Presentation Training Institute offers presentation training in New York and San Francisco

people at a seminarEasthampton MA, June 11, 2015  – The Presentation Training Institute is pleased to announce that it will focus its efforts on offering innovative presentation training in New York and San Francisco.


The Presentation Training Institute provides customized presentation training seminars worldwide.  “We are focusing our efforts on offering and marketing presentation training to New York and San Francisco as those are cities that show a spike in interest in corporate training” states Sales Director Lauren O’Boyle. Continue reading

Dance Schools UK: Laine Theatre Arts Provides Exceptional and Exciting Training Options

 Laine has been helping students achieve their dreams for many years. The dance school combines passion and experience to give students the best possible start in their performing arts careers and specifically works to offer the training needed to enable students to pursue long-term careers.

Laine has spent years developing the learning styles practiced to give students the chance they need to achieve the most from their studies academically and in performance. Continue reading

The Academy of Hair Design Offers Spa Services Training

The Academy of Hair Design is offering spa services training to equip students with the skills required in the booming spa industry. As one of the top esthetician schools in Missouri, the school provides extensive training for individuals interested in working as beauty, skincare, and relaxation experts.

In recent years, society has focused on and become more aware of the advantages of well-being treatments. Aside from providing an improved appearance, these procedures rejuvenate the individual from within. With companies having included wellness into their employee benefits packages, the spa business has established itself as one of the fastest growing industries worldwide. Continue reading

WLCI College assists in finding paid part time work experience along with course

WLCI Business College helps students with getting a paid part time job experience along with their business course.

WLCI, a leading business college, offering a ‘Professional Programme in Business Management’ provides students with part-time job opportunity during their course. Students are paid a decent amount of stipend during training thus initiating process of self-reliance and financial independence for the students. Continue reading

Students of WLCI Business School gain a competitive advantage in their careers

WLCI School of Business is a leading business school which gives students a competitive advantage over students of other B schools.

The institute offers a “Professional Diploma in Business Management”. WLC College’s (WLCI) students are far better than their counterparts in terms of knowledge and skills gained during their course. It perfectly blends classroom teaching and hands-on experience that provides students a competitive edge in their careers. Continue reading

Career Journey International: Helping Students To Gain International Work Experience Easily and Conveniently

Career Journey International is a specialist organisation that brings students and international internships together, forging links and connections that may very well serve the students – especially after they leave school.

Operating out of and offering internship programmes to India, Career Journey International is one of the most established organisations known to companies that offer international internships and students looking for them. This organisation has been instrumental in the mutual success of many companies and students. Continue reading

Steven Pinkert Warns Law School Applicants of Common Mistakes

Although social media connects people in many ways, it can also have negative effects and hinder people in certain circumstances. According to Steven Pinkert Law Firm, it is common for the Florida Board of Bar Examiners to research your use of social networking.

This is especially true for applicants who are pleading rehabilitation so the board can affirm that there are no comments regarding the police, prosecutors, ex-spouses, law school staff, and even the Board themselves on a something like a Facebook wall or blog post. Continue reading

The University of Leicester School of Management Offers MBA Courses with 4 Stage Learning

The University of Leicester School of Management is known for offering an intellectually stimulating MBA courses structured and taught in a manner to suit the career needs and aspirations of students.

The school offers postgraduate and undergraduate programmes in Management, including the AMBA accredited MBA, and are known to be in line with the most advanced courses offered across the globe. Continue reading

Business Wisdom Academy’s Founder James D. Roumeliotis Launched His Book – Entrepreneurial Essentials: Unconventional Business Wisdom and Bold Tactics

Business Wisdom Academy’s founder, James D. Roumeliotis, a longstanding sales management strategist, customer service and luxury lifestyle marketing practitioner, and adviser based in Montreal, recently announced that Friesen Press Publishing released his very own book Entrepreneurial Essentials: Unconventional Business Wisdom and Bold Tactics, for sale.

The book was published to extend not only the company’s growth but also to address the rising needs of entrepreneurs to become knowledgeable with regards to entrepreneurial essentials. Continue reading

Help Children Learn Reading Through effective ClickN KIDS Program

Children of all ages enjoy learning new things that can help them accelerate their minds. Learning how to read is definitely something that should be done as early as possible.The ClicknKids website is designed to offer children a plan that works best with their level of learning.

The main thing that responsible parents want is to ensure that their children are challenged enough and make positive improvements. Let ClicknKids extend a warm welcome to new students using the platform to learn how to read in a fun but effective manner. Continue reading