Later retirement diminishes risk of dementia

A very large study of self-employed people revealed that those who retired later had a lower risk of being diagnosed with dementia. The study also discovered that the risk of being diagnosed with dementia went down for each year of working longer.

The study seems to confirm earlier research that suggests lifelong mental stimulation and challenge may protect against Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. The data also revealed strong evidence of a significant decline in the risk of developing dementia linked with older age at retirement, in line with the ‘use it or lose it’ hypothesis. Continue reading

Handheld Optical Power Meter Provides Multi-Wavelength Precise Measurement

GAO Tek Inc. ( is offering its handheld optical power meter used in the testing of LAN, WAN, CATV, metropolitan area networks and other long-distance fiber networks. It serves as a powerful tool in fiber optic installation and maintenance.

The compact portable optical power meter, model C0260008, tests optical power at a wavelength range of 800 nm to 1700 nm. Calibrated wavelengths including 850, 1300, 1310, 1490, 1550, and 1625 nm are available. It provides multi-wavelength precise measurements and conducts light identification and indication of 270 Hz, 330 Hz, 1 kHz and 2 kHz frequencies. It can also be used for linearity and non-linearity testing and displays both direct and relative tests of optical power. Continue reading

CME Medical to preview complete non-luer solution at ESRA 2013

CME Medical, the UK’s fastest growing specialist infusion company, will be presenting a unique preview of their new complete non-luer (neuraxial) connectors solution, which can help hospitals to meet new patient safety standards, on their stand (Stand 7) at the 32nd Annual ESRA Congress, in the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre (SECC), Glasgow, (September 4 – 7).

The brand new complete solution will enable hospitals to meet all the requirements under the National Patient Safety Alert (NPSA) on Safer Spinal (intrathecal), epidural and regional devices. The alert specified that from 1 April 2013, all epidural, spinal (intrathecal) and regional anaesthesia infusions and bolus doses should be performed with devices with connectors that will not also connect with intravenous equipment. Continue reading

Norwegen rekrutiert qualifizierte Mitarbeiter für neue Projekte

tujobs.comBis zum Jahr 2016 werden in Norwegen 20 Prozent der notwendigen Fachkräfte fehlen, um mit neuen Projekten in der herkömmlichen Kohlenwasserstoffproduktion Schritt halten zu können. Der Zugang zu neuen Kohlenwasserstoffressourcen ließ die Zahl der Projekte in Norwegen steigen.

Laut Andrew Gould, Vorsitzender des britischen Energieunternehmens BG Group Access, werden diese neuen Projekte einen Personalbestand in Norwegen fordern, der seit 25 Jahren nicht größer war. Continue reading

Legendary Japanese Orthopedic Backpack Randoseru is Available in Russia

Legendary Japanese orthopedic backpack Randoseru is finally available for purchase in Russia.

Leather backpack Randoseru ( is an important element of Japanese teen culture that has become a fixture of schoolchildren in the Land of the Rising Sun in the middle of the twentieth century. However, the story of the appearance of this bag in the Japanese islands dates back several centuries. Continue reading

Benefits of sun salutation –

Sun salutation is an important part of yoga. It is one of the simplest yoga routines, and a splendid way to get started with yoga if you are a total newbie. Like all yoga, Surya Namaskara or sun salutation is a whole-body exercise. A full cycle which includes the 12 aasanas of surya namaskara, tasks and consolidates pretty much every muscle, connecting tissue and bone, in the body.

Traditionally, it has been accomplished in the morning, lining the rising sun. Though the reason for this is that the exercise is carried out in honor of the Sun God, it evokes with the medical advice that exposing your body to gentle sunlight in mornings produces more vitamin D; Vitamin D is essential in building stronger and denser bones. Due to its nature as a muscle-stretching exercise, it is an ideal way to accelerate recovery from earlier exercise sessions. It can be accomplished as a stretching routine after weight-bearing exercises. But this is also a weight-bearing exercise in itself, it should preferably be carried out on its own, or more static stretches should be added after it. Continue reading

Westfield TMJ Dentist Offers Non-Surgical Options for Treatment of TMJ

Until recently, there were few treatment options for patients with symptoms of TMJ. But the Westfield TMJ Dentist now provides these patients with relief from the painful symptoms of TMJ while also addressing the cause of the symptoms. TMJ is a dysfunction of the temporomandibular joint (jaw joint). The most common symptoms of TMJ are facial and neck pain, headaches, popping noises in the jaw and difficulty closing or opening the mouth.

“Our dental team has extensive experience treating TMJ symptoms,” says Dr. Thomas Streko, Westfield TMJ Dentist. “But the proper treatment of TMJ goes beyond simply addressing the symptoms. In order f or relief to be effective and permanent we have to identify and treat the underlying cause of the problem.” Continue reading

Long Island Plastic Surgeon Offers Breakthrough Treatment to Address Stubborn Fat in the Upper Arms

Even after weight loss and exercise many people are left with excess fat that is hard to get rid of. This fat often collects around the hips, thighs, abdomen and upper arms. Upper arm fat—sometimes referred to as “bat wings” can be especially frustrating.

Epstein Plastic Surgery, located in Stony Brook, Long Island offers a new technology to address the “bat wing” phenomenon. Using a minimally invasive technique called LipoSelection VASER liposuction upper arm fat can be targeted and removed. Continue reading

Foto Box is the premier company which offers the devoted services of photo booth rental

FotoBox is a devoted company which is engaged in the photo booth rental services. The photo booth rental is such a unique option for any occasion as it creates excitement or fun among the guests.

These are suitable to different occasions such as wedding ceremony, birthday parties, cocktail, get together, corporate events, school/college functions etc. The company has expert and professional photographers who work in an effectual manner and must give you quality pictures. Continue reading

Dr. Mariana Conant, Dental Implant Dentist in Fairfield, CT Introduces New Procedure to Give Patients Permanent, Healthy Smile

Dr. Mariana Conant, a cosmetic dentist at Family & Cosmetic Dentistry of Fairfield recently introduced dental implants as an effective alternative to give patients permanent, healthy smiles.

Those who suffer from decayed, worn, or missing teeth no longer have to rely on the many hassles associated with removable devices such as dentures. Dr. Conant is pleased to provide her patients this new permanent procedure that is just as strong, secure, and durable as real teeth. Continue reading