Industrial Packaging supplies provider updates sealing tape inventory

carton sealing tapeWorld Packaging Co., Inc., an industrial packaging supplies company, conducted updates to the selection of products it’s carrying, all to accommodate a wider range of needs. In particular, the company made changes to the types of tapes it’s offering, although free shipping on carton sealing tapes and packing list envelopes is still in effect.

The company provides a premium line of carton sealing tape at competitive prices. The tapes are pressure-sensitive and have varying adhesive applications. Customers can view the inventory from the company’s website and order directly as well.

World Packaging Co., Inc. provides many varieties of carton sealing tape. Pressure sensitive tape, which is used by the moving, packaging, and manufacturing industries, is one of the most durable tapes in the market. Tuf-Tape tightly seals packages with its special strong adhesive. Machine length tape, one of the company’s specialties; it is ideal for large automatic packaging applications.

In addition to carton sealing tapes, the company also has Cello Tape, Industrial Reinforced Gummed Tape, and Black Strapping Tape. There are also different types of tape dispensers catering to different kinds of applications. The company provides plain tapes, but it can undertake in-house printing tasks for customers who need custom printing for their tapes.

World Packaging Co., Inc. has many other industrial packaging supplies, including corrugated cartons, air bladders, shrink film, bubble wrap, and miscellaneous packaging products. Additionally, janitorial and food service supplies are available for purchase. To view the full list of products and shipping details, please go to

About World Packaging Co., Inc.

World Packaging Co., Inc. is a packaging company which brings to bear 50 years of experience in providing high-performance products that meet the needs of each customer. While it is based in Wood-Ridge, New Jersey, it also sells and ships to off-state and international customers.

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