Security solutions provider offers specialized equipment and services for organizations in Nigeria

Security solutions provider offers specialized equipment and services for organizations in NigeriaSecurity solutions provider Kovidal is offering specialized equipment and services for the Nigerian military, paramilitary, and civilian security operations in Nigeria.
As terrorism, insurgency, and criminal activity threaten Nigeria’s security, Kovidal meets theses challenges head on. The company provides equipment and services for Nigeria’s armed forces, security agencies, businesses and individuals who need to confront the threat efficiently. Continue reading

Conferência offshore de petróleo e gás na Noruega celebra 15º aniversário

Conferência offshore de petróleo e gás na Noruega celebra 15º aniversárioA “Offshore Technology Days” (OTD), uma das maiores conferências marítimas de petróleo e gás na Noruega, realiza-se esta semana em Stavanger, comemorando o seu 15º aniversário.

O evento anual de 2 dias, terá lugar no Forum Stavanger nos dias 23 e 24 de Outubro de 2013 – consistirá numa conferência e várias exposições. Este ano hospedará cerca de 500 exibidores e mais de 25.000 visitantes. Continue reading

Norwegian Oil and Gas Association pleased with new political platform

Norwegian Oil and Gas Association pleased with new political platformThe Norwegian Oil and Gas Association has given the political platform presented by the new Norwegian two-party coalition a positive reception.

“We’re pleased that the government makes it clear that the petroleum industry will be important for value creation and technology development in Norway for the foreseeable future,” explain Gro Brækken, director general of the Norwegian Oil and Gas Association. Continue reading

Investimentos em Petróleo na Noruega vão aumentar em 2014

Investimentos em Petróleo na Noruega vão aumentar em 2014Devido às novas descobertas de campos de petróleo, a Noruega vai aumentar as suas despesas em 3,2 % na indústria de petróleo no próximo ano, o que constitui um novo recorde para a Noruega em termos de investimentos no setor petrolífero. O centro de estatísticas da Noruega (Statistics Norway)  anunciou que os gastos em petróleo irão atingir os 35,3 bilhões de dólares em 2014, o que significa um aumento de 23,4 % em relação a 2013.

Entre 2002 e 2012, os investimentos em petróleo e gás cresceram 220%, devido a projetos de grande dimensão em Ormen Lange e Snohvit. Em 2014 , a maior parte dos investimentos será utilizado na manutenção dos campos atuais de produção. Dos 170 bilhões de dólares, 70% serão investidos no desenvolvimento de novos campos e 30 % serão utilizados na exploração. Continue reading

Vodafone-whitepaper over energiezuinig ondernemen met de Data Management-oplossing

Vodafone-whitepaper over energiezuinig ondernemen met de Data Management-oplossingAmsterdam, Nederland – Vodafone heeft onlangs een whitepaper uitgebracht met essentiële informatie over het energieverbruik van bedrijven en hoe effiency kan worden beheerd met de Energy Data Management (EDM)-oplossing.

Met de Energy Data Management-oplossing kunnen gebruikers in real-time en tot in detail volgen hoe het gebruik fluctueert door de werkdag heen en na verloop van tijd. Managers krijgen hierdoor de noodzakelijke informatie om betere beslissingen te nemen in verband met energiezuinigheid in beleid, processen en technologie.. Met EDM kan exact worden bepaald welke activiteiten energieverkwistend zijn, zoals ‘s nachts de lichten of de pc’s aan laten. En door deze kennis kunnen bedrijven rendabel energieverbruik realiseren voor verwarmingen, verlichting en bedrijfsetages. Continue reading

Oil production hits a new peak in Norway

tujobs.comNorway hit a new record in crude oil production this July. According to the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD), Norway registered a 5% increase compared to July last year. NPD explained, “High production from several fields ensured that oil production in July was the highest since May 2012.”

Due to this boost, it is expected that Norway will achieve its 2013 oil production goal. NPD said, “So far this year oil production is about 0.5% below the NPD’s prognosis.” This increase in oil production is due to new offshore developments in Norway, such as the Johan Sverdrup oil discovery. This was the biggest find in Norway and it contributes 3.3 million barrels of recoverable oil to Norwegian oil production. Continue reading

Talygen Helps Companies Manage the Full Life Cycle of Clients and Projects with the Latest Release of their Business Management Automation Web Application

Companies have traditionally struggled with the challenge of managing projects and clients. Talygen, the leader in Business Management Automation, has now given businesses more options than ever by providing an integrated single point solution for managing the full life cycle of projects and clients

Prior to Talygen, companies have employed dozens of mostly incompatible tools to try and track various metrics of their projects and communicate with their clients. With Talygen, companies now have the ability to fully manage their projects and client communications from within Talygen Continue reading

NY Dermatologist Dr. Steven Victor Provides Patients with Effective Options for Eliminating Acne

Acne is a widespread condition among adolescents and adults alike. In fact, it is the most common skin disease in the entire country today. Acne and acne scars leave marks on the face and other areas of the body that may dramatically alter an individual’s appearance or affect self-confidence, that does not, however, mean those affected have to live with these disfiguring marks.

Acne can occur anywhere on the body, but it is usually concentrated in places like the face, neck, shoulders, back, or chest. Specific symptoms may include nodules, scarring, blackheads, whiteheads, redness, pustules, cysts, and various other forms of inflammation. These symptoms are not always constant, and often come and go in flare ups due to things like hormones or environment. Continue reading

Dance Schools UK: Laine Theatre Arts Provides Exceptional and Exciting Training Options

 Laine has been helping students achieve their dreams for many years. The dance school combines passion and experience to give students the best possible start in their performing arts careers and specifically works to offer the training needed to enable students to pursue long-term careers.

Laine has spent years developing the learning styles practiced to give students the chance they need to achieve the most from their studies academically and in performance. Continue reading

Future Electronics Offers Updated Sensors Guide and Full Range of Sensors In Stock

Future Electronics, a global leading distributor of electronic components, has announced the launch of its new and updated Sensors Guide, along with a full range of various sensors from industry leading suppliers, which are in stock and ready to ship with immediate availability.

The Guide offers comprehensive product overviews on MEMS, gyroscopes, digital pressure sensors, silicon microphones, and audio sensors, and also provides parametric tables for the most innovative products from Future Electronics’ supplier partners, including Intersil, Bosch, Freescale, STMicroelectronics, Wolfson and more. Continue reading