Departures from the Norm – The World’s Most Spectacular Train Stations

kings cross station

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Hamburg, September 30, 2014 – Rail travel typically only starts to become an experience during the journey itself. Sometimes, though, the adventure begins before even leaving the platform. Increasing numbers of cities are adorning themselves with eye-catching station buildings that, with their unconventional roof structures, bright colors and extravagant shapes, become unique architectural landmarks of those cities. Emporis (, the international provider of building data, has now compiled a selection of the world’s most spectacular train station buildings. Continue reading

Isola’s RF-Substrate Conversion Program Gains Momentum in Partnership With InnoSenT and KSG

CHANDLER, Ariz., Aug. 19, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Isola Group S.à r.l., a market leader in copper-clad laminates and dielectric prepreg materials used to fabricate advanced multilayer printed circuit boards (PCBs), today announced a major qualification win in partnership with KSG Leiterplatten GmbH and InnoSenT GmbH. The joint conversion project among the three companies successfully tailored the dielectric properties of Isola’s high-performance I-Tera® MT laminate material to match the properties of an incumbent product. Continue reading

Lead tracking made easier with Construction Project Management software

Co-Construct, a construction project management software is now making lead tracking easier for remodeling and construction companies. With the new developments in the software, company owners and employees can see both their leads and contacts in one place, helping them manage potential clients and get new projects.

When the sales team tracks and follows up on their leads, they increase the probability of acquiring new clients. This can be easily done if the sales lead list is integrated with the current contacts list so that teammates, partners, existing clients with Co-Construct access, and potential clients can be accessed in one place. Continue reading

Investimento Norueguês no sector de petróleo e gás deverá atingir o pico em 2014

Investimento Norueguês no sector de petróleo e gás deverá atingir o pico em 2014De acordo com a Associação Norueguesa de Petróleo e Gás, os investimentos em petróleo e gás no mercado interno da Noruega são esperados atingirem o pico em 2014.

O grupo espera que o investimento na indústria atinja um valor de € 28.9 bilhões (212 bilhões de coroas norueguesas) e acredita que o número se manterá nesses níveis até 2017. O setor de petróleo da Noruega tem experienciado um boom de investimento na parte de preços do petróleo nos últimos anos, há dez anos, o investimento total foi de € 7.3 bilhões ( NOK54 bilhões) . Continue reading

35 years of successful commercial building in San Francisco

 A leading San Francisco contractor company, Richlen Construction has been providing premium contractor service for the commercial organizations across San Francisco for the last 35 years. Richlen Construction has been recently rewarded with best “Building Lobby” builder in 2012 for their lobby remodeling service at 425 Market Street.

Richlen Construction was founded in the year 1978 as a joint endeavor by Rich Zavala & his then partner Len. It’s their Alcoa Building contract award which transformed them into a major general contractor San Francisco. Continue reading

High-quality homes at affordable quotes by Soledad Builders

Since 2003 Soledad Builders offers exceptional services to transform a homeowner’s dreams into reality. They don’t cut any corners; their homes are constructed with the best materials and exceptional craftsmanship.

“Our company saw an ultimatum for an affordable, outstanding new line of home designs that would appeal today’s first-time home buyers, that’s why we created Soledad Builders. Continue reading

Oil production hits a new peak in Norway

tujobs.comNorway hit a new record in crude oil production this July. According to the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD), Norway registered a 5% increase compared to July last year. NPD explained, “High production from several fields ensured that oil production in July was the highest since May 2012.”

Due to this boost, it is expected that Norway will achieve its 2013 oil production goal. NPD said, “So far this year oil production is about 0.5% below the NPD’s prognosis.” This increase in oil production is due to new offshore developments in Norway, such as the Johan Sverdrup oil discovery. This was the biggest find in Norway and it contributes 3.3 million barrels of recoverable oil to Norwegian oil production. Continue reading

Robseal Roofing Solutions offers the services of flat roofs throughout the reading

The roof provides the strength or warmth to entire home. So, if it is of superior quality then it can be worth-while. The Robseal Roofing Solutions offers the finest quality roofing services throughout the Reading.

The flat roofing reading is one of the best types for roof which the company offers. It is only type of roof which can ensure you endurance. The flat roof has a lot of features which you may not ever see in any other type of roof. The company dealing with this type only because of its durability or low cost as everyone can easily afford for it. Continue reading

Norway recruits skilled people for new projects

tujobs.comBy 2016, Norway will be missing 20 percent of the necessary qualified workforce to keep up with new projects related to conventional hydrocarbon production. The access to new hydrocarbon resources made the number of projects increase in Norway.

According to Andrew Gould, Chairman of British energy company BG Group Access, these new projects “will require a workforce bigger than we have seen for 25 years,” in Norway. Continue reading

Noruega, o principal destino dos investimentos europeus de perfuração offshore

tujobs.comSegundo a pesquisa da Business Intelligence Provider GBI Research, a Noruega irá ser o principal destino de petróleo e gás offshore num futuro próximo.

O recente relatório, intitulado Noruega um Driving Force da Região Europeia em termos de reservas offshore e projetos de desenvolvimento, a despesa de perfuração offshore irá aumentar continuamente a uma taxa de crescimento médio anual (TCMA) de 6,9​​%, passando de aproximadamente $ 10 bilhões em 2012 para US $ 12,8 bilhões em 2016. Continue reading