Restaurants in downtown Reykjavik catering for festival crowd

La PrimaveraThe numerous restaurants and bars in the downtown Reykjavik area are all preparing themselves for a busy and eventful week with the annual Iceland Airwaves music festival beginning today and proving to be bigger than ever. From hotels and hostels, to restaurants and bars, everyone is getting ready to host the thousands of music enthusiasts that flood the streets every year.

Reykjavik over the years has never failed to deliver; supplying the thousands of festival goers with astonishingly beautiful cuisine since it first began back in 1999 Continue reading

SMX Advanced Scheduled for London and Seattle in 2010

smx_london-01Conference for experienced search engine marketers expands, SMX Advanced London scheduled for May 2010; SMX Advanced Seattle event dates set for 8-9 June 2010

London – 13 October 2009 – The producers of Search Marketing Expo announced dates for SMX Advanced in 2010, including the addition of a London edition of the search engine marketing conference. Continue reading

Airloop set to play Iceland Airwaves 2009

AirloopThe Icelandic band Airloop was founded in 2006 by four close friends, Fjalar – the trombone player, Gunnar Thor – who is in charge of beats and more, Svenni – Keyboards and guitars, and Sævar – the trumpet.

Since their first gig back in 2006 at the Iceland Airwaves music festival the band have been taking a long break, writing new material ready to release their first full length CD in early 2010. Continue reading

Yoko Ono’s Imagine Peace Tower lights up the sky above Reykjavik

Imagine Peace TowerThe Imagine Peace Tower is located on the small island of Videy in Kollafjordur Bay near Iceland’s capital city, Reykjavik. The tower is a huge beam of light projected from a white stone monument in the form of a wishing well that has the words ‘Imagine Peace’ carved into it in 24 different languages.

The tower, as well as being a symbol for world peace, is a work of art dedicated to the memory of John Lennon by the world renowned artist, musician, and peace advocate Yoko Ono. Continue reading

Generic Atorvastatin delivered to Spain by Actavis’ sales division, Medis

actavis-Atorvastatin-spain-01The Iceland based generic pharmaceutical company, Actavis, recently announced that its third-party sales division, Medis, has delivered around 30 million tablets of Atorvastatin to its clients in Spain. This is the first generic version of the blockbuster molecule to reach the Spanish market.

Atorvastatin efficiently regulates the blood cholesterol levels and is one of the most effective drugs used in the therapy of primary hypercholesterolemia. Continue reading

Icelandic bank releases 3rd annual U.S. Geothermal Energy Market Report

Islandsbanki and Sustainable EnergyThe Icelandic bank, Islandsbanki (formerly Glitnir) has issued its third annual U.S. Geothermal Energy Market Report in continuation of its research activities in geothermal energy. The report provides an updated overview on geothermal energy development in the United States, highlighting not only the increasing amount of activity in the sector, but also the elements that have helped spur the development.

In the U.S today there are around 144 geothermal energy projects in development with a combined capacity of up to 6,400 MW, which is an increase of about 60 percent compared to last year. Continue reading

Copenhagen’s biggest culture event celebrates 17th consecutive year

culture.nightEvery year, around mid-October, Copenhagen’s biggest annual culture festival, The Night of Culture (Kulturnatten), takes place in the heart of the city, where over 200 cultural institutions open their doors, offering an array of great experiences for all to enjoy. Continue reading

Information and data security standards secured by Risk Management software

risk.managementThe greatest risk for any commercial company or business these days is that of losing customer data. There are major financial costs in addition to regulatory breaches. The customers also start losing faith in a company which proves to be incapable of managing the most critical of assets it possesses. Continue reading