Sarah Brown Reveals the Vital Steps on Raising Pigs Correctly And Starting A Pig Farm Successfully

Author Sarah Brown is proud to announce the release of her authoritative but easy-to-follow e-book on raising pigs at home. How to Raise Pigs is an essential guide aimed at teaching beginners who want to get into pig farming everything they need to know in order to become successful at it.

Sarah wrote the book due to her frustration at the lack of practical material on raising pigs available in bookstores and on the Internet. So she conducted her own extensive research into the subject, gathering information not only from secondary sources, but actually going out and talking with veterinarians and experienced pig breeders to discover the actual secrets to successfully raising pigs at home. Continue reading

Fischverarbeiter Icefresh Seafood liefert extra frischen Fisch an Endkunden

icefresh-seafood-logoFrankfurt a.M., 13.05.2012 – Der deutsche Frischfischverarbeiter Icefresh Seafood ist dank eines innovativen Geschäftskonzepts in der Lage, frischen Fisch besonders schnell an Endabnehmer zu liefern.

Zum einen profitiert das Unternehmen durch die Verlegung des Produktionsstandortes nach Groß-Gerau bei Frankfurt a.M. vom nahegelegenen Flughafen und der Nähe zu seinem Hauptabnehmer Metro Cash & Carry, der ebenfalls in Groß-Gerau ein Logistikzentrum betreibt. Continue reading