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Business peopleEasthampton MA November 1, 2014 – The Presentation Training Institute announces that they have expanded their marketing for and delivery of Executive Presentation Training Programs.

The Presentation Training Institute provides individualized Executive Presentation Training and Executive Presentation Coaching. Because they have significant experience in the delivery of myriad presentation training course programs, and because the demand for executive presentation skills is escalating so strongly, the Presentation Training Institute, another division of their parent company Bold New Directions Training, has increased the focus on catering to executives.

Executive Presentation Training and Executive Presentation Coaching has gained in popularity as more senior managers have become clear that their current presentation skills are lacking. Most of them have never been through any kind of Presentation Training course and so the idea of gaining Executive Presentation skills insights through specialized Executive Presentation Training and Executive Presentation coaching is exceptionally appealing. The consequences for lacking competency in Executive Presentation skills at their level has a large negative impact.

Jolene Dodge, a Presentations Training Institute coordinator notes: “Demand for Executive Presentation Training has increased significantly in the last six months. I handle the incoming Presentation Training course inquiries and I have seen a noticeable difference in volume for the Executive Presentation Training programs; classes and 1-On-1 Intensives.

Bob Torsey, a Senior faculty member delivering Executive Presentation Training is also excited about the higher demand. “As a former V.P. at Alcoa, I know the need and value of executive presentation skills. This is not something you can learn on the job. Participating in an Executive Presentation Training and/or executive presentation coaching, led by a master, is by far the best way to approach increasing one’s Executive Presentation skills.”

When asked about the new emphasis that the Presentation Training Institute is placing on Executive Presentation skills through its Executive Presentation Training and Executive Presentation coaching, company Co-Founder Jim Hornickel was quite excited. “Executives sometimes confuse comfort in having presented many times with excellence. If you’ve never taken a Presentation Training course, then your executive presentation skills have no formal basis for effectiveness. Our Executive Presentation Training offers unique opportunities to be guided in executive presentation skills from instructors and coaches who know the territory first hand. And while a generic presentation training course may have some positive effect, leaders at this level need to leverage their time much more intelligently. That’s where participating in executive presentation training or executive presentation coaching will truly raise their ROI.”

A beneficial factor in the Presentation Training Institute’s offering its Executive Presentation Training and executive presentation coaching products is the Institute’s moderate cost. “We always want to create win-win presentation training course solutions” said the Presentation Training Institute and parent company Bold New Directions’ Co-Founder Suzanne Guthrie. “Executive presentation skills impact how staff, customers, board members and the community perceive the senior manager. One would expect that these executive presentation training and executive presentation coaching programs would really stretch the company’s budget. But because we have master executive presentation skills trainers through North America, even globally, we can keep costs relatively inexpensive for our extraordinary Executive Presentation Training offerings. HR Directors in support of senior managers improving their executive presentation skills find that Executive Presentation Training or som e executive presentation coaching sessions falls well inside the approved budget.”

About Presentation Training Institute
Established as a global learning company Bold New Directions, and its offshoot company, the Presentation Training Institute, is dedicated to engaging participants in every experiential presentation training course, including boosting executive presentation skills through all of its Executive Presentation Training programs.

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