Icelandic people turn towards more innovation

iceland satIceland’s economy may be struggling, but regular Icelanders are trying to find new ways to fend for themselves and their families. Innovation centres have been formed in many towns and the low value of the Icelandic krona helps exporting companies.

Some years ago, many firms in Iceland had to watch as the country’s largest banks literally sucked talent from them, with stellar salaries dwarfing those in regular companies. Continue reading

All-inclusive market analysis tool for traders launched by wholesalepages(dot)co(dot)uk

Right from the onset, has gone all out to facilitate UK wholesalers, manufacturers, dropshippers and distributors in every possible way. So as to work out the solution for the “product selection dilemma” for new startups, a group of successful wholesalers and drop shippers was invited to share their methods for choosing a product to trade.

As it turned out, there was nothing fancy in the approaches described by these veterans. For almost all of these experts, selection was based on a detailed analysis of the demand, supply and competition. Continue reading

Buy Blinds Online

blindsLancashire Rose Blinds began trading in 2003, we have our own state of the art maunfactuirng facilty and a number of show rooms, in the Greater Manchester area. We have successfully supplied all types of window blinds to both doemstic and contract customers, through out the Northwest.

We built our business on three main principles, quality, value and choice. We decided in May 2009, to open our first online store, supplying blinds thorough out the UK at discounted prices. Our online Window blinds are manufactured using the same quality fabrics and components as those we sell in our retail stores. Continue reading

Owls causing a hoot at beamish wild

Four little owls are the newest tour guides for children at leading birds of prey conservation centre, Beamish Wild as part of a programme to offer fun and educational ways to learn about Britain’s wildlife.

Open to the public for the first time; local children, today (6th August 2009) teamed up with their own personal owl and participated in a 30 minute walk in the enchanted woodland setting at Beamish Hall, County Durham. Continue reading

Easydisplay presents its new design menu board in Showrooms Worldwide

easy display logoIn this cut throat competitive market, it is always the right information expressed in right manner that gets an edge. Therefore choosing the right type of display solutions holds an extremely important role but a decorative menu board is the most time tested successful display solution.

No wonder why a Retail store having a flashing menu board attracts more customers. A Restaurant’s magnetism lies in that one menu board attracting even the loner standing in a quiet corner. Installing an easy menu board is the simplest way of attracting the customers. With its professional outlook, there couldn’t have been a better match for the shopping joint. Continue reading

Join professionals in your field to explore ethics at the University of Brighton

University of BrightonFrom September 2009 the University of Brighton is offering a range of Applied Ethics MA degrees designed for professionals wishing to gain a qualification in ethical aspects of their field.

Ethical standards and practices are often part of the regulatory framework in ‘traditional’ professions such as law and medicine. More recently questions of ethics have come to the fore in a broad range of professions, and the academic fields of philosophy and ethics are increasingly concerned with application and practice.

Run through the Centre for Applied Philosophy, Politics and Ethics (CAPPE) at the University of Brighton, these seven distinct degrees explore applied ethics or ethics in relation to art and design, education, healthcare, media, medicine or politics. One year full-time and two year part-time options are available. No previous familiarity with philosophy is assumed. Continue reading

Buying companies in Iceland: Firma Consulting provides the help you need

Iceland’s recent economic difficulties are creating unprecedented investment opportunities in the country; and the weakened local currency is helping foreign investors net some excellent value acquisitions. But to get the most out of investments in Iceland, you need a respected and experienced local consulting firm to make the process as smooth as possible.

Firma Consulting is one of Iceland’s longest running and best respected consulting companies, and specialises in acquisitions of and by medium and large sized companies, both in Iceland and abroad.

Valuation, appraisal, mergers and acquisitions: Firma Consulting is a valuable partner for any business or organisation which wants to do business in the opportunity-rich Icelandic marketplace.

Working under the supervision of Senior Consultancy Advisor Magnus Hreggvidsson, Firma Consulting can assist in buying companies in Iceland, as well as mergers and acquisitions. The company counts decades of experience and excellent relations with the Icelandic business community among its main selling points.

Firma also specialises in valuations of businesses and management consultancy – ideal for investors who do not intend to live in Iceland.

As part of its ongoing comprehensive service, Firma Consulting is also an expert in company restructuring and capital injections.

Firma Consulting emphasises personal attention to each and every task and judges itself only on the quality of work, professionalism, integrity and trust in services provided. It is by these principles that Firma finds itself one of Iceland’s top consulting companies today.

For further details on how Firma Consulting can help you invest in Iceland, visit

3 Women film makers doing it for themselves.

What do you do when you turn 50 and find that no one is making feature films for you anymore? Yvonne Deutschman, Ann Cameron and Thereza Snyman decided they’d make a film for themselves. Filming on their low budget feature, The Power of 3, begins in April and will be premiered in London in the Autumn.

Back in 2004 Canadian Ann Cameron, British Director Yvonne Deutschman and South African entrepreneur Thereza Snyman discussed the fact that no-one was making movies for older female audiences

“We realised that no one was making movies for people like us” – Error! Reference source not found. says “so the inevitable question was – what are we going to do about it?”

They turned an original idea into a script, while Yvonne started canvassing support amongst her contacts in the UK. “It was really exciting to talk to people about our concept” says Yvonne. “Women immediately related to the story, became excited about our idea and started asking how they could be involved.“ Continue reading


MP Candidate from Gandhinagar for Lok Sabha 2009

“Say Enough to all that is Wrong”

Mallika Sarabhai is standing as a candidate from the Gandhinagar constituency in Gujarat in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. She represents the Friends For Democracy, a collective of concerned groups and individuals who want to reclaim politics and democracy for the people.

Gandhinagar, of which Ahmedabad is a part, is Mallika’s home ground. Her local moorings in Gujarat make her the most fitting candidate to carry the voice of people from here to the national level. Her concerns, however, and work, have always extended beyond the boundaries of this territory. She is known as an eminent dancer and performing arts professional throughout the world. But her contribution to the women’s movement in India, livelihood generation and environment are seldom discussed in the public arena. Mallika’s remarkable energy in using the arts for change, communication for development and alternative has made a difference in many lives across the country.

In her path to the Lok Sabha, she seeks to represent all voices in striving for justice, inclusive polity, communal harmony, secular ideology and equal opportunity. She has been a fearless and outspoken Indian, despite all the obstacles that she has faced in being so. Continue reading

The Dream 18 Golf Courses in Quinta do Lago – Algarve

Four great golf courses, 72 great holes. But if you had to choose – really had to choose – what would be the perfect 18? Each of the four golf courses in Quinta do Lago are recognised as world class but with the help of the professionals from each club, Kenny Fairbairn, Domingos Gomes Silva, Rogerio Valente and Antonio Santos, we have created a fantasy 18 holes made up of their own favourites.

So put on your virtual reality goggles. These are the best 18 holes from the Quinta do Lago courses as chosen by the Golf Professionals of Pinheiros Altos, Quinta do Lago South, Ria Formosa (Quinta do Lago North) and San Lorenzo.

1st Par 5: First hole, San Lorenzo.

An inviting driving hole, but even a handicap golfer will need three good blows to reach the large elevated and undulating green.

2nd Par 4: Sixth hole Ria, Formosa.

A great example of a short but testing par 4. An accurate drive is required between a cluster of fairway bunkers on the left and pines on the right. Unless your driver is working perfectly, take a long iron or utility club from the tee! The tiered green is fortressed by bunkers front and back. Continue reading