La gestión de talento y el desarrollo de personal claves en la escasez de talento

Caracas, Venezuela /  Estudio empresarial para entender el impacto de la escasez de talento realizado por la compañía de software empresarial SuccessFactors, una compañía SAP.

Los resultados del informe de SuccessFactors indican que disponer del personal adecuado con la formación adecuada en una empresa ayuda a un mayor rendimiento; no obstante, si la empresa no tiene acceso al personal capacitado, el rendimiento de la compañía se deteriorará inevitablemente. Continue reading

The Lakes by Yoo Extends Ultimate Luxury Rural Retreat in Cotswold

GLOUCESTER, UK ( enewswire ) November 19, 2012 – The English folks tired of the daily hustle bustle of city seem to have an ideal getaway- The Lakes by Yoo has announced here to present with ultimate rural retreat with luxury waterfront homes in Cotswold.

The Lakes by Yoo is a joint endeavor between celebrated designer team Yoo and The Raven Group, the award winning property developer. “We have partnered together to offer the city dwellers with luxury holiday homes amidst the idyllic Cotswold countryside which would enable them to relish British seasons at their best”, stated the spokesperson from one of the partner groups while announcing their latest venture. Continue reading

Gilroy Chosen to Deliver Rolls-Royce Stakeholder Publication

Gilroy, the home of B2B creative marketing communications, today announced that it has won a five-way pitch to support Rolls-Royce. Gilroy will work with the global brand to produce a flagship employee and key stakeholder publication.

The agreement will see Gilroy produce a bi-monthly publication for the global Rolls-Royce workforce. The magazine will be visually impressive, taking advantage of the latest creative techniques and technologies. It will highlight the latest news, goals, aspirations and achievements from across the company. Continue reading

Tata Consultancy Services Selects Gilroy to Execute Targeted Media Campaign

Gilroy, the home of B2B creative marketing communications, today announced that it has been engaged by Tata Consultancy Services Ltd (TCS) to develop a media campaign. The agreement will see Gilroy promote a range of consulting, business process outsourcing, engineering and IT infrastructure services.

A part of the Tata group, India’s largest industrial conglomerate, TCS has over 202,000 consultants across 42 countries, generating revenues of $8.2 billion. Gilroy will deploy a programme of targeted activity that will help TCS increase brand awareness across four key job functions (CIO, CPO, COO and CFO). Continue reading

Online Reporting as a tool for improved parent teacher communications

Becta - Schools & Parents: A New PartnershipMisunderstandings, a lack of confidence and unclear communication channels are putting children’s education at risk, according to a new report commissioned by Becta into communications between schools and teachers. Fifty-nine percent of parents admit to having little contact with their child’s school and sixty percent of school staff say parents feel their job stops at the school gates. However, forty-three percent of teachers admit parents might find them ‘difficult to approach sometimes’.

Becta is the government agency leading the national drive to ensure the effective and innovative use of technology throughout teaching and learning. Continue reading

The list of things to do in Iceland is as long as the road to Egilsstaðakirkjugarðurinn

IcelandIceland is a land famed for its utterly unique landscape, its volcanoes, glaciers, hot springs and towering mountains. There are those who visit to bathe, to hike, or simply for sightseeing; but Iceland has much more on offer than you might imagine.

Iceland has a fascinating history – home to the writers of the Viking sagas, the longest-serving democratic parliament in the world and a vivid folklore tradition – there is a wide variety of ways the tourist can take a closer look. Continue reading

Latest state-of-the-art Risk Management Studio software released

Risk Management StudioThe RM Studio 2.1, the latest in the series of state-of-the art applications, is an IT Governance, Risk and Compliance (IT GRC) tool that provides a single collaborative workflow helping to attain the ISO/IEC 27001 in much shorter time. The software is designed for managing international standards, compliance mandates, create policy management efficiencies and helps in controlling business risks.

Stiki’s Risk Management Studio software is designed for local government bodies, companies and institutions Continue reading

Copenhagen’s Tivoli lights up in Christmas spirit

Christmas in TivoliThe Christmas in Tivoli event lights up the Tivoli Gardens every year with miles upon miles of fairy lights that stretch all around the park. Over one thousand eight hundred light chains weave throughout the willows that are situated around The Tivoli Lake, a further five thousand meters branch around the magnificent Christmas Tree that towers in the centre of the garden, captivating the crowds that flock there every year to experience all the amazing festivities that the Danish amusement park has to offer.

In the magical Tivoli Gardens from November through December every year the Christmas in Tivoli festivities take place Continue reading

SecurStore’s favoured backup software proves extremely successful

SecurStoreOver the past 12 months the amount of sites that Asigra’s Hybrid Cloud Backup platform is protecting has doubled, now exceeding over 100,000 sites. In addition, the cloud backup and recovery software vendor reports that a 500-partner milestone has also been reached and the success of this can be accounted for by its solution’s ability to reduce backup complexity.

Asigra Hybrid Cloud Backup and Recovery platform is SecurStore’s preferred choice of software Continue reading

Small Icelandic company helping to create jobs

icelandglassMost of the big Icelandic firms such as Baugur Group, FL Group and Moderna went bankrupt after the financial meltdown in Iceland when the three main banks Kaupthing, Glitnir and Landsbanki collapsed. One year later, and now a lot of the smaller Icelandic businesses are beginning to generate more energy and drive. One such company is the online shop specialising in selling Icelandic products, called the Nordic Store.

With a vast selection of Icelandic products for sale worldwide, the Nordic Store is without a doubt a leading online shop in Iceland, focusing on providing the internet shopper with the best produce Iceland has to offer. Continue reading