Basinia Shulman and International Cuisine at the Russian Art Festival

il bottaccio

Il Bottaccio, Luxury Suites and Restaurant at Forte dei Marmi in Tuscany Italy, will be hosting the Russian Art Festival on the 9th of August this year.

“We are very pleased to host this event here at Forte dei Marmi in Versilia, and to welcome Basinia Shulman along with other very talented musicians for the Grand Opening of the Annual Russian Art Festival Fleurs de la Russie” said a spokesperson presenting the event to journals and bloggers in Florence: Continue reading

Find the best performers in the war for talent with workforce analytics

Auckland, New Zealand – (03/10/2012) – Workforce analytics and learning technologies can help to identify the best performers in the war for talent, states SuccessFactors, an SAP company. This use of analytics aids with the effective targeting of employee development and identifying the most skilled individuals to promote to plug the gaps from the talent shortage.

Research has been conducted by SuccessFactors into employee perspectives on the skills shortage and how this is affecting business performance. Results show that with a skills shortage looming – you need to close the door. As a result of weak economies, unpredictable markets, rapid technological development, and an ageing workforce, all your best people could to leaving. Continue reading

Introducing DataMarket Energy: Your portal to the power of open energy data

DataMarket unveils its new energy data service,, at the Energy Datapalooza being held today at the White House in Washington, DC.

The event, to be hosted by the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, White House Council on Environmental Quality, the U.S. Department of Energy, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, showcases innovative products, services and apps aimed at unlocking the value of open energy data to help meet the country’s energy challenges. DataMarket Energy provides subscribers with a single intuitive interface for finding and understanding data across a wide range of US and global public-domain energy data. DataMarket CEO Hjalmar Gislason will demonstrate the service at the event, scheduled to begin at 8:30am EDT and which will be streamed live on The DataMarket presentation will subsequently be archived Continue reading

SuccessFactors focuses on workforce skills development with new white papers

Sydney, Australia – (28/09/2012) – SuccessFactors, a leading Business Execution (BizX) cloud software solutions provider and SAP company, is focusing on workforce skills development as part of two new white papers, which have recently been published. The white papers are available to download from a specially developed website.

The first white paper, titled Critical Decisions in Launching a Workforce Analytics Program, written by Mick Collins, Principle Consultant for Workforce Analytics and Planning at SuccessFactors, offers important information on the six critical decisions facing HR leaders when launching their workforce metrics and analytics program: Continue reading

Tony Bianco Launches Latest Collection of Women’s Shoes Online

Victoria, Australia –August 4, 2012: Women love shopping for shoes and want to have the best items by spending less money. With the arrival of online shopping, they’re happy to shop online but always are in search of a website that has the best collection of shoes along with the best deals.

Modern women are just too choosy about their footwear and it should complement their attire. Their fashion sense is impeccable. This search of website has been made easier with the of the online stores by Tony Bianco for buying women’s shoes online. Women’s heels are or stilettos are their most famous items and they’ve an amazing collection of it besides the other varieties.

The spokesperson from the company highlighted the reasons of the success of the online shops stating, “Online shopping is an amazing experience. The online stores showcase a great collection of pastel and shoes. Choose the one that suit your taste, since the online displays will help you know about prices, the size of heels and the comfort found in walking in them. The quality of the shoes is of highest grade and you can feel that without even touching them. The transaction of money is quite safe and your identity, bank details will never be revealed to the miscreants. The working mothers or housewives will find the online stores more useful as they can save a lot of time which may have been otherwise wasted if they had to travel for shopping.”

The stilettos offered by Tony Bianco are undoubtedly their range and with a huge collection, can amaze any woman. Young girls like the heels and thus this shop is so are quite popular with them. They also offer huge discounts and fresh deals which allow them buy women’s shoes online saving their pocket moneys. To gather more details about this shop, you need to visit

Maharajas Express Indian Panorama Trip Set To Roll on October 20th

The weeklong trip – Indian Panorama, introduced by the Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) this year, will let you explore incredible diversity of India aboard the truly majestic Maharajas’ Express train. Beginning and concluding in Delhi, the trip will make its first trip of the season on October 20th.

The Maharaja Express Indian Panorama tour would route across Agra for a sojourn of Taj Mahal and move on to the sacred city of Varanasi and its holy bathing Ghats on the banks of legendary Ganges. Another attraction of the trip are the monuments and temples at Khajuraho, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, showcasing the brilliant architectural of Chandelas – the first major independent rulers of the Bundelkhand region, who reigned for around 300 years and rose in the 10th century AD. Continue reading

Jak se střední podnik může stát leaderem na trhu a porazit nadnárodní giganty

Jedná se o strojírenský trh, obor skladování v České republice. Firmě Kredit, která se zabývá výbavou skladovací techniky a regálových systémů se podařilo prodat nejvíce plošin.

Plošiny jsou využívány ve skladech s vysokými stropy, ale nemožnou nebo hůře proveditelnou strojní manipulací. Jednoduše jde o patrové sklady. Existuje více variací, kdy například přízemí může sloužit ke skladování palet nebo může být volné a horní patro ke skladování materiálu atypického tvaru či velikosti. Horní patra jsou dostupná po schodišti nebo výtahem a materiál do vyšších pater může být dopravován taktéž výtahem nebo přes předávací místo. Může jít třeba o pneumatiky, které se skladují specificky a zřídkakdy na paletách. Continue reading

SuccessFactors Hong Kong: identify business talent with workforce analytics

Hong Kong – 14th August 2012 – As the shortage in some key business skills grows, there are many questions being asked about the workforce: Where are the gaps that could impact business performance? Where will the talent shortages be in the future? Could those skills be developed from within your existing workforce? If not, how much will it cost to find them or replace them if they leave?

Research conducted by the SuccessFactors, an SAP company, revealed that 83% of employees do not feel their skills are being fully used and 58% of employees are prepared to leave if they are not developed by their employeri. They recognise they have the capacity to be developed but their employers are potentially unaware. As a result, all those valuable skills and experience could simply walk out the door and probably straight to a competitor.   Continue reading

Workforce planning and staff development help create skilled workforce

Bandung, Indonesia – According to SuccessFactors, strategic workforce planning is becoming a must for companies looking to identify the skills needed in their future workforce. 

Due to a growing shortage of skilled labour, workforce planning and staff development are becoming increasingly important.  Knowing the skills you have and the skills you need will help to create an effective employee development strategy. Continue reading