image overshadowing real value of PPI
Before credit crunch 60% of claims were for accident & sickness – not unemployment
Threat of job loss will pass but likelihood of accident & sickness remains constant
Thousands of consumers saved from financial difficulty by AS protection

A MASSIVE 40 per cent* of payment protection insurance claims over the past 12 months have been for accident and sickness, according to independent PPI provider Paymentcare.co.uk. Continue reading

Vegetable & Fruits to Include in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & Gracie Jiu Jitsu Athlete’s Diet In Virginia, Washington, Maryland

Different fruits and vegetables have specific nutrients and qualities that can help a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & Gracie Jiu Jitsu athlete attain the optimum level of nutrition. Having proper knowledge about them will help a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu athlete diversify his diet, which can otherwise get monotonous.

Vegetables form a major portion of a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu athlete’s diet. They are rich in nutrients and also give an athlete a feeling of fullness for a long time. However, a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu athlete needs to pick his vegetable after considering their nutritional value. This will help him create a balanced diet plan for himself. Continue reading

Monkeying around in Sri Lanka with The Adventure Company

BBC One’s wildlife programme Living with Monkeys – Tales from the Treetops showed presenters Guy Grieve and Julie Anderson getting up close and personal with some of the world’s rarest monkeys in an effort to find out more about the species.

Now holiday-makers can also get involved in primate research on one of the Hands on Adventures from tour operator The Adventure Company. No previous experience is necessary and even children as young as five can take part – making it a perfect choice for a memorable family adventure holiday. Continue reading

Stainless steel hygiene equipment and furniture at discount prices

image0012Teknomek announces 10% price reduction exclusive to its web shop www.teknomek.co.uk.

Teknomek today announced that it was offering a 10% discount for all orders place on its web channel, www.teknomek.co.uk, on or before 3rd July 2009. MD Tom Worth commented: “We launched the website in April to enhance customers’ ability to find the right stainless steel product for them, but we’re also able to use it to add value for them. We’ve noticed an upturn in the economy recently, but the green shoots of recovery are still fragile. We hope this promotion will give our customers a welcome boost as they emerge from the recession.” Continue reading