Statoil in Norwegen investiert in neue Technologien

TUjobs logoStatoil investierte jüngst schwer in Fracking-Explorationsverfahren, um die Effizienz aus Sicht der Umwelt und der Finanzen gleichzeitig zu steigern.

In den letzten Jahren hat Hydraulic Fracturing die Rohstoffindustrie revolutioniert. Die Technologie revitalisierte die US-amerikanischen Energieperspektiven und versprach wirtschaftlichen Wohlstand in Regionen auf der ganzen Welt. Continue reading

Alex Fan Moniz delivers a refreshing new book

 “Colours of South Africa”, the latest book by British aurthor Alex Fan Moniz, is a visual and literary journey to present-day South Africa. The writer, who splits his time between different countries, dedicated 15 months to travelling South Africa, photographing and searching inspiration for a this book.

In the end “Colours of South Africa” took shape in the most unusual combination of Nature, faces, places, “all-made-in-South-Africa” images with numerous original poems and short-stories. Continue reading

Decorate your bathroom with the finest furniture from Sink Vanities direct

Sink Vanities direct is an online store for bathroom furniture that has created quite a buzz in the surrounding home décor community providing finest furniture for your bathroom at the most affordable price. 
Naples, FL (December, 29 2012)—Sink Vanities direct is the one stop shop when it comes to embellishing your bathroom with the finest furniture and sinks. It has wide variety of designs that caters to any type of customer, style, room and budget. Sink Vanities direct is located in Naples, Florida where they have helped thousands of customers in fulfilling the dream that they had envisioned for their home. Modern, Contemporary, or simply extravagant furniture designs are all present in their store. Continue reading

Embark your market presence with Bookkeeping Services India

With our Bookkeeping outsourcing services you have a definite chance to defeat your potential competitors, we with our dedicated team of resourceful personnel’s will help you to accomplish your future endeavors. Accounting outsourcing India has works on diverse domains of keeping your accounting details updated. We have brought some descent changes to business of small organization.

What we actually do is reduce the time which companies waste on activities like Bookkeeping, which indirectly helps them to focus on other key business areas. Our experience in this field has transformed fate of several business organizations.  Continue reading

Phoenix Health and Safety Announces Birth of the Blue Phoenix

 Phoenix Health and Safety, a leading UK provider of health and safety training and consultancy services, has created a new company mascot: the Blue Phoenix, a superhero righting health and safety wrongs.

Phoenix Health and Safety’s the Blue Phoenix is now featured on their site, their course & revision materials, and on their social media pages. The Blue Phoenix was formerly a health and safety trainer, until he slipped and fell into a nuclear reactor at a client’s business site. He has since dedicated his life to searching for health and safety wrongs, and putting them right. Continue reading

Rocks Jewellers Introduces Ring Builder App; Helps Clients Customise Engagement, Wedding Rings

Rocks Jewellers, one of the top providers of diamond rings in Ireland, proudly introduces its ring builder app, which allows anyone to create the ideal ring they want. The company decided to offer this new service to give customers the power to create and customise the design they want for their rings. The jeweller also shares that they wanted to show their transparency with their pricing. 


Elegant Rings, Excellent User Experience
Rocks Jewellers reveals that developing a ring builder app has always been a part of their plan. Other than continuously expanding and creating their collection of elegant engagement and wedding rings, the company is always hard at work at improving their service before, during, and after sales. “Value is added as we create products that strike a balance between best quality and price,” the jeweller shares. The new app is their way of making it easier for their customers to decide on the ring they want regardless of their budget.  Continue reading

Consumption of fat-soluble statin reduces the risk of developing Parkinson’s disease

Millions people consume statins to diminish their stroke and heart attack dangers, but new research proposes that the drug may tender another health benefit: curbing the odds of developing Parkinson’s disease. Examining nearly 44,000 patients, the researchers discovered that those who stopped consuming fat-soluble statins such as atorvastatin or simvastatin were about 58 percent more likely to evolve Parkinson’s than those who kept taking the drugs.

Fat-soluble statins are believed to cross the blood-brain barrier, disparate water-soluble statins such as rosuvastatin (Crestor) and pravastatin (Pravachol). The drugs may decrease inflammation and even alter dopamine pathways in the brain, which are associated to Parkinson’s. Continue reading

Let us turn your Brand to Spotlightmedia

Spotlight Media is led by a team of talented professionals who are inspired by creativity. They are the distinguished feature as well as the strong point of Spotlight Media. Each one of them possesses unique skills and exposure in their particular field which enables Spotlight Media to give a unique touch to the client’s solutions & services and deliver only the best.

The studio was founded in 2004 by Archana Som Dev in Chennai, India, to give vent to her passion for creativity. It began on a low key, but within six years it has taken on new dimensions and everyone associated with Spotlight Media has become ambitious about this venture. Continue reading

Wireless Data Transmission Module Provides AI, AO, DI, and DO Capabilities

GAO Instruments ( has released its wireless data transmission module specially designed based on GPRS. This module is commonly used in applications such as automatic power down meter systems, environment monitoring, street lighting, industrial automation control, financial control, mine control and oil control. 

The wireless data transmission terminal, model A0K30001, provides long-distance communications, wireless communications and network communications. It also provides three operating modes including on-line forever, idle offline and idle power-off and has an automatic re-connection function. It provides local and remote graphical interfaces for configuration and the maintenance and its firmware can be upgraded locally or remotely. Continue reading

Obstructing sugar consumption may reduce cancer risk in obese and diabetic people

According to the researches, blocking dietary sugar and its activity in tumor cells may minimize the cancer risk and progression.

The study, purveys intuition as to why metabolism-related diseases such as diabetes or obesity are linked with certain types of cancer including breast, colon, pancreatic, and liver cancers. In this study, the researchers used fruit flies to understand the effects of diet and insulin resistance on cancer progression. Continue reading