Blowfish Launches Ultimate Range of Beauty & Skin care products

United Kingdom, August 16. One of the greatest pioneer in health care industry and world’s largest stockist of its product line has launched redesigned websites, the new and much anticipated websites are now running in full bloom. With a futuristic approach to target ecommerce market, the company has reached target audience in an effective manner. Continue reading

Sunless Tanning – The Healthier Way to Achieve A Great Tan

If you’re looking for a glowing and healthful sun-kissed skin appearance all year long, there is an amazing product available, proven to give you the outcome you desire, thanks to the innovation of Gisela Hunter. In 1983 Gisela Hunter formulated a self tanning lotion through her Sun Laboratories, Inc. If you’re looking for a trustworthy and exceptional quality sunless tanning product is the site you want to definitely check out. Continue reading

Look tanned all year long with sunless tanning products

People have a tendency to spend hours outdoors with hopes of getting a tan. While there is nothing wrong with this from time to time, a growing number of people are beginning to realize that they would rather stay out of the sun to ensure that they do not harm their health. This is why Sunless Tanning Products are growing in popularity with each passing year.

During the upcoming winter months, it is safe to assume that these products will continue to become more popular. When the sun goes away during the cold months, people begin to search for ways to keep their nice tan. This is when they turn to sunless tanning products and the many benefits that they have to offer. Continue reading

Rocks Jewellers Introduces Ring Builder App; Helps Clients Customise Engagement, Wedding Rings

Rocks Jewellers, one of the top providers of diamond rings in Ireland, proudly introduces its ring builder app, which allows anyone to create the ideal ring they want. The company decided to offer this new service to give customers the power to create and customise the design they want for their rings. The jeweller also shares that they wanted to show their transparency with their pricing. 


Elegant Rings, Excellent User Experience
Rocks Jewellers reveals that developing a ring builder app has always been a part of their plan. Other than continuously expanding and creating their collection of elegant engagement and wedding rings, the company is always hard at work at improving their service before, during, and after sales. “Value is added as we create products that strike a balance between best quality and price,” the jeweller shares. The new app is their way of making it easier for their customers to decide on the ring they want regardless of their budget.  Continue reading

NY Plastic Surgeon Discusses the “No-Touch” Technique for Breast Augmentation

Breast implant surgery recently became a bit better for both doctor and patient, or at least that is the case in Dr. Robert Morin’s hands. The esteemed plastic surgeon has been using the Keller Funnel for almost 3 years and he believes that the results are impressive.

The Keller Funnel is a single use, cone-shaped device that assists in the delivery of pre-filled silicone implants during breast augmentation procedures. Surgeons who use the Funnel can offer patients a “no-touch” technique that has been shown to prevent contamination of the implant. Continue reading

Long Island Plastic Surgeon Offers Breakthrough Treatment to Address Stubborn Fat in the Upper Arms

Even after weight loss and exercise many people are left with excess fat that is hard to get rid of. This fat often collects around the hips, thighs, abdomen and upper arms. Upper arm fat—sometimes referred to as “bat wings” can be especially frustrating.

Epstein Plastic Surgery, located in Stony Brook, Long Island offers a new technology to address the “bat wing” phenomenon. Using a minimally invasive technique called LipoSelection VASER liposuction upper arm fat can be targeted and removed. Continue reading

Mizuno Launches New Wave Ignitus 3 Football Boots

Mizuno, a world leader in running shoes, football boots and other types of sporting footwear,has launched their latest high performance football boot, the Wave Ignitus 3.

The Wave Ignitus 3 emerged following two years of research and development.Working in collaboration with top Japanese football player, Keisuke Honda (CSKA Moscow and Japan International), the engineers at Mizuno answered his request for some additional shooting armoury for ‘deadball situations’. The aim was to add increased pace to the ball with a more forward-kicking approach. The R&D team analysed Honda’s new forward kicking approach and when striking the ball it was evident to apply some form of technical panel on to the top and medial side of the vamp area. Continue reading

Austin Plastic Surgeon Now Offers Multifaceted Laser Treatment

Celebrity plastic surgeon Jennifer L. Walden’s office now offers Sciton Broadband Light (BBL) laser treatment. A laser treatment cleared by the FDA for, but not limited to the treatment of benign pigmented lesions, cutaneous lesions, spider veins, hair reduction and treating inflammatory acne vulgaris. Sciton BBL can be used for a number of aesthetic and anti-aging treatments as well.

“It is an amazing laser that can do everything: pigment, redness, resurfacing, wrinkles, photofacials laser hair removal, acne, brown spots, melasma and more!” says Dr. Walden of the treatment. Continue reading

Casiplex a diet pill used to lose weight

Today, obesity is the one of the main root of diseases and if not controlled on time it may lead to severe problems like heart related diseases, diabetes, cholesterol, etc. There are a numerous people facing problem due to their obesity. Though there are several products available in the market promising to cut your body fat and give you a slim figure. But, it is not so easy task as you have to choose the best and suitable product that really works on to reduce fat cells from your body.

Capsiplex is one of the widely used diet pills. It helps you to gain slim and attractive body. It is a natural product and the ingredients used in it are extracted from niacin, capsicum, caffeine, and piperine. The key ingredient of it is capsicum extract or hot chili which helps to boosts your metabolism and provides energy to your body. Continue reading