National Land Survey of Iceland continues SecurStore online backup relationship

SecurStore-ePRSecurStore online backup services have received another vote of confidence; this time from the National Land Survey of Iceland, who have chosen to renew their online security partnership with the company.

SecurStore, the online backup and recovery service provider, and the National Land Survey of Iceland (NLSI) have renewed their relationship regarding online backup and recovery services. The objective of NLSI is to provide and share geographical information on Iceland. NLSI operates one of the country’s largest collection of geographical information on Iceland, whether it’s geographical maps, databases, aerial or satellite images, spanning over decades or even hundreds of years using the latest Geographical Information Systems technology (GIS). Continue reading

Autumn lowers cost of rental cars in Reykjavik

RRaC-eNWCar rental in Iceland is often expensive. But if you look hard enough, there is a company which offers top-end new cars for hire in Iceland at rock bottom prices. Especially now, after the summer season has ended and the local currency remains weak.

Reykjavik Rent a Car fast gained its reputation as the best car hire company for budget conscious travellers in Iceland to choose. The rapidly expanding company runs a comprehensive fleet of high specification nearly new vehicles and hires them out at unbeatable prices. Continue reading

Iceland health tourism takes step closer at Asbru

1186278_weight_scale_Iceland’s innovation centre and community of education and entrepreneurs, Asbru, has taken another step closer to establishing world-class medical facilities for the whole world to enjoy.

The Asbru community, at the old NATO airbase next to Iceland’s Keflavik International Airport, will become home to a brand new international health services centre, according to the new Term Sheet jointly signed by the Keflavik Airport Development Corporation (Kadeco) and Iceland Health. Continue reading

Eleventh Iceland Airwaves music festival hits downtown Reykjavik

iceland-airwaves-iiiIceland Airwaves is without a doubt the biggest music festival of the year in Iceland, taking place in the heart of the capital city and encapsulating all the amazing culture and musical talent the city has to offer.

Iceland Airwaves began back in 1999 with the first show being held in an aircraft hangar at the local Reykjavik airport. The music festival originally started as a talent showcase intended for foreign record company executives – but since then has grown and blossomed, interweaving itself into Reykjavik’s cultural life whilst also earning itself a permanent place on Iceland’s yearly calendar. Continue reading

Tours, Iceland style!

highnorth-enewswireWhen travelling Iceland, there is nothing that can quite prepare you for the majesty of the High North. Iceland’s wide, untamed landscapes provide the ideal backdrop to adventure and a real holiday away from civilisation.

There are many options for visitors to Iceland to experience nature and see more than just Reykjavik; but a coach tour is the same ponderous, cramped, uncomfortable experience it is anywhere else in the world – and certainly not the ideal way to connect with the pristine open Icelandic nature. Continue reading

Online SecurStore backup gets good review

securstore-enewsA leading company in the sales, marketing and distribution of pharmaceuticals, medical and healthcare products expresses its joy with its online SecurStore backup.

Veritas Capital is the parent company of Vistor, a leading marketing company for healthcare and pharmaceutical products; Distica, the largest distributor of healthcare and pharmaceutical products in Iceland; Artasan, a growing OTC pharmaceutical and food supplement provider and Ritara, a provider of electronic medical records. Veritas Capital has been using SecurStore online backup for a number of years for its total operation. Whether it is providing a contracted sales force or designated sales representative, or taking care of imports, logistics and distribution, Veritas Capital, together with its subsidiaries, is the partner of choice for a range of companies in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. Continue reading

Nordic countries taking the lead in renewable energy for transport

driving-sustElectricity and biofuels are quickly changing the way people power their cars while also having a positive effect on people’s finances and the environment. The leadership role of the Nordic countries of Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland and Finland in this field are highlighted at the upcoming Driving Sustainability conference in Reykjavík in September.

In Norway, over three thousand electric cars are on the road. Government policy dictates that charging their batteries is free of charge, zero emissions EVs get free parking, can drive on bus lanes in the city, get free rides on state run ferries (there are a lot of them in Norway) and there is no VAT on electric cars in Norway, so they’re reasonably priced. ‘Think’ is the leading producer of competitive electric city cars in the world. In addition, Norway produces the tiny Buddy EV electric car. Continue reading

Landsvirkjun at Nordic Climate Solutions 2009

landsvirkjun-logoLandsvirkjun, the largest electricity producer in Iceland, will participate in and exhibit at the Nordic Climate Solutions conference and trade show on the 8 and 9 September at the Bella Center in Denmark.

Landsvirkjun is a leader in the production of electricity from emission-free renewables in Iceland. The power generation is entirely based on production from hydropower and geothermal energy. Landsvirkjun has over 40 years experience in the design, construction and operation of power systems built on hydropower and geothermal energy. Continue reading

Autumn brings cooler Iceland car hire prices

338_Volvo-XC90With the summer high season now officially over, Reykjavik Rent a Car has already introduced off season pricing, meaning cheap car hire in Iceland on top quality cars.

The general cost to visit Iceland is low this year because of favourable exchange rates; and now the country’s notoriously expensive rental cars are even cheaper with the onset of autumn and the superb value offered by Reykjavik Rent a Car, the friendly, family owned car hire company. Continue reading

Icelandic Institute for meteorological research to provide custom weather forecasting for Search & Rescue

belgingur1In the North-Atlantic, an accurate weather forecast is one of the critical inputs to decision support during the planning and execution of Search & Rescue missions. ICE-SAR, the Icelandic association of rescue teams, has used the operational weather services developed at the Institute for Meteorological Research (IMR) extensively since 2004, when IMR started to provide high resolution weather forecasts on its website, It was therefore natural that ICE-SAR turned to IMR for developing an on-demand weather forecasting system meeting the specific needs of search and rescue personnel.

With a grant from NORA, the Nordic Atlantic cooperation association, the development is now well under way. The system will provide the SAR command centre with targeted forecasts for the search region in very high resolution within minutes of placing an order. In addition, actual weather information for the area can be browsed for up to 30 days prior to the incident. This way the rescue teams will be assured the most accurate weather forecast during operations, as well as information on weather conditions that the persons missing or in danger have experienced up to the time when the rescue mission is initiated. Continue reading